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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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Please Read Before Posting   If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in anticipation of Crowfall, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so int

Howdy. I've been delaying posting, hoping to get a better feel for what I'm looking for as more of the game is revealed / announced.   Guild criteria: Region: US East (though I ha

I am looking for a guild. I took part in this past weekends test and even though I was bouncing around from 32-1500ms ping, after 3 consecutive wins with the same dudes, I can tell I am going to be a

Guild criteria:

Region: EU, UK
Atmosphere: Looking for a guild eu preferred with friendly ppl and a nice atmosphere, that is happy to take a noob under their wing and show me the ropes.
Casual/Hardcore?: Either
Size: Looking for a small to medium sized guide, I want to get to know everyone and don't want to be lost in the croud of the larger guilds.
Play-Style: I tend to adapt to the play style of who I play with.
Commitment: If I'm enjoying the game/guild I'll be on most evenings.
Experience: Non, I'm a complete noob to this game.
Voice-Chat services:
I can install any of the usual suspects if I haven't already, however I tend not to chat too much as I prefer to listen, but I may pipe up now and again.


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USTZ player looking for a small to medium sized guild interested in punching above its weight and making a name for themselves. I'm hoping to find a group with a very strong sense of community, somewhere to really call home, for launch and beyond. Stealing the template because :effort:


Guild criteria:

  • Region: US
  • Atmosphere: A friendly yet competitive atmosphere, a group that sticks together against everyone else. Ideally, any guild discord would have a #memes channel
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore in moderation. Casual play is fun too sometimes
  • Size: Small to medium.
  • Play-Style: I'm a huge fan of stealth and ganking, but I'm also looking to get back into a leadership role, both roaming with groups and grand strategy. Pit fighter is fun.
  • Commitment: Variable, but will certainly increase as we get closer to launch. I don't want to burn out, and we've all got things to do in meatspace.
  • Miscellaneous: Ravioli ravioli give me ur dooberolis


  • Been playing off and on since 2017? Yeah, 2017, and have been collecting skulls whenever I pop in.
  • Non-crowfall, the biggest "experience" I really have is about 8 years in EVE, so the general feeling of this game is pretty much ingrained in me by now.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Yes.



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EU (FR) player looking for a 5+ currently-active-members guild.
I am currently online between approx 21:30 and 00:30 MON-TUE-WED-THU.
Then occasionnally on SAT and SUN.

Tried many classes but only in PvE, because PvP is just unreachable for solo players (ie without proper gear / vessel or a group) or so I heard, because I couldn't manage to properly PvP just yet. Pretty simple, sometimes I don't even know where to go to find PvP. And I bearly to never get answers when LFG in faction chat / or zone chat. So I would like to finally try PvP and get a real feeling of the game and its different races / classes / disc combos.

Just like the vast majority of the playerbase, I came to the age of wife(s), kid(s), and ultra-boring job(s), so I usually log in game to not give f**ks. I login to be entertained, and I find group PvP pretty entertaining, win or lose. I generally am really not fond of discords because my computer is in the middle of the living room, where my wife and son can be doing stuffs. I am sure you all such a fun load of good lads, but if i want the crowfall adventure to dure in time, I don't want my family to live with you, every evening, and I do need to stay connected to them, in a way : so very limited audio connection for me for most of the first half of my playtime.

For I am 40+ and spend most the second half of my playtime really stoned, please bear with my reflexes. A few nights works really well, and many others really, clearly, don't. But hey, "je souffre donc je suis" ! :-)

Would love to join a friendly yet forgiving yet ideally not-giving-custards-about-anything guild. My message box is open^_^

/Abso out

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Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.

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I seek a guild welcoming to an 'established' gamer ;) I'm 42 and have been a long resume in games of all genres.

I am a divorced father of two so my play time will not be every night. I play because I enjoy the game and to be social. I enjoy the relationship established with people I play alongside and that ultimately means more to me than gear and topping a leader board. That does not mean I'm only a casual player that will not contribute to the guild's goals nor participate in it's efforts. I just value the people I'm playing with and have little tolerance for unrealistic expectations, hogwash, and drama.

I hope to play along side, mostly, mature players that are welcoming, helpful, and kindhearted and yes, a bit competitive. I'm a focused player, when I'm in a group I give that my attention and do my best to contribute. I'll offer help as I am able to, and appreciate it when that is returned in kind.


Region: Central US/English, Central Standard Time (CST)
Atmosphere: Mature, respectful, helpful, tolerant and welcoming. Shared appreciation that it is a game. Take it serious enough but not too much.
Casual/Hardcore?: Casu-core? Har-u-al? 
: Whatever size if active
Play-Style: In skirmishes I tend to be a brawler, like to be in the melee but don't focus so heavily on only DPS or only Tank ... If there is a need I'll try to help fill it. Playing all the things; PvP - Crafting/Gathering ... up for whatever.
Commitment: Focused and committed within my availability to play. As I have my kids every few nights, I will be playing occasional evenings and weekends.


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Guild criteria:

  • Region: America-East Coast (GMT -3).
  • Language: Spanish/English (I'm latinamerican, but I'm used to playing with english speaking groups).
  • Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature group of players (not age-wise), with friendly and helpful people aiming mainly to have fun and help eachother.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, it's not that I don't plan on taking the game seriously once it launches, but I'm 34 y/o, have a toddler and a full time job... so that seriously restricts my playtime. It also prevents me from being on comms most of the time I have time to play, so that shouldn't be a requisite.
  • Size: Small or medium, big zerg-like groups are not my thing.
  • Play-Style: I always focus on PVP, but I'm planning on specializing on Exploring and Necromancy/Alchemy with my first vessel, to then focus on combat skills and playing an Assasin (Blackguard/Cutthroat, haven't decided on that). Since I can mostly play on short sessions and random times I figure that's gonna be more usefull for my guild.


  • I started playing MMOs with Lineage II on a private server like 15 years ago, where I ended up being the leader of a medium sized guild that did pretty great. 
  • I've been playing EVE Online for the past 10 years (with short and long breaks here and there, this is one of them), focused on PVP. I'm currently part of the leadership of my corp (EVE's guilds).
  • I don't want, by any means, to be part of the guild leadership. I want to help as much as my free time allows me to, but real life comes first and that won't ever change.

Voice-Chat services:

  • I've used almost everything, from the first version of TeamSpeak to Discord nowadays, so the hard/software isn't a problem.
  • As I said before, getting in comms every time I play just isn't possible; I can maybe jump in if someone really needs me to and of course for planned events like Raids, Sieges or any planned guild activity. Don't expect me to do so if I just logged in to fck around for less than an hour, it just won't happen.


Edited by Sadic
found an amazing guild
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I am an older (38 years) EU player with RL obligations. This means I can play from roughly 18:00 CET till evening. I love group PvP (I always end up playing arenas in MMOs and I loved playing WvWvW in GW2 - this is probably the most epic experience I have ever had there

and I would like to get the same kind of experience. A group with leadership and good communication and organization where everybody is doing their part. Preferably challenging larger, lesser organized groups and beating them. :D I am not too picky about group size, I am fine with anything from 2vs2 up to full zerg.

As for the roles I have not decided yet. I am trying out an assassin at the moment, I briefly tried other classes as well and I am still figuring things out. I played dps, healer and tank roles in the past, enjoying them all. It depends on the group and being appreciated for the effort.

What kind of people I want to play with? I prefer older players (let's say 25+) who are chill (meaning they don't rage too much and if they do, they get it together, apologize, admit they went overboard and life goes on), can laugh and they do it in a respectful manner. I prefer organized schedule and people letting know in advance if they will or will not participate. I play games to relax and have some friendly competition (and beer). I like to mix PvP with some gathering in this game, with focus on PvP and crafting being a past time. I hate people who don't come in time and don't let know others in advance. Waiting for others is the reason why I don't raid in MMOs. I am no pushover, been around toxic PvP chats / community for long enough, I am just not interested in that in a guild I am in.

I am not too good with organizing people but I am not opposed to leading a group if need be (I lead some groups in GW2 and acted as coordinator in arenas in various MMOs). Leading is something I do when there is nobody able and willing and somebody needs to step up.

I like CCs in MMOs and I believe they are the centerpiece of coordinated combat.

Usually I am running quite a lot of alts, however I hope to overcome my altoholism in Crowfall and stick to two characters tops (combatant and crafter). :)

Oh, and I prefer guild names with a bit of self respect so Holy Templars are fine, Nerfed Clowns not so much. ;):D

I am happy to talk in English over Discord. I am also happy to give more details if need be.

How I envision my time in Crowfall: I log on about 18:00 CET, there is an organized event starting / going on. We do the PvP part or perhaps some gathering if need be, being focused in PvP and having a nice chat while doing more relaxed activities. I log out before midnight with a good feeling that it was another great run.

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Hey NA Server player looking for a guild. I have one lvl20 and working on another. need a solid PvP and Crafting guild to help me get to the next level of this game. Send me a message here of email me at wesmotron@gmail.com

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Hey Guys,

    just got the game a few days ago my wife and I are going to play together. We're looking for a guild accepting of new players that are trying to learn this behemoth of a game.

I have year of experience with MMOs my wife on the other hand is new to gaming all together. We are looking for a guild that's friendly but would like to grow into the game as it's released.


We have discord would love to stop in and chat.

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Hi folks! I'm a 42-year-old introverted single father with a full-time job and no social life... so I'm seeking a virtual one 😄  

Guild criteria:

  • Region: US, Central, Arkansas
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a relaxed atmosphere with friendly people to help me learn and explore this game.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual. I like to get into some excitement if my schedule allows, but for the most part I enjoy casual relaxing gameplay. 
  • Size: Somewhere in the middle. As long as it's not so big a small voice can't be heard over the popular folks, or so small that no one's there to hear.
  • Play-Style: Usually a solo PvE player because of work schedule, but I'd like to get more into PvP and group fun from time-to-time. Once I'm eventually equipped, I like to raid and destroy. I usually play a more passive, ranged class (WoW Hunter, etc),  but I'd like to try my hand in being a "killer" and being on the front lines in this game. I also like to craft and I wouldn't be against helping support the troops from behind the scenes.
  • Commitment: Unfortunately I'm a single-parent and have an odd work schedule, so my usual play times are Mondays-Wednesdays during the day, but I can get on in the evenings on other days if needed by the group. I'll try to support any way I can.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm new to game, so I don't yet have a set path. 


  • I've played many MMO's, but nothing compares to the time and YEARS spent living in Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft. Mostly PvE.  


Voice-Chat services:

  • None yet. I've never been into talking, because I mainly played solo, but I did recently buy a headset that I haven't used yet. I'd probably still be more of a listener.


Thanks in advance!


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EDIT: Found a home! I appreciate the messages!

Guild criteria:

  • Region: US/EST
  • Atmosphere: Prefer a more close, mature group. I don't mind big guilds as long as everyone is included. I enjoy guilds with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual
  • Size: No preference
  • Play-Style: I tend to stick to casters in most MMO's that I've played, but I do enjoy the occasional warrior/assassin character. I don't mind playing any race/class if it's needed.
  • Commitment: Just purchased the game today so it's going to depend on how much I enjoy it. Typically at least a few hours a night during the weeks and much longer on the weekends.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm a 31/M with a wife, kid, and full time job. My family comes before games so I may not be on every single night.


  • I've been playing MMO's since around age 7. Started off with Everquest. Currently playing WoW and FFXIV. I've been playing WoW off and on since its release.
  • This will be day 1 for me in Crowfall. I've been watching videos on it the past few weeks and it looks like it has come a long way. I'm a pretty quick learner so I don't expect to have too many issues, though I may have a question every now and then!

Voice-Chat services:

  • Currently only have Discord however I don't mind downloading any of the others (TS, Vent, Skype etc). Much more of a listener than I am talker but I don't mind getting into voice chat when I have to.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US/CENTRAL
  • Atmosphere: Prefer a more close, mature group that can have fun, as well.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, but I have been known to be a hardcore player if the game is good enough :)
  • Size: No preference
  • Play-Style: I tend to like being in a support role (Ranger/Crafter/Healer).  I don't mind playing any race/class if it's needed.
  • Commitment: I can play most evenings, and a majority of my weekend time.
  • Miscellaneous: Married with children that are getting ready to leave the house in the next year or so.. My family comes before games so I may not be on every single night.  My wife supports the fact that gaming is my Zen.
  • I have Beta and Alpha access.


  • I've been playing RPGs/MMO's since around age 8.  Started off playing Ultima 2, and then the whole series.  Played Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, EVE, WoW, Arch Age, Tera Online, and Elder Scrolls Online.
  • I have run guilds in the past, and I have, also, been just a member.  I understand that it takes a lot of personal time to run a guild, and it helps to have officers to delegate to.
  • I am a 21 year veteran of the US Armed Forces.

Voice-Chat services:

  • I have Discord, but can use what ever service the guild uses.
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Joined a guild.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region:  Central United States
  • Atmosphere: Mature/Focused. ie: Work hard play hard
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Both. 
  • Size: Medium Size(15 - 25 active).
  • Play-Style: In DND/Pathfinder/WoW/EVERYTHING ELSE I'm the aggressive soldier/barbarian type. My off specs are usually high power Ranged or Stealth recon
  • Commitment:  As long as there is something to do or a schedule I can make 5 out of 7 days of the week post 5 pm CST on Weekdays.
  • Miscellaneous: Married w/ Kids around. I have a very straight forward approach and avoid drama like the plague. Expecting our 3rd child, a newborn boy in December will be a partner at the keyboard for a bit. 


  • Been playing since Mario 3/Double Dragon on NES. Playing FPS's since CS 1.2. Played Halo 3/Reach in the Amateur leagues in the Midwest from 2007 til 2009.
  • Degree in Law Enforcement(USAF), Networking/CyberSec(USAF), and Software Architecture(Civ).
  • I'm an asset that feels the need to contribute to the battlefield. I prefer to form bonds through battle and game play. 
  • Have a mean beard.

Voice-Chat services:

  • TS3(Admin/Dev experience, Ventrilo, Discord, RaidCall(Prefer not to use), Will not use Skype(Sorry not sorry).
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US/EST
  • Atmosphere: Prefer a close knit & mature group.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, but can be Hardcore when needed.
  • Size: N/A
  • Play-Style: Melee mostly but I usually have a few different types of toons.
  • Commitment: Purchased the game way back just after kick starter.  Will be typically playing a few hours a night during the weeks and much longer play times on weekends.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm a 46/M with a wife & kids. My family comes before games so I may not be on every single night.


  • I've been playing games in all varieties since my youth. Was a big EvE Online player for many years, which drew me to this game.
  • I have owned the game for quit sometime but never really played it for very long.  Just kind of jumped in game for a week or so to see how it was deving up.  I am pretty much a noob at this point because I have not actually played for about a over a year, I got hooked on the survival games for awhile.  Came back when I heard J. Todd say in the QnA for Nov. that "It was a drive to beta." 

Voice-Chat services:

  • Have Discord currently and can use any other clients, just not DL'd because I don't use them for anything at this time.
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