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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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Two no lifers lookin for a guild of similar people.

First is me, 28 year old male who works from home, been playing mmo's since I was 12. I usually play from 4pm EST to at least 10pm EST. I probably won't dive completely into crowfall until soft launch, but would love to get to know people before then. To me that means playing crowfall regularly and playing other games till that point. 

The other no lifer is a 20yr old in a similar position and mindset.  Who will probably come with me, but If there are any requirements I'd like him to meet them on his own. 

Currently we mostly play warframe, but hit me up with what you guys play and we will work with you to join in regularly to get to know you :)

Just message me @ Zaorise#7535 in discord to continue/start the conversation. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Hello, I am LFG.

Looking for a guild a mature players to learn and share with during alpha's and beta's and then enjoy the challenges once we go live.

I'll likely play a mix of classes, but will focus more on crafting.

Time zone, I am in GMT +10 (Australia East coast). Not particularly looking for an Aussie guild, but would prefer one with activity at that time.

I've played MMO's since EQ1, including games such as Shadowbane and Darkfall.

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Hello! <3

-Looking for a mature guild who are in North America

-I'm 19 years old

-I am new to Crowfall so i'd like to be in a guild who is friendly and helpful

-I'm fine with casual or hardcore

-I would like to be a crafter and ranged attacker

-I am in the eastern time zone

-My sleep schedule tends to be a bit weird but I can get on when i'm needed as long as I know in advance if i'm recruited by a hardcore guild

-I have played many different MMOs but I have played WoW for 3 years



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Hello there! Feel free to call me Nymph

I'm looking for a casual/semi-hardcore guild and maaaaybe even hardcore if its the right one.

About my play style: I tend to lean towards support classes more, but gladly will pick up anything that's not a front liner. Its one of the reasons I'm looking for a guild now as opposed to once the game is live, so I can get a feel for what role would best help my guild as a whole. I enjoy crafting and gathering as well and if able would probably focus more on those. I also have a bit of experience scouting out groups in GW2. How well that scouting will translate here is anyone's guess.

About me: I am a 21 year old with a lot of free time. I spend most of my day napping or playing games, so I'm available most times at the moment, possibly changing to mostly unavailable mornings. As for my timezone though, EST. I'm very shy and timid at first, but once I get comfortable I'm told I'm very comfortable to talk with. I do my best to help whenever I can and however I can. I've been gaming since I was... easily 4, and playing mmos since 12. Normally healers, but sometimes branching out to dps. Oh! I also like reading a lot about game specific mechanics. I like to pride myself in being borderline an encyclopedia of game knowledge, and I plan to do the same with Crowfall once I get into it.

Thank you for reading this waaaay too long of a post!

My discord is (oh god... this joke has bitten me in the butt twice in one week...) Tsun-Tsun Dragon#1711...

Feel free to add me and message me there, or I'll be checking messages on here throughout the day.


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Hey all, 

New to playing the game but not new to following its development. 

Looking for a EU guild where I can be involved in the crafting side of things that's where my strength will lie I reckon. Also a big fan of the Lore of the game so getting involved in some RP is something i'm passionate about. 

In terms of experience I play/have played many MMOs. Most notably WoW where I've off and on ran my own guilds, but also GW, GW2, SWTOR, Aion Online and I've even dabbled in Minecraft *flex* don't all swarm at once... 

In terms of a bit more info on me i'm 26 soon to be 27 (I know I don't want to be! Aha), I live and work in Scotland so my time zone is whatever the UK happens to be on at the time. I work full time but get my evenings and weekends free consistently. I'd prefer being involved on a more casual basis to begin just while I find my feet, we can always revisit this when you realise i'm far too keen with far too many ideas. 

My Discord is Fabulex#6694 feel free to drop me a message. 

Hope to hear from you soon :) 

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: Eastern US
  • Atmosphere:   Looking for a guild that wants a full-time crafter harvester to help them grow.  I like chatting in Comms and helping out.  I do not like PVP and will avoid it like the plague.  
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  I am not either.  I am middle of the road.  I play most days a couple hours a day and one day a week I like to play for 6+ hours.
  • Size: I prefer a guild that is medium to large.  I like having those that love to PVP bring resources and I can convert them to whatever is needed.  
  • Play-Style:  I love to craft.  I like harvesting except when I have to watch out for people killing harvesters because they can't kill others that like to PVP.
  • Commitment:  Looking for a main game.  I am hoping it will be crowfall but I am concerned that not having a perpetual open world will not provide enough of a market for someone who likes to craft all the time.
  • Miscellaneous:  


  • I have played Online games since UO came out and been playing since.  I have played almost all of the main MMO's and probably a lot of obscure ones looking for a game that have a rich player driven economy and does not hamper crafters.   
  • Just to lay out how much I like to craft I played EVE online for 5 years.  I had 12 accounts and would create capital ships monthly to feed an alliance.  
  • If I could find a guild to feed me resources I would craft full time and make all their needs.   Did I mention I love crafting?


Voice-Chat services:

  • Teamspeak is my favorite, Ventrillo, Discord, these are the three I use the most but willing to use what the guild does to be able to communicate.  Take orders and craft.  In case you did not know I liked crafting.  :) 


Found Guild

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Hello there, Crowfall Community

I'm now playing for 1 year and thought why not find a guild for yourself.

And here I'm:

Region i will be playing: Europe (Germany)

23 Years old and in these years the MMO's I played: WoW, Wildstar, Guildwars 2, TESO, BDO, Archage, Neverwinter, Knight Online. 

Atmosphere I'm looking for:  Hardcore-ish. I like being competitive, but i don't like the idea of playing yourself to death. It should be fair and friendly Guild, but ruthless to its foes. 
How I want to play: I will be focusing myself on the Necromany part of this game and you will see me after a fight going past the new found Graveyard and plundering the Corpse of there last lingering existence, they have left behind. 

If you think we will could be good comrades in these Dark times , contact me and we can have an nice chat.

With kind regards Healsteam :)

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: Friendly, relaxed, but structured enough to have success.  
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual. This isn’t the only game I play and I have a life outside of gaming. Need a guild that respects that.
  • Size: Medium. I don’t like massive guilds with poor organisation and I don’t want to be in a guild where there’s only ever a few people online at one time.
  • Play-Style: I generally go for Range DPS and healing over melee and tanking. Prefer Mages and Hunter classes.
  • Commitment: Varying evenings and weekends. Real life comes first I’m afraid :)
  • Miscellaneous: I like the look of Chaos alliance if that makes a difference? Very interested in the crafting aspect of this game.


  • In terms of MMOs, Guild Wars, GW2, WoW, ESO, BDO, Final Fantasy Online, ArcheAge (haha), Wildfire plus various others I’ve tried or am following. MOBAs I played a lot of smite. I also play a lot of other RPGs and FPS games etc. I’m into quite an array of things. 

Voice-Chat services: 

  • I prefer discord.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region:  NA
  • Atmosphere: RP/PVP
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in the middle
  • Size: Medium *Not looking for those guilds that have been around for like 20 years*
  • Play-Style: I like being a ranger, and a Minotaur. I wear plate armor and like sitting and being a living ballista. So By that regard I am looking to be involved in sieges be it defense or attacks.
  • Commitment: I am on daily, untill I deploy then its spotty at best, but then ill be back and be on daily again. It continues in that pattern for a while.
  • Miscellaneous:


  • World of Warcraft
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Eve Online


Voice-Chat services:

  • Mainly Discord, but team speak is fine. Mumble and all those weird ones are a bit odd.
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LF Guild -- Chaos NA

Been playing 5.7 and like the game so far, had a couple of fun PvP experiences and am looking for an active guild on Chaos NA to join. Let me know if you have any open spots, already have decently geared Cleric and Champion.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US, Order
  • Atmosphere: Fun
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual++, I would like to participate in a lot of different things and win rounds
  • Size: Probably mediumish
  • Play-Style: Miner/Crafter/Healer
  • Commitment: I usually play a few hours a day right now.  Almost always weekdays during the morning and early afternoon for US times
  • Miscellaneous: Currently playing a half giant cleric, trying to learn some crafting, wandering around and such.


  • Asheron's call and EQ to Eve and WoW, not a lot of recent ones.

Voice-Chat services: 

  • Discord
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available times
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: A fun and friendly atmosphere, but still a guild that can accomplish things, raid etc.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I will hopefully be playing every day for a few hours or every other day and would come to events/raid if no work/family commitments.
  • Size: I would prefer a guild where you are more than a number or random name on the roster.
  • Play-Style: I enjoy playing any role but mostly tanking, I would take on some crafting but from previous experience in FFXI, FFXIV and WOW I’ve never been the go to guy for crafting. (But happy to help where I can)
  • Commitment: I play serveral games but always try and fit everything in or others take a back seat (PUBG, BF1, Overwatch)
  • Miscellaneous: Chicken nuggets?


  • I have played so many games through the years, Some several MMO's (Starwars Galaxies, KOTOR, FFXI, ESO, Neverwinter, FFXIV, WOW and Black Desert) I play DOTA2, PUBG, Overwatch and BF1.
  • I am currently and/or have been in guilds before for FPS and MMOs. Oh!! Also Star Citizen.. I’m still waiting ?


Voice-Chat services:

  • I mainly us Discord but in the past have used Teamspeak and Mumble.


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  • Region: Australia and occasionally europe
  • Atmosphere: relaxed/ little drama but dont mind a bit of drive to achieve something as a group
  • Casual/Hardcore?: id say very casual during the week but known to sink excessive hours into these games on the weekends
  • Size: usually buy magnum size but pretty sure thats just for me ego....OH.....hm rather a small active guild than a million ppl that never log in
  • Play-Style: the way she goes, the custardin way she goes
  • Commitment: no i wont marry you - not happening
  • Miscellaneous: i like choclate
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I am new to CrowFall, started playing two days ago and I am looking for some people to play with :-)

I played WoW during Wraith of the Lich King and a bit Guild Wars 2 but I have little experience with organized Guilds until now but I think it would be a funny experience.

I am a native german speaker but I have no problem with speaking english (and as you propably could guess, I am in the european time-zone). I am more of a casual player and prefer gathering, exploring and crafting (especially pet taming). I also like roleplaying but I do not know much about the lore of CrowFall so far (that will change, I promise!).

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Looking for a guild to teach the art of PVP

I am wanting to get into this game early so when full release happens I can go hard AF.

I play everyday and my schedule is rather open.



I can be your sword or your shield.


Currently in Chaos

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Region:   Europe

Atmosphere: People who just want to have fun making things, gathering mats, or some PvP

Casual/Hardcore?:  a couple of hours of some evenings Mon-Fri, Should be available for most things over the weekends

Size: Just looking a guild with active players, what use is a large Guild if no one logs on!!!

Play-Style:  Mon-Fri I like to mainly craft and gather, and during the weekend get involved in the PvP/Raids etc etc (mainly healing) .

Commitment: Once settled in I am generally available for most activities

Miscellaneous: Previous MMOs below

  • Star Wars Galaxies (Pre CU Jedi Knight)
  • Everquest 2 (Dirge, Templar)
  • EVE Online (Black Ops Pilot)
  • Secret World 
  • SWTOR (Operative)
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