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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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Guild criteria:

  • Region:Eu
  • Atmosphere: Any
  • Casual/Hardcore?:this year i ll play casual ( i ll have the exam to join the university) then i ll play hardcore
  • Size: any size
  • Play-Style:i enjoy every style as far as pvp goes
  • Commitment:i ll study as quick as i can, so i ll be able to spend every minute of free time in this game
  • Miscellaneous: my faction is chaos


  • mmo i played: wow, gw2, bdo, tera, a little bit of neverwinter, and some more f2p mmos that i don t remember:))


Voice-Chat services:

  • discord, skype, team speak,
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  • 2 weeks later...

Looking for an organized guild who wants to build a great EK. (also pvp/crafting)

So I was an early backer of Crowfall and unfortunatly have not as much time as I would hope but have a tremendous about of crowfall real estate including the imperial palace and sever citidals castles etc.. Would love to partner with a good group of people and turn on the kingdom sharing so someone can us these resources and make something great with them!

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Region: US Central Time Zone

Atmosphere: Casual and friendly, but organized with goals.

Size: Small/Mid. Enough to have people to play with and rely on one another for diff roles. But not too large that the chat is flooded

Playstyle: I like crafting, not necessarily harvesting but it's a necessity (?). I'm not sure what to focus yet but was thinking runecraft/potions...otherwise stone masonry seems interesting too

Commitment: A few hours a day Thur-Sun. Longer during holidays.

Misc: I don't mind small skirmishes, but prefer to craft and provide for the fighters instead... in battle I'm usually the rogue/disable. Also willing to scout. 

Experience: WoW. Wakfu. Neverwinter. Eve. Don't starve. Play lots of crafting/survival games. Eve. Runescape/Maple story too lol.

Voice Chat: Discord.

Please reply or ping in game :)

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Alright, it's time I throw in the towel and admit that solo play is simply untenable in crowfall.  I'm ready to contribute.

As far as my personal background, I'm pushing forty, am gainfully employed, and plan on being a casual/semi-casual player.  At the end of the day, family comes first.  I estimate I can dedicate approximately 10 hours per week to game play, but this may increase based upon need.  I also have a pretty flexible work schedule, but also have very busy times of the year that will severely limit available time.

As far as experience goes, the most likely relevant games will be SWG [my favorite] and Warhammer Online, but I've played all sorts of games (mostly MMOs and FPS, some RTS) for the last thirty years, e.g. vanguard, age of conan, wow, unreal tournament, battlefield series, etc.  If I have to make spreadsheets to be more efficient, then I am capable of doing so.

My primary intended areas of focus will be crafting first, harvesting second (although it will take up the most time), and PvP third.  I desire to play all of these aspects and would prefer them in that order, but I don't really care which portion gets the most of my time as long as what I'm doing is actually working toward something and that has some sort of purpose.  These things are painfully missing as a solo player. 

I'm looking for a guild that can handle a complete game loop, at the very least for all crafting professions, but preferably for all aspects of the game.  In the end, I don't really care what it is that you want me to do; I'm looking for some direction and to have some type of purpose in the game.  Although, I would prefer it not solely be trying to accumulate cutting grit...  I can take whatever profession and exploration skills, as well as whatever class, you want me to have...

I don't have any particular loyalty to any faction, so whatever faction you want me to be is fine.  Further, I expect to play on the NA servers and I am located in the U.S. Central time zone.  I can get whatever program/chat software is desired.

I'm not really interested in joining and bailing, so I would prefer to do some trial runs with any potential suitors, and I understand the feeling is mutual and that there will be some type of formal process for acceptance into most guilds.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: AU preferably, but will go others if I can't find anything nearby
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a friendly group hopefully with others in my timezone, or even others from Australia if there are any around.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Both really. I like to put in effort and do well, but not be super strict.
  • Size: Mid-sized. I want to be with enough other players to make a difference without being just some name on a roster
  • Play-Style: Still learning, usually prefer ranged type but happy to take on whatever role is needed. I do enjoy the crafting & gathering side of things
  • Commitment: I usually have a fair bit of free time so can get plenty done.
  • Language: English


  • Played heaps of different mmos over the years, Wow, Lol, Wildstar, Eve, Ark, Wurm Unlimited. Wow was my main one, was in a regular raiding guild, raid leader for a year or so but haven't done that for a while

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord, can use others if needed.
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Region: US Central Time Zone

Atmosphere: You're a dedicated PVP and/or Economy Guild, I'm a harvesters/crafter to fund your war machine.

Size: Any

Playstyle: Master crafting/harvesting. Also cannon fodder.

Commitment: I work full-time and have prolific hobbies, but will give the guild time when it's needed.

Misc: Graduated with a master's degree in meming from Bovril Corporation.

Experience: Eve, specialized in front to end rock-shooting, crafting, and distribution, including spreadsheets, trade deals, and order fulfullment. Guild Wars 2, FFXI.

Voice Chat: Discord, flexible.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Atmosphere:  preferably mostly adults, PVP focused
  • Casual/Hardcore?: semi hardcore for now, if i get really into the game ill probably go full on hardcore
  • Size: any size for now, i will want to experience everything this game has to offer including largescale pvp though
  • Play-Style: Pretty much here for the pvp, not super into crafting.  Generally play a melee or midrange damage build.  I dont have a problem playing a cc tank but i really dont want to be a healer
  • Commitment:  I can sink a lot of hours into the game
  • Miscellaneous:  Played a bit a few months ago and a lot has changed, would be nice to get with a group that kinda knows whats going on and could catch me up


  • Played a lot of BDO, was in a siege guild for awhile, quit after the cc changes and i need something to fill the void
  • Played a bit of AA
  • Played a bit of Tera
  • Played WoW for a few years

Voice-Chat services:

  • discord, team speak
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Hi Crowfall Community,

Just wanted to make a quick post that I am looking for a powerful guild to join. I come from many mmo's from a wide range of genres, but have always found true pleasure in immersive sandbox mmo rpgs with full pvp elements. While I am looking to join a strong and large guild with lots of activity I am not opposed to joining a medium guild and help them build up into a dominant one.

I am also a huge backer of SC community and while it is tons of hype and scope creep I am very passionate about the game.

For a living I do product management and very well aware and use software methodologies to lead teams of developers to creation of various applications and tools.

I look forward to chatting with everyone more, learning about the various guilds an hopefully finding my perfect fit.

Thanks everyone


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2 hours ago, Yumx said:

You might want to use the copy paste others are using, we don't know which region you are from forexample.

Lol I should have read some of the other post first, Thanks Yumx


Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Atmosphere:   Adults, PVP focused with hard ties to mercantilism 
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Hardcore
  • Size: I prefer a medium to large sized org that still has lots of room to grow and opportunities for players to rise through the ranks. I'm also not opposed to joining a small to medium or and helping to quickly scale and develop it
  • Play-Style: PVP, I like to played mid-ranged characters who can dive in and take charge in a moments notice although I may switch it up in this game. I like to participate in crafting as well, but know how viable it will to do both in this game
  • Commitment:  I plan to play this game a ton, it will be just this and SC. I also work from home so I can put a lot of time in and plan to be on and active a lot!
  • Extra:  Been following this game since kickstarter but was heavily backed in Star Citizen so I help off until a couple of days ago when I purchased a 2016 Sapphire package. Can't wait to see what in store for this game and hope the project has a long life


  1. Star Citizen backer/tester
  2. Played A Good amount of BDO
  3. Modded Skyrim
  4. Legends of Aria backer/tester
  5. I manage software production teams for a living
  6. Old School RS
  7. Star Wars Galaxys
  8. Planetside
  9. have also played lots of WOW back in the day, Neverwinter, GW1 &2, and some Tera
  10. Lots more mmos

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord, I used teamspeak as well although i prefer discord
  • Also have done a decent amount of streaming
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  • Region: NA
  • Atmosphere: Professional when it counts. Casual most of the time.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Sure
  • Guild Size: Medium/Large
  • Play-Style: Harvesting/Crafting. I like to run logistics and do small scale raiding or side actions during big PvP battles.
  • Commitment: Weekend and weeknights When Available. I work full time but usually can make arrangements to be on when it is necessary.
  • Experience:  Rust, Ark, Wildstar, WoW, Squad, Planetside, Mount & Blade: Napoleonic warfare. 
  • Voice Chat:  Discord, Team-speak
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  • Region North America (CST)
  • Atmosphere:  I want a guild with a strong emphasis on teamwork.  
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Hardcore, but getting more casual as time goes on. I like hard core when an objective is stated, but casual otherwise
  • Size: Medium to Large

Looking for a home as I start getting into Crowfall

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Guild criteria:

Region: NA - US-East, I live right outside DC.
Atmosphere:   I'm a 36 year old man, take from that what you will.
Casual/Hardcore?:  I play games like 30+ hrs a week.  Right now I'm into Return of Reckoning and Hellgate: London private servers.  Going to try out some Dark Age of Camelot in January when the new server goes live.  I also play Destiny 2 with my bud.
Size: I'm down for whatever.
Play-Style: Smashing faces and crafting things while I drink beers and listen to Michael Bolton (not really Michael Bolton)
Commitment:  I'm not trying to run things, but I'll show up and do my part.


I've basically played everything.  Just got done with a stint in Vanilla WoW again, I installed SWG again and realized it's a goddamn nightmare...  Currently grinding out some sharpnel mods in Hellgate.  I like games that take a lot of time and give phat lootz.


Whatever you all are using.  I can do whatever.  I do like Dickcord though.

Hit me up in my Discord.  Username: Not_ruzzzo#8607

In-game: MrFireshots

I love you.


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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: Any
  • Casual/Hardcore?: i´m 39 years old - so more casual 
  • Size: any size
  • Play-Style: a bit of all
  • Commitment: my normal playtime is form 20.00 - 23.00 CET
  • Miscellaneous: 5.8 Live i´m playing Order
  • Language: German, English (basics)

Experience: Shadowbane, Darkfall, and many more

Voice-Chat services: will i install whats needed

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Hey guys, "new" player here!

I opted in to early access some time ago to support the game, have had my eyes on it forever. I'm 30 years old and looking for people to play with. 

Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere:   Mature, PvX & Mercantile
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Above casual, but streamlined won't be possible for me cus adulthohod
  • Size: I like to get to know people, but at the same time have the size the find people to play with.
  • Play-Style: I like playing support and grinding (harvesting is right up my street). I normally opt for healers or tanks (both pve and pvp!)
  • Commitment:  I'm looking for a game that i can play for years to come. And i tend to stay loyal to guilds; example being that i have stayed in the same WoW guild for 6+ years. 
  • Ekstra: i used to play with a select few irl mates, but as we grew older, i'm searching for a stable community since we don't play the same games anymore (and probably never will).


  1. WoW (obviously) mostly PvP, since i burned out playing max hardcore in vanilla. 
  2. GW1 -> top 500 GvG, heading towards top with my irl top 10 mates (but then we started playing wow arena instead)
  3. GW2 -> Lots of random pvp + even more WvW. God i loved WvW, but never got my friends playing
  4. TESO -> mostly random solo pve play.
  5. EVE Online -> PvP/MASSIVE farmer (and therefor also have some experience in "large scale" pvp)
  6. Destiny 2; few months grinding, lost interest due to a fairly wonderful gearing system
  7. Survival Sims: DayZ, Age of Conan, Rust... well, that's just a long list of me running around farming and having fun building stuff

Voice-Chat services:

  • I've played enough games to know that it doesn't really matter - i can do em all :D (Discord, Disc, TS, Ventrilo, Mumble etc etc)
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Thanks for all the Reply. I think I will find what I am looking for ;)




About me:

I was a competitive player all my live, but the last 4 years I pretty much just competed in real life sports. I was hoping to bring back my love for playing PvP games with a new bunch of people with the same love. OH, and I am from Germany, I´m married and I have an every day job.


What am I looking for?

I´m searching for a guild that loves to be competitive and helps each other out but gives me enough room to live real life. I don´t wanna get kicked out just because I am one day offline or if I go on vacation.



When the game is released, I will choose my class accordingly to the needs of the group. Important note: I´m a DD/Healer/Support and not a crafter ;P


My History:

Counterstrike (ESL), Counterstrike Source (ESL and clan leader), Counterstrike Global Offensiv (Global Elite and clan leader), World Of Warcraft (TOP Raid guild on the server), Warhammer, League Of Legends , Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and MANY MANY MORE...



I hope somebody will take me in, so together we can show the community how great we can become without playing 24/7 ^^




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Hello all!  Given that the NPE is in a rather rough shape, I'm now looking for a group so I can get a taste for how the game is meant to be played!

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Atmosphere: Light, emphasis on enjoying the game and flexibility, except when we're actually fighting.
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Hard(ish)core.  Don't have the time commitment always but always have the mentality.
  • Size: Doesn't matter, but interested in mostly small-man (8ish people).
  • Play-Style: Support or linchpin, typically play healers (I FC logi in Eve) or fight-enders like 2013-era GW2 shatter Mesmer.
  • Commitment: My work schedule can be demanding, but typically play 12-25hrs a week, starting the night around 8:30-9pm EST.
  • Miscellaneous: I've always been a part of what I like to call casual hardcore.  Always pushing the limit, becoming a nightmare opponent that isn't always on!


  • Playing MMOs since I was in 3rd grade.  So a lot.  EQ1 until 2005, WoW until 2009, GW2 WvW until 2015, etc.
  • Always in a leadership role, whether that is fleet commander for logistics wings in Eve or leading a small group of roamers in GW2.  Also did guild stuff in WoW but that's PvE nonsense.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Used most of them by now, so flexible.  Got a clear mic and always will.

Hit me up!

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: AU or adjacent, can play all day on weekends
  • Atmosphere: Friendly and professional
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Either, but don't want too hardcore as in copping abuse for making mistakes. I want to play organised group pvp mainly. 
  • Size: Any but as I said above I want to be in a guild which plays organised group pvp
  • Play-Style: Organised group pvp mainly, usually ranged but do like melee range pbaoe playstyle as well. Looking to play Druid, Confessor or Templar. For crafting I am looking to specialise in animal husbandry 
  • Commitment: 2-3 hours on AEST weeknights and all weekend
  • Language: English
  • Faction:  Balance or Chaos


  • SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, some Wildstar and Archeage. In GW2 and ESO I mainly play in organised guilds in the large scale siege based pvp modes for both games.  

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord and TS,  but am prepared to use any. I have a mic and will use it.
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