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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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Game name: Sevox

Discord: have it - will provide later

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, PST
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a "game n chill" guild not full of constant memes. 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Used to be highly competitive PVPr but currently mostly just exploring, crafting and messing around, mostly on weekends and some week nights. Small/sneaky groups for PVP would be fun. 
  • Size: Any really, as long as there are core active folks who I can learn from.
  • Play-Style: been playing MMOs since 1999 off and on.
  • Commitment: won't be able to commit to schedules often.  Can probably commit to a few weekend events here and there.
  • Miscellaneous: Mostly looking to learn the game from a guild and experienced players perspectives.  I like the game for relaxing right now.  


  • Ultima Online, EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, GW, GW2, Darkfall, Shadow Bane, Rift, ESO, Black Desert Online, and some others I'm probably forgetting.  Often top tier in most of the PvP oriented games.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Prefer to stay text based, but definitely can listen in or hop on voice myself for PVP events.
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Game name: GreatScott

Discord: GreatScott#7583

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, EST 
  • Atmosphere: Mature, Team-oriented, Serious
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I'm more casual now a days.  I want to compete and win when I'm online but I won't be online 4 hours a night.  I'm 33, have 2 kids and a life.
  • Size: Small to Medium probably.  Wouldn't be completely turned off by a larger guild though.
  • Play-Style: Group PvP oriented.  Small to large scale ZvZ.  I will be gathering/crafting when nothing else is going on but it won't be my main focus.  Most of the other MMOs I play I try to make my money on the "market".
  • Commitment: Schedule is all over so very little commitments.  I can commit to some days/times with plenty of prior notice but no more then once a month.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm still learning the game and I would love a group that I could do that with.  I'm very loyal to a good group of people.  I put the mission before my personal gains.  I'm interested in winning campaigns and I'll commit my time and efforts to that (whatever that entails, at this point I'm not exactly sure).

Experience: Most recently Albion Online.  I still dabble in Eve Online from time to time.  I started my MMO Career with Everquest, and played most MMOs since then.  Other big ones that I was a really big fan of were: DAoC, Warhammer Online, and Pirates of the Burning Seas.


Voice-Chat services: Obviously necessary for any sort of competitive guild.  I will probably be in Discord most of the time I'm online.  Discord is my preferred comms but in Eve I'm used to using many different ones so that isn't a big deal. 

Thanks for your time!

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IGN: Furyan9x, Lv. 7 Half-Elf Druid

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA - CST or East preferred but any NA will do. 
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a guild thats new-player friendly, mature(not a big fan of cringe culture that is taking over gaming) and committed to progression and competitive PvP 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Looking for semi-hardcore as I work and do not have 14 hours a day to play but I want to be competitive in all aspects of the game. 
  • Size: Any
  • Play-Style: Healer/Support, will maximize skill and efficiency with all classes that offer these 2 roles in PvP or try to at least xD 
  • Commitment: 2-3 hours a day Mon-Thurs, 6-14 Frid-Sun
  • Miscellaneous: Brand new to the game, still wondering around chopping trees and exploring UI elements. 


  • I have moderate PvP XP in: ESO, BDO, GW2, WoW (BGs not arenas), BnS, Tera, and Albion Online


Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord, I don't talk a lot but willing to be in voice for activities that require communication
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, EST
  • Atmosphere: Laid back but focused when need to be.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I'd say semi-hardcore, somewhere between the two.
  • Size: Medium size so there's typically people to play with but no so large that you don't know most people.
  • Play-Style: I usually play healer/support or a dps role. I'm unsure what I want to focus on for Crowfall.
  • Commitment: Weekdays after work I'll be on for several hours each day. Weekends very hit and miss for me.
  • Miscellaneous: Just looking for a group of people to experience and learn more about the game with. 


  • I've played a lot of different MMO's. From oldest to newest I think it's... Star Wars Galaxies, Lineage II, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, FFXI, Warhammer Online, Rift, Star Wars Old Republic, FFXIV. I think that's about it.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Prefer Discord as it's a great platform but it doesn't really matter. 
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Game name: Zesar

Discord: Zesar#4103

Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a serious and competitive guild with fun and relaxed people
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Once the game launches for good it will be my main game. Untill then ill be on in order to get a hang of PVP (returning today)
  • Size: Any as long as we are competetive
  • Play-Style: PVP and Crafting (considering using this account for Crafting and another for PVP as I feel the rewards for my sapphire package might be better suited for crafting. Might change my mind when im more knowledgeable 
  • Commitment: Fully committed after work hours
  • Miscellaneous: Would love to make my EK a trade hub (a)


  • EVE Online (Played since 2007 and still going strong. Part of a large Nullsec alliance) , Tibia (Guild leader and vice leader for many years. Fought in many many wars), CS;GO,OW, WOW,  HoN (1400 games and used to be a Game Master) and various other games


Voice-Chat services:

  • I've got Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrillo
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  • 2 weeks later...

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, EST
  • Atmosphere: Laid back guild preferable on the bigger side so there are things to do if i would like.  
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Casual
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Play-Style: I am just learning the game so currently playing Pit Fighter.  I like to pvp but don't expect a great player.  I will listen to calls always though
  • Commitment: Not really sure.  ATM i am playing about an hour a day.  Could go up could go down.  I just started.  
  • Miscellaneous: Newbie looking to get taught and involved in some PvP


The MMO's that i actually put a decent amount of time into would be: 

  • UO - Best game ever.  Granted i was like 15. 
  • Shadowbane - Got in late like a year and it died :(
  • Darkfall - Since launch to DFUW close.  
  • DarkfallROA - Till about 6 months ago maybe not sure. 
  • Archeage - On and off.   


Voice-Chat services:

  • I will of course join comms for group PvP but I would not like it to be a requirement outside of that.  Sometimes I like to just go out solo and do my own thing.  
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Name - sokidan

Discord - sokidan#6491


Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: Laid back
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Casual
  • Size: not important
  • Play-Style: 70% PVP 30%PVE/crafting
  • Commitment: I usually play 2 hours a day


  • SWG
  • WOW
  • Darkfall 
  • ESO
  • Archeage 
  • UO


Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord , no problem in joining vocal chats anytime
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU, Norway
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a EU-guild with friendly people and a nice atmosphere. I'm not into uncritical PvP (attacking harvesters turns me off), so if that's your guild, I'm not interested.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, but if the game turns out to be good, hardcore, definitely
  • Size: Whatever
  • Play-Style: Not sure what this is asking
  • Commitment: Depends, but I've invested a few hundred euros in it
  • Miscellaneous: 


  • I've played multiplayer adventure since Meridian 58 and Ultima Online (before that it was text-MUD's). Still looking. The best so far was Shadowbane, but that was destroyed by the players, sadly.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Anything
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Game name: Aikoiko

Discord: Aikoiko#3554

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, PST
  • Atmosphere: Laid back, helpful
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual but goal oriented
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Play-Style: Starting out with PVE and harvesting/crafting.  May venture into PvP at some point as I become more familiar with game
  • Commitment: Evenings and weekends are pretty free for me.
  • Miscellaneous: Just started playing, so just getting familiar with game.  I'm an old gamer, so be patient.

Experience: Been playing RPGs and online MMO's for 20+ years.  Started playing Everquest around Luclin release on the Karana server (Grey Hawke), EverQuest II (Beta), WoW, Guild Wars, Rift, Shadowbane, Vanguard, among others.

Voice-Chat services: Any

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Game name: nyquil

Discord: nyquil#7596

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, EST
  • Atmosphere: Laid-back and friendly
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Casual but goal-oriented
  • Size: medium
  • Play-Style: DPS/Support; more of a follower than a leader, will listen to orders
  • Commitment: I'm usually only free on weekends and some afternoons; will become more or less committed depending on enjoyment
  • Miscellaneous: I'm just looking to have a good time and learn more about the game. 


I've played many MMO's but mostly on my own; the one I've invested the most time is WoW but I've also played BnS, BDO, Albion, Tera, and GW2

Voice-Chat services:

Mostly Discord but I'm fine with downloading anything else if need be. I'm a shy person though, so I will probably listen more than speak.

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Guild Criteria:

  • Region: NA, CST
  • Atmosphere: Laid-back but serious when needed
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-Casual
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Play-Style: interested in crafting and gathering but willing to pvp
  • Commitment: Just got the game. If I like it I'll play almost everyday.
  • Miscellaneous: Small scale fights sound fun but I don't want to go around ganking people


Played FFXIV, WOW, BDO, Maplestory, PoE, GW2, GBF

Voice-Chat Services:

I have Discord and I can get into vc but I probably won't say much in the beginning.


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Guild  criteria: 

  • Region:   NA, EST & WEST (I live in the middle)
  • Atmosphere:   Laid back but serious when needed, helpful, competitive (PVP focus)
  • Casual / Hardcore?:  S emi-hardcore, somewhere between the two. 
  • Size:   Medium / Large
  • Play Style:   I have 3 accounts. 2 of them will be Necromancer, Jeweler, Alchemist and resource gatherers. 1 is completely for PVP and competitive play: sieges, territory wars, achieving WIN goals.
  • Commitment:   4 hours per day Monday - Friday (evenings), 6-10 hours per day on weekends (about 30+ hours a week in total)
  • Miscellaneous:   Crowfall is my only game focus as I played it for 10 months already and I know that it's what I'm looking for.


  • WOW, Lineage II, Dota 2 (semi-pro), ESO (for 2 years we've been dominating PVP zones with ZaDrots guild, I was a king of Cyrodiil twice), Albion online.

Voice chat services:

  • Discord, Teamspeak, basically anything. I don't talk a lot but willing to be in voice for activities that require communication. Have experience in leading raids too.
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Found a guild.
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Looking for a guild.  I'll use the existing template for convenience:


  • Region North America (CST)
  • Atmosphere:  I want a guild with a strong emphasis on teamwork.  Camaraderie matters, but so does success.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  I've always been hardcore, but I'm getting more casual as I get older (31 currently)
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • Play Style:  I prefer tanky melee characters.  Put me in the thick of the fight with a good team around me and I'm happy.  I do not play healers.  Will likely be doing Knight / Templar as those share  trees in passive training.  Will likely be focusing on gathering / crafting and will do PVP but not as my primary focus.  I may not even develop any combat passive trees early on.
  • Commitment:  I play one game at a time, and commit fully to it.  15-40 hrs / week will vary with schedule.  That being said... if something is going down at 3 AM and bodies are needed I will more often then not respond.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm easy to get along with, and I'm competent at what I play.

Experience:  Diablo 2, SWG, FF11, SWTOR, WoW, Various other games in these genres... I have raid led for vanilla wow guilds as well as been GM / Main tank for many years across wow... 


I miss the SWG crafting days when I was one of the top crafters on server (pre CU / NGE) and am looking to relive those days in crowfall.  So as previously mentioned I will be more Crafting / gathering focused, my only emphasis in PVP will be to help with said gathering / crafting and to be at least somewhat useful during skirmishes.


Oh.. 2016 KS Sapphire backer... so I have been following this for some time and am VERY eager to play.  Limited play testing however as I have just dabbled to get somewhat of a feel for it.

Edited by Kalryn
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Guild  criteria:

  • RegionUnited Kingdom (EU)
  • Atmosphere:  A guild with teamwork, that wants to be competitive
  • Casual/Hardcore:  id like to say semi-hardcore, but id be lying to myself, so it will have to be hardcore!
  • Size: Medium to Large, but size doesnt matter if the teamplay is there.
  • Play Style:  I prefer healer/support/debuff classes, to give my team the edge.
  • Commitment:  Evenings after work, weekends.
  • Miscellaneous: easy going, prefer to encourage mentor rather than have an elitist attitude

Experience:  So much, will only mention the main ones

Ultima Online (showing my age!) - where it all started for me!  Played from factions through to the demise of Felucca and the introduction of Chivalry and Necromancy, left soon after that with all the samurai crap, sadly the game just went downhill after catering to the non-pvpers.  Was in some of the top guilds and elarnt that small teams are just as effective as the huge gank squads (6i6, AI, Men, TeaM are the notable ones).

Star Wars Galaxies - loved this game and would still be playing it if it wasnt for the cancelled servers and Nerfed Game Experience (NGE).  Made Elder Jedi through the grind, and loved the crafting system and reliance on each other.

WoW - Love hate relationship, cleared (and raid led most) every tier since Vanilla, getting AHOC/AHOP, etc.  Always at M17+ instances as well.  Hated the dumbing down of Wow, and now idle away in Classic.

LOTRO/GW/GW2/Rift/SoTA - dabbled in all of these, but never really got into them, searching for that place that would be home and was the blend of UO and SWG.

Voice chat services:

  • Discord, Teamspeak, ventrillo, whatevers needed.
  • Discord id Cadmus#1637

*Also KS Amber backer since day 1 pretty much.  Although havent been active on the forums, or in the last couple of years, just coming back and loving the direction.

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Found a guild. Thank you for the offers.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, EST

  • Atmosphere: Open to building up the strength of the guild by encouraging more experienced players to offer advice/guidance to newer players. One that takes itself seriously, but won’t crucify players over the occasional mechanical or decision making error.

  • Casual/Hardcore?: I would prefer a guild that fits between the casual and hardcore, but if I had to choose one or the other I would have to go for hardcore.

  • Size: Medium size - To me a medium size guild would be able to command a large enough player base to at least hold its own in guild vs. guild combat, while also being an environment where I would have the chance to know every member.

  • Play-Style: I tend to lean toward playing the tank classes in the games that I play. Currently, I am play testing to see which classes and variants of tanks, either offencive like a bruiser or defensive with mostly utility abilities, I prefer in Crowfall. I also have experience on squishy damage focused melee classes such as assassins and purly offensive warriors.

  • Commitment: I am currently in my final semester of undergrad, so I still have to dedicate time toward my studies, but because policies surrounding the coronavirus outbreak changed all of my classes to online classes, I should be more available for play.

  • Miscellaneous: I’m still somewhat new to the game so please excuse my initial lack of game knowledge. Also, I love to theory craft different, sometimes crazy, builds and strategies for the classes I play.



  • SWTOR (I was my most active between patches 1.7-3.2, but I have played off and on since.)

    • Main Classes

      • Sith Juggernaut (Immortal (Tank) primarily from 1.7-2.4, but I played it off and on after 2.5)

      • Sith Juggernaut (Vengeance (Damage) primarily from 2.5 onward)

      • Sith Assassin (Darkness (Tank) from 1.7-2.4)

      • Sith Assassin (Deception (Damage) from 2.5 onward)

  • WildStar (Started in Beta, played for awhile after launch, and returned for a bit when it went F2P.)

    • Main Classes

      • Warrior (Split my time between damage and tank. (I never got the feel for which I preferred in this game.)

      • Assassin (Split my time between damage and tank. (I never got the feel for which I preferred in this game.)

  • After WildStar I tried my hand at the following MMOs, however I got nowhere near as invested into these as I did for SWTOR or WildStar.

    • Rift

    • Riders of Icarus

    • Revelation Online

Other Games I Put Too Much Time Into:

  • League of Legends (Main Role Top lane: My 3 most played champs in order are Renekton, Pre-rework Swain, and Olaf.)

  • CIV 5

  • Pokemon Franchise (All 8 Gens)

  • Super Smash Bros. (GameCube and Switch)

  • Advance Wars Franchise (1, 2, Dual Strike, and Days of Ruin)

  • Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 (The ones by Pandemic, not EA)

  • Star Wars Republic Commando


Voice-Chat services:

  • I Prefer Discord, but in the past I have used Vent, Skype, Teamspeak, Twitch, and WebEx.

  • I am more than willing to download whatever service the guild is using.

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Found a guild
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  • Region NA West Coast
  • Atmosphere:  looking for a relaxed group to play with do some pvp and some crafting and just have some fun
  • Casual/Hardcore: i prefer a more casual experience but I am down for whatever I have played at the top tier of pvp in other games when i was younger but now i just want to relax and have a good time 
  • Size:  Small to medium, i would like it large enough that we don't struggle to have people to play with but small enough that we can all get to know one another
  • Play Style:  I  usually play melee or heals and will most likely be playing a little bit of everything 
  • Commitment:  i have 4-5 hours monday-thursday that i play when i get off work


i have played most mmo's that have came and gone to market, 


  • played sin, jug, mara, and pt played hours and hours of pvp and pve


  • I was glad, and HoH when i cared about ranking and pushed
  • main classes were Rsham, WW, Ret, Arms


  • played thief/warrior mostly spent a majority of my time in the bg ques  but i did some wvwvw from time to time






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Recruitment done, thanks to the person who started this thread.


Guild criteria:

  • Region: France, EU
  • Atmosphere: Mature. I'm in my 30's so I generally prefer groups where most people are around 25+
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I consider myself hardcore and generally strive to be among the best players of any pvp game I decide to pick up, that said I have occasionally run into guilds with an  excessive (and entirely unnecessary) definition of hardcore. I guess I'm looking for a group of people who understand that playing to win and having fun aren't mutually exclusive.
  • Size: I've been part of both 20 man guilds that could eat Zergs twice or 3 times their size in numbers and 200+ member mega guilds that dominated entire servers. Both are fun in their own way. That is to say I don't really care about the size of the guild, It's mostly the quality of the group that matters to me.
  • Play-Style:  I've played enough MMO's that I've done all the classic roles by now except healer. I played Warhammer Online, Albion Online and Guild Wars 2 so I'm used to large group combat in many different roles and styles. I'll try a few different builds and see depending on both what the group needs and what I find fun in Crowfall. I think I will try to build a burst mdps for small gank squad roams, and a tank or ranged aoe character for sieges and large scale fights. Maybe I'll even try healer, no promises though.
  • Commitment: Well it's my go to game for now. How long that will last depends on how it evolves and what else comes out. That said this sort of open PvP formula is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time and is a good chance it's going to become my main MMO for years to come.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm a min/maxer who spends as much time writing game data in excel files as I do actually playing the game. Did you know it takes 310 days to max out all the skill trees?


  • Warhammer Online: tank main min maxed for defense and cc, fond memories of only being able to kill people by knocking them off cliffs and many a long hour spent manning the 4 man battering ram all alone while every dps on the ennemy side and every healer on my side played tug of war with my hp bar.
  • Albion Online: Moslty ganking and skirmishes as a mdps. The open full loot PvP was great but the gameplay was trash in that game.
  • Guild wars: Tried different styles of characters, mostly different flavors of ranged dps.
  • Atlas: Was in one of the largest and strongest Atlas Guilds on the EU server. Lots of very large scale PvP with group organisational challenges, careful planning, and logistical chains spanning several hours of travel time. All great fun. Crowfall is looking to be a little less complicated in terms of logistics and organisation though so maybe not too relevant.
  • Rust: well it's an fps, but roaming the countryside looking for unsuspecting victims to murder and loot seems pretty relevant to this game. Running around in gank squads is one of my favorite things.
  • Worlds Adrift, on the PvP server exclusively if you know what I'm saying. Pure unrestricted winner takes all PvP. The most bountiful salt mine a pvper could ask for, and one I could never dig too greedily and too deep into.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord
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