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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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  • Region: EU

Atmosphere: I like a "we are all here to have fun but we still really want to win" kind of atmosphere. plus i'm still a Noob but i want to learn as fast as possible so i can go with guildmates to kill some ppl. so i need a babysitter at the beginning 😕 Casual/Hardcore? from semi-casual to semi-hardcore, depends on the day :P Size:  I like a small guild, like 10-20ppl max. I'm not a number and i like small groups of ppl so we can build a solid group. Play-Style: I plan on being PvP focused with some crafting/gather for help the guild. I have not choose a char atm, i've a 30 white confessor atm but i need to try some other classes for know the pros/cons of them and to find what i like. Faction: Balance. Game experience:  WoW, GW2, LoL, A LOT of Daoc, A LOT of Poe, BD, a bit of Mortal. Voice-Chat services: discord, teamspeak Languages: English/Italian


Found my guild, thanks

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New to Crowfall, been watching it for a while though & looks like just what i'm looking for. Played in Guilds a bit, but probably mostly a loner MMO player, never had a problem with PUGS or teams when joined though. I suppose i'm just not accustomed to asking/needing help from others.

  • Region: EU
  • Time Zone: GMT + 2 (South Africa)
  • Atmosphere : Prefer a small/med sized Merc style guild, but a good larger guild with a smaller squad i stick with often can work as well.
  • Casual/Hardcore: Semi-Casual
  • Focus: ? Necromancer Crafter / Gravedigger ?
  • Play-Style: Usually a Caster/Sneak type class, though Bloodmage healer in Vanguard SoH was one of my best & Fav classes
  • Faction: No opinion as yet. (In balance at moment)
  • Game Experience: Ryzom, SWTOR, Darkfall, WoW, City of Heroes, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Wildstar, plus other shorter period ones (In order of time spent in Game)
  • Voice-Chat services: haven't used in a while so any should be fine
  • Languages: English
  • Early access availability(Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT): In Game now (just started, want to test and plan before game opens)

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Hello. New player looking for a guild to socialize and team up with. 

  • Region: EU
  • Time Zone: GMT + 1 (Belgium)
  • Atmosphere : Social & cooperative. I'm fine with learning crafting / gathering / pvp or combat side of things. 
  • Casual/Hardcore: Not going hardcore until launch, looking to gain knowledge and find a niche
  • Focus: Learning ropes of the game
  • Play-Style: Adaptable to whatever is required, prefer teambased and am willing to fill what is needed (including support / tank)
  • Faction: Order in the current EU campaign. 
  • Game Experience: aoe2 / league / guildwars2 
  • Voice-Chat services: discord / ts
  • Early access availability Patron package (Beta 3 / live I think?) 

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Heyo, somewhat new to the game (lvl 20) and I feel a bit stuck in progression. Looking for a guild to help me out and have some fun times.

  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: UTC-6
  • Atmosphere : I'm not too keen on the Ultra-Harcore Military-esque guild structure, just want a guild that enjoys playing the game and wants to progress and have some fun PvP.
  • Casual/Hardcore: Casual or Hardcore, just want some people to be on most of the time.
  • Focus: Just want to get to learn the game better and have a group of people to play with.
  • Play-Style: I play an Assassin and I really enjoy ganking, but i'm also fine with gathering.
  • Faction: I'm in Chaos rn but I'd be fine with switching next campaign.
  • Game Experience: WoW, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage, SWTOR, EVE(kinda), Star Citizen Alpha, and a bunch of other games that aren't really relevant.
  • Voice-Chat services: Discord, Teamspeak 3.
  • Languages: English
  • Early access availability(Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT): I have the base level package, so I'm playing now.

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