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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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IGN: iamai.

Server: EU.

Language: English.

Class: Ranger.

Skills: Combat + Wood.

Faction: Uncertain (Might go Chaos or Order tonight when patch hits). Playing as Balance this Campaign. 

Playstyle: PvP.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU, Sweden
  • Atmosphere:  Friendly for new ppl
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Want to be in a hardcore guild but I'm new.
  • Play-Style: I'm usually a mage player, but thinking about playing Templar. Also not sure to be a crafter or not yet.
  • Commitment: Just want to try out more or less everything this game has to offer for now, not playing other mmorpgs right now.


  • Played a few other mmorpgs, never played WoW tho.

EDIT: Found a guild

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Found a guild

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  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: EST
  • Atmosphere : Looking for a friendly, tight knit guild. An RP guild is preferable but not required.
  • Casual/Hardcore: Somewhere in the middle. Pretty new at this so not great at the game yet.
  • Focus: I do a bit of everything, but really want to get decent at PvP and maybe focus on necromancy first. Also a total RP nerd.
  • Play-Style: Flexible, waiting on frostweaver to try that but learning druid currently. I'm a fan of PvP but I have no idea how it works yet in this game.
  • Faction: Flexible, currently Balance in Kane's trial
  • Game Experience:  Way too much time playing WoW (over a decade), GW2 ate the rest of that since its release (6 years), a bit of SWTOR, ESO and Wildstar
  • Languages: English

    EDIT: Found a guild
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  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: PST (Nights/Late night)
  • Atmosphere: PvP leaning, friendly, adult preferred.
  • Casual/Hardcore: Casual but focused - in terms of when I play, I like efficiency. When I really play MMOs, I play them hardcore.
  • Focus: PvP mainly but will do PvE to get gear.
  • Play Style: I have a 21 Titan Myrmidon on Trial of Kane (NA) at the moment. I can play anything though really.
  • Faction: Currently Chaos
  • Game Experience: DAoC, WoW, Shadowbane, GW 1&2, FF Online, Warhammer Online, SWTOR, Bless Online (probably more but it's a blur).
  • Language: English.
  • Note: I also play with 2 friends and have some old guildies that would probably want to join as the game progresses.
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Found a guild, thank you.

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LOOKING for a Guild that is active in PVP 

Region: NA

Timezone: EST

Gameplay: PVP oriented, PK, grief, group, siege

History of PVP gaming (worth noting): Ultima Online T2A/UOR (15+ years), Darkfall Online/UW... 

Bringing with me 2 more friends. Both PVP oriented


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About me:
I'm a 23 year old student from the UK, i've been gaming for over a decade in mmos and really love the player dependency and potential for group goals in Crowfall. I'm looking to meet players I can work with, learn and research the game to benefit the whole team, whether it be pve or pvp.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: During testing casual play. On release a little more hardcore.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Flexible, probably somewhere in the middle, depending on who I end up playing with!
  • Size: Can do small, medium or large as long as the atmosphere is right and there are people to play with
  • Play-Style: I generally play support/healer types and enjoy both pve and pvp. Im intrigued in crafting in crowfall for sure, but supporting my buddies in warfare sounds like a great time too,
  • Commitment: Currently on the test servers, I was an early kickstarter backer. I played around a little in the past but with my account wiped and the new updates im wanting to get into the game more consistently and learn.


  • I've played my fair share of mmos and survival games, being a raidleader in WoW for the past 2-3 years, I'm really looking to find a group of people who want more than just a solo experience, we have huge nodes to farm!

Voice-Chat services:

Can grab anything though I generally gravitate to Discord.


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Hello. New player looking for a guild that is on mostly during the late night of NA. 

  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: PST
  • Atmosphere : I've been in all types of guilds. Hardcore,casual, casualcore?. Mostly just looking for people to play the game with. As I want to make this my main game. Active discord is a must these days
  • Casual/Hardcore: I would like something in the middle but maybe closer to hardcore
  • Focus: Learning the game and getting to know the guild 
  • Play-Style: I'm usually a better dps but can heal if it is needed. 
  • Faction: The current war I am Chaos
  • Game Experience: From DAoC to BDO. I've played and probably have atleast 1 max level in most MMOs. I played WoW for a good 10 years with some breaks in between but it was probably my most played game.
  • Voice-Chat services: Discord
  • Early access availability Alpha Group 2

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  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: CST
  • Atmosphere : I'd prefer the guild who plays the game often just so I have people to regularly play the game with.  I'd prefer active PvP/siege guild.
  • Casual/Hardcore: I'd prefer a hardcore guild, I'd like to help the guild in any way I can to be successful.
  • Focus: Improving at the game and helping my guild/faction in any way possible.
  • Play-Style: I can play any class, I like to min/max most classes I play, so any class I choose I will do my research. Most mmos I heal, however currently I am a level 30 ranger, willing to switch to what guild/faction needs.
  • Faction:  I am with Chaos, can switch if needed.
  • Game Experience: I've played WoW since burning crusade. I have many years of raiding experience, including mythic raiding in current expansion. I've played a few shooters as well like counter strike and apex legends.
  • Voice-Chat services: Discord or whatever the guild uses.
  • Extra: I'm still relatively new, but a quick learner and I plan to main either my level 30 ranger or a level 30 cleric. I might switch up classes but it will likely be one of these 2.
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Looking for Guild.

Region: NA
Time Zone: MST (Days/Nights/Late Night)
Atmosphere : Looking for a tight-knit active GvG guild.
Casual/Hardcore: A mix of both
Focus: GvG, PvE. I'm down for whatever is needed.
Play-Style: Flexible. You need a healer? How about a meat shield or someone to harass healers? I'll do what the guild needs.
Faction: No Preference
Game Experience: Shadowbane, AoC, Warhammer Online, WoW, GW1 & GW2, SWTOR
Languages: English


Found Guild

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Hello crows.  I am looking for a guild.

  • Region: NA
  • Time Zone: PST
  • Atmosphere : Laid back, not too intense.
  • Casual/Hardcore: I am pretty casual for the most part.  I am married, home owner, full time employment.  So enjoy gaming to relax.  I dont need a second job.
  • Focus: Learning the game and finding a group of people to play with hopfully long term.
  • Play-Style: Melee or ranged. 
  • Faction: I have no preference.  More interested that there will be people on at the same time I am.
  • Game Experience:  Everquest, DAOC, SWG, WOW, and many others,  I have rarely ever level capped a character.  Never got into the race to the end, always just enjoyed the journey
  • Voice-Chat services: Discord
  • Early access a:

Thanks for you consideration.

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 Region: EU

Time Zone: CET

Atmosphere : I'd prefer the guild who plays the game often just so I have people to regularly play the game with.  I'd prefer active PvP/siege guild.

Casual/Hardcore: mix

Focus: Improving at the game

Play-Style: Frontline

Faction:  doesnt matter to me

Game Experience: just getting into it

Voice-Chat services: Discord or whatever the guild uses.

Extra: I'm new, trying to get better

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Found "The" Guild

New Player looking for Chaos Guild. 

Class - Right now I'm playing Confessor, but open. I'm just trying to get a feel for what fits what I am good at.

Time Zone - NA / West Coast Best Coast (PST)

Play time - I typically play evenings and will be on most weekends. I am married and a father of 3, so my no life days are far gone. 

Play Style - I like to play anything that helps the group. AoE DPS, Heals, Lock down tank, whatever. I normally pick one class and play it religiously. The more you know the ins and outside of you class the better you will be. 

Prior Experience - I've been playing MMOs since Ultima in the late 90s. More recently, I ran a small scale PvP guild on ESO for the PS4 before I joined the PC masterace. We had about 5ish guys and would consistently wipe larger groups. I am currently playing Legends of Aria. 

Early access - I log in a little bit here and there just to mess around and get familiar with aspects of Crowfall and plan on playing a lot more. I feel this is the game I've been waiting for. 

what your looking for in a guild - I am looking for a medium - large guild, that is PvP focused. I prefer a more organized group that defeats people with skill and tactics over the zerg mentality. 

what you can bring to the guild - In previous games I have led small groups, so i can definitely follow orders and maybe one day lead. I'm not one of the guys who will give you a play by play of what I'm doing or constantly speak over the leader. I just want to have fun and dominate.

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Murder Found

Fresh player Zetta here, looking for a nice Murder. 😁 I know basics but not much else. Currently lvl 11 Centaur Champion, wanting to be a blacksmith and exquisite cook with a side of stabbing the enemies. :3 Hobbies include: skinning and frying up delicious beasties, exploring for special and unique treasure and being valuable to a good team.

Region: NA
Playtime: Most days and weekends I will be or can be on

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Asked by Corvus Citadel, so at the moment not seeking for a guild anymore!  :3


I have pre-alpha status and I am looking for a casual guild in the region of England or preferred the Netherlands; feel free to send me a PM. At the moment I do not have much time, for I am having a part time job as cartographer and I am student. Hopefully I can start small, and grow it out by taking little steps over time.

The core characteristic of me is that I learn quick because I have a visual orientated mind, but it takes more time to put it to practical use, so for interested guilds it would mean that I do not develop very fast, but ones on level I tend to master the small things into the fine details, compare me with an heavy steam engine. 😅 As introvert I usually play solo but I know I really love to be among the crowd from time to time, so I need to find a guild that can match that bit of energy I have. 😶 

I want to do my upper best to grow and find a steady way to become part of this community, I am in search of a place where I can feel at home. In case developers are reading my post, if there are particular very small things that need to be tested or wanted in the community I would love to help you as long as it is manageable for me since I have a very busy agenda! 😍 

Yours faithfully,


Region: EU: UTC+1 The Netherlands.
Atmosphere: Gentle and caring, long term social focused.
Casual: Searching for a guild where I can be casual, maybe in the future I will become hardcore, but due to study I cannot for the next couple of years..
Size: Small to medium, I dislike very large guilds due to the lack of personal touch.
Play Style: I prefer healers, especially those who also happen to be necromancers. 😊
Commitment: Few hours between Monday and Friday, 4 - 16 hours a day in the weekend (dependable on study work of course).
Far Future Commitment: Hardcore with a casual touch..
Game Miscellaneous: used to be a dedicated healer in another game, likes stealth & strategy games.


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Region: NA

Time Zone: CMT

Atmosphere : Active and mature

Casual/Hardcore: Either

Focus: Win and enjoy the game

Play-Style: High Risk High Reward

Faction:  Any

Game Experience: New

Voice-Chat services: Any

Extra: Mature player, I like being with a group who enjoys playing but gets serious when it's time to smash faces.

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  • Kickstarter participant
  • Old (nearly 50) school gamer (was working on MUD code back in 1992)
  • In New Zealand (but prefer US West Coast times as I'm early to bed)
  • Do not want to organize people, I just want to be assigned a job to do.  That doesn't mean I wont voice my opinion from time to time.
  • Will work diligently on any job when assigned if I accept it, but I cannot promise to always be available for new assignments (sorry I have a real life)
  • IRL web developer and hobby game developer
  • Playing current trial as Balance


  • Use a chat/voice service like discord (or teamspeak, ventrillo, mumble)
  • Are organized about who-does-what
  • Have at least 8 members already
  • Mature atmosphere.
  • Semi- hardcore (pushing hard to win, but within reason... we all need to sleep from time to time)
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About me:

- Another old school MMORPG player here. Started a bit in EQ(very briefly)  almost 20 years ago, then went full ham in DAoC.  I've played most of the pvp mmos pretty hard-core DAOC, WoW, WAR, RIFT, AION, GW2, SWTOR, ESO and a handful of asian ports as well.

- I prefer to play rogues and melee dps. Currenty I am playing a lvl 25+ sin on order faction soloing and figuring stuff out.

- PVP is my main focus and crafting is a necessary evil. I am currently skilling up skinning and leather working.

-I am Casual Streamer as well. I don't have a set schedule I just start it up when I have time/feel like it. I like to meet new people that are currently playing and I like to get people who aren't excited about the game.  I have met plenty of very helpful viewers In quite a few games!

- WIfe, Kids, work

- I feel Im a super chill guy. I don't Rage out ever. I do have a potty mouth; especially after a couple beers!


What I am looking for:

-I tend to favor smaller to mid sized guilds. I dont want to be a rando in a zerg.

-I would prefer if most members were on mature side.

-I will probably be taking breaks from time to time. I really want this game to succeed but ive burnt myself out playing alphas and betas.

- I need direction and focus, Currently I'm just trying to figure stuff out and feel like i am not having good time management :D

-I am a team player and if something is needed ill do my best to accommodate. I am not a greedy person and dont have crazy expectation for help, but this game is obvious meant for a lot of team work and cooperation.

-Most of all i am just looking for some chill people that love wrecking faces.

- dont mind going through tryouts but dont ask me to fill out an essay of an application.


currently playing aurrek/order

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Found a clan thanks

LFG Basic Info

Region: NA Texas

Faction : Currently in Chaos

Play Style: Everything but love organized events be it PvE/PvP

Atmosphere : Active and mature

Age: Not exactly a spring chicken anymore 😞 Got some grey hairs...

Previous MMO: Everything starting at EverQuest 

Last MMO: Darkfall

Passion: coding 

Voice: Only Discord 

Misc: This is a game. This is a video game. If you rage when PvP goes bad then I  am probably not a good fit for your. At the same time I am willing to practice and get better. I am not afraid of loosing pixels. I grew up in PK type game  🙂





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