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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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Hi I'm TacoTruck, I was on Shadowbane and SB Emu for many years and know in SB as Taco/ HotTaco/HolyTaco. im looking for some guild to assist in sharing knowledge and having some fun times, id prefer a mature guild with some hilarious banter.


Class: willing to play what's necessary, Currently have a lvl 30 Myrm and starting new Assassin 

Focus: I love Guild combat and Strategy 

Time Zone: Pacific / California 

Play Style: Depends on the char. I just play the toon according to its strengths 

Prior Experience: Looking for a Group of Players who Played Shadowbane to have some good times and similar play styles, I prefer sandboxes 

Early access availability - Just picked up the Patron Backer

what your looking for in a guild and what you can bring to the guild.

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Guild criteria:

Region: EU, UK
Atmosphere: Looking for a guild eu preferred with friendly ppl and a nice atmosphere, that is happy to take a noob under their wing and show me the ropes.
Casual/Hardcore?: Either
Size: Looking for a small to medium sized guide, I want to get to know everyone and don't want to be lost in the croud of the larger guilds.
Play-Style: I tend to adapt to the play style of who I play with.
Commitment: If I'm enjoying the game/guild I'll be on most evenings.
Experience: Non, I'm a complete noob to this game.
Voice-Chat services:
I can install any of the usual suspects if I haven't already, however I tend not to chat too much as I prefer to listen, but I may pipe up now and again.


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USTZ player looking for a small to medium sized guild interested in punching above its weight and making a name for themselves. I'm hoping to find a group with a very strong sense of community, somewhere to really call home, for launch and beyond. Stealing the template because :effort:


Guild criteria:

  • Region: US
  • Atmosphere: A friendly yet competitive atmosphere, a group that sticks together against everyone else. Ideally, any guild discord would have a #memes channel
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore in moderation. Casual play is fun too sometimes
  • Size: Small to medium.
  • Play-Style: I'm a huge fan of stealth and ganking, but I'm also looking to get back into a leadership role, both roaming with groups and grand strategy. Pit fighter is fun.
  • Commitment: Variable, but will certainly increase as we get closer to launch. I don't want to burn out, and we've all got things to do in meatspace.
  • Miscellaneous: Ravioli ravioli give me ur dooberolis


  • Been playing off and on since 2017? Yeah, 2017, and have been collecting skulls whenever I pop in.
  • Non-crowfall, the biggest "experience" I really have is about 8 years in EVE, so the general feeling of this game is pretty much ingrained in me by now.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Yes.



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EU (FR) player looking for a 5+ currently-active-members guild.
I am currently online between approx 21:30 and 00:30 MON-TUE-WED-THU.
Then occasionnally on SAT and SUN.

Tried many classes but only in PvE, because PvP is just unreachable for solo players (ie without proper gear / vessel or a group) or so I heard, because I couldn't manage to properly PvP just yet. Pretty simple, sometimes I don't even know where to go to find PvP. And I bearly to never get answers when LFG in faction chat / or zone chat. So I would like to finally try PvP and get a real feeling of the game and its different races / classes / disc combos.

Just like the vast majority of the playerbase, I came to the age of wife(s), kid(s), and ultra-boring job(s), so I usually log in game to not give f**ks. I login to be entertained, and I find group PvP pretty entertaining, win or lose. I generally am really not fond of discords because my computer is in the middle of the living room, where my wife and son can be doing stuffs. I am sure you all such a fun load of good lads, but if i want the crowfall adventure to dure in time, I don't want my family to live with you, every evening, and I do need to stay connected to them, in a way : so very limited audio connection for me for most of the first half of my playtime.

For I am 40+ and spend most the second half of my playtime really stoned, please bear with my reflexes. A few nights works really well, and many others really, clearly, don't. But hey, "je souffre donc je suis" ! :-)

Would love to join a friendly yet forgiving yet ideally not-giving-custards-about-anything guild. My message box is open^_^

/Abso out

Edited by abso

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.

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Posted (edited)


I seek a guild welcoming to an 'established' gamer ;) I'm 42 and have been a long resume in games of all genres.

I am a divorced father of two so my play time will not be every night. I play because I enjoy the game and to be social. I enjoy the relationship established with people I play alongside and that ultimately means more to me than gear and topping a leader board. That does not mean I'm only a casual player that will not contribute to the guild's goals nor participate in it's efforts. I just value the people I'm playing with and have little tolerance for unrealistic expectations, hogwash, and drama.

I hope to play along side, mostly, mature players that are welcoming, helpful, and kindhearted and yes, a bit competitive. I'm a focused player, when I'm in a group I give that my attention and do my best to contribute. I'll offer help as I am able to, and appreciate it when that is returned in kind.


Region: Central US/English, Central Standard Time (CST)
Atmosphere: Mature, respectful, helpful, tolerant and welcoming. Shared appreciation that it is a game. Take it serious enough but not too much.
Casual/Hardcore?: Casu-core? Har-u-al? 
: Whatever size if active
Play-Style: In skirmishes I tend to be a brawler, like to be in the melee but don't focus so heavily on only DPS or only Tank ... If there is a need I'll try to help fill it. Playing all the things; PvP - Crafting/Gathering ... up for whatever.
Commitment: Focused and committed within my availability to play. As I have my kids every few nights, I will be playing occasional evenings and weekends.


Edited by Farahday

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