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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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Looking for a guild to grow with

  • Region:  US East
  • Atmosphere:  Mature, Drama free, Helpful
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Casually Hardcore
  • Size:  Doesn't Matter
  • Play Style:  Down for whatever
  • Commitment:  Will likely be on daily for a few hours
  • Role:  Typically play as a hybrid class in most mmos but open to whatever
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Central time
  • Atmosphere: Mature, friendly, extremely hard to offend with politically incorrect chatter
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual for now. I don't know how much I'm going to like the game
  • Size: Big enough that I don't have to solo
  • Play-Style: DPS. Most interested in DPS Druid or Duelist
  • Commitment: Plenty of time until 8/23. A few hours after 5pm central weeknights after that. More on weekends.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm a total noob to Crowfall and need someone to teach me what it's all about


  • Been playing MMOs since the EQ Kunark era. I played EQ and P99 for years. Spent about 6 months in Shadowbane and DAOC back in the day. Have dipped my toes in plenty of other MMOs but nothing grabbed me the way the others I listed did. Haven't played MMOs seriously in about 6 years. I led the 11th Hour guild in Shadowbane but have been a solo guy throughout most of my MMO career.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord
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Looking for Guild

  • Region:  EU
  • Atmosphere:  Fun, committed but not too serious.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Not too hardcore, but may progress to more hardcore in the future
  • Size:  Isn’t everything.
  • Commitment:  Willing to commit to events, so long as real life doesn’t interfere. Also enjoy assisting new players.
  • Role:  Usually play Support/Heal classes, but happy to dabble with DPS. I also enjoy the gathering and crafting side of MMOs



  • Star War Galaxies (Pre CU Jedi)
  • EVE Online (Black Ops)
  • EQ2 (Hardcore Raider)
  • SWTOR (Casual Raider)
  • The Secret World (Casual).

Guild found, thanks for the mails.

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Looking for a guild but mostly looking for fun.

Region: US Central time
Atmosphere: I'm getting up there in age lol. I can be mature but who the hell wants to act their age?
Casual/Hardcore: I will be a hardcore player until my SO complains about me spending to much time on Crowfall
Size: Preferably medium to large. 
Play-Style: Crafting. I like participating in pvp and would love to go on sieges but I am a crafter/harvester at heart 
Commitment: Most of my availability will be between 6am and 3pm cst.  I plan on playing as much as I can but don't tell my employer
Experience: Lot's, I am old remember?  


2015 -2017 - Albion Online:

Guild Lead Crafter Officer and Crafting Coordinator for Wild West formally known as The Corporation: I decided who did what and who got what. AO was a crafting heavy game and it was a lot of fun but a lot of custard work.


2012 - Current - PlanteSide 2

No guild affiliation 


2012 - 2013 - Fallen Earth

No guild affiliation


2012 - 2013 - Darkfall

Peasant in Hyperion 


2004 - 2006 - World of Warcraft

No guild affiliation

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  • Region USA (CST)
  • Atmosphere:  Mature players 18+
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Casual for now, because I really don't know the difference in this game.  
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • Play Style: I love crafting and support classes.  I would gladly work within a guild as a crafter. 
  • Commitment:  If I find a good guild, I will play quite often
  • Miscellaneous:  I am brand new to Crowfall.  


  • Eve Online
  • World of Warcraft (From Beta till about 2012 non stop)
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Black Desert Online
  • Planetside/Planetside 2
  • Everquest 
  • Ultima Online

Voice-Chat services:

  • Whatever is needed
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Pacific (although I tend to be on late/early as well - thanks Covid!)
  • Atmosphere: Mature, Respectful, Not SRSBUSINESS (at least... not all the time).
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual - while I certainly can play hardcore hours, I have not spent much time in PvP as of the past year or two
  • Size: Medium/Large - helps finding groups.
  • Play-Style: DPS - but I do also have a Crusader leveled up; looking to contribute to the new campaign or farm infected.
  • Commitment: Unstructured; I will be around (likely a lot...) but not looking for hard time requirements.
  • Miscellaneous:  Lvl 3os available (just got in with this beta wave) - Pitfighter, Titan, Crusader, Archer, Vindicator, Archmage; in various levels of gearing.


Who Am I: Rational grown-up with a good sense of humor looking for a comfortable guild to get some testing done.

  • Been playing MMOs since UO; I *loved* Shadowbane and when I heard there was going to be a modern version(ish) - had to check it out!
  • In the (long) intervening years, lots of other MMOs, RPGs, and the occasional FPS.  Turn Based strategy to get my mind exercised as well.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord
  • Your choice
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On 9/19/2015 at 8:38 PM, gizmaul said:

Please Read Before Posting

If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in anticipation of Crowfall, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so interested guilds may contact you. There are no specific rules about what you should include, however, the more accurately you describe yourself as a gamer, the better chance a guild with similar interests has of finding you.
Players: if you successfully find a guild, please edit your original post to indicate that you are no longer LFG. Otherwise you will likely continue receiving PMs.
Guild Leaders: Do not advertise your guild in this thread. If you see individuals who are LFG that you are interested in recruiting, please contact them through private message. This thread is for un-guilded players.
→Example of things you might want to include: Class, Focus, Time Zone, Play Style, Prior Experience, Early access availability(Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT), and of course what your looking for in a guild and what you can bring to the guild.





Leia antes de Postar.

Se você é um jogador sem guilda que está à procura de uma guild ativa para participar na expectativa do Crowfall, então, utilize este tópico de discussão para falar um pouco sobre si mesmo, dessa forma guildas interessadas poderão entrar em contato com você. Não há regras específicas sobre o que você deve incluir, no entanto, quanto mais precisamente você se descreve como um jogador, melhor será a chance de uma guilda com interesses semelhantes encontrá-lo.

→ Jogadores: se você encontrar com êxito uma guilda, por favor edite o seu post original para indicar que já não são LFG (Procurando por uma guilda). Caso contrário, você provavelmente vai continuar recebendo PMs.

→ Guild Líderes: Não anuncie sua guilda neste tópico. Se você ver pessoas que estão LFG que você está interessado em recrutar, entre em contato com eles através de mensagem privada. Esta discussão é para jogadores sem guilda.

→ Exemplo de coisas que você pode querer incluir: Classe, Foco, Fuso Horário, Estilo de Jogo, a experiências anteriores, disponibilidade de acesso antecipada (Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT), e, claro, o que você está procurando em uma guilda e o que você pode trazer para a aliança


Si vos sos un jugador sin guild que buscar una guild activa para participar en expectacion de CrowFall , por favor usa este topico para postar un poco sobre tu , y asi guild interesadas pueden contactar con usted . No hay ninguna regla especifica sobre lo que tenes que incluir , pero , lo mas precisamente se describe uno mismo como un jugador , la mejor possiblidad que una guild con el mismo interest te va a encontrar .

→ Jugadores: Si pudistes conseguir una guild , por favor edita tu post original para indicar que vos ya no buscas mas una guild. Sino casi seguro que todavia te mandaran mensajes privados.

→ Lideres de Guild: No anuncien tu guild en este topico. Si vos ves un individual que busca guild que esta interesado en reclutar , por favor contacte a ellos por el mensaje privado. Este topico es para jugadores sin guild.

→ Ejemplos de cosas que pueden implicar: Classes , Foco , Tiempo de Zona , Estilo de juego, Experiencia Anteriora, Acceso anterior avilidado ( Beta 3.2.1, Alpha , IT) , y ovia mente que es lo que estas buscando en una guild y que es lo que podes traer a esa guild.



Przeczytaj zanim dodasz posta!

Jeżeli jeszcze nie posiadasz a chcesz dołączyć do aktywnej gildii w crowfall, użyj proszę tego tematu, aby napisać troszkę o sobie, aby zainteresowane gildie mogły się z Tobą skontaktować. Nie ma sprecyzowanych zasad do tego co powinieneś o sobie napisać, ale im więcej informacji zamieścisz, tym większa szansa na kontakt z gildii z podobnymi do twoich zainteresowaniami.

-> Gracze: Jeśli udało wam się odnaleźć gildię, wyedytujcie swój post, że już jej nie szukacie. Innaczej dalej będziecie dostawać wiadomości prywatne.

-> Liderzy gildii: Nie reklamujcie tutaj swoich gildii. Jeśli widzicie kogoś kto szuka gildii i jesteście zainteresowani jego rekrutacją, skontaktujcie się z nim przez wiadomość prywatną. Ten temat ma pomóc samotnym graczom odnaleźć gildie.

-> Przykład tego co warto napisać o sobie: klasę, główne cele w grze, strefa czasowa, wcześniejsze doświadczenie, dostępność do zamkniętych testów ( alfa, beta, 1,2,3 ) oraz oczywiście czego oczekujesz od gildii i co możesz jej zaoferować.


Perfavore leggete prima di postare.

Se siete un giocatore in cerca di una gilda attiva su Crowfall, potete usare questo thread per descrivere la vostra persona, così che eventuali gilde interessate possano contattarvi. Non ci sono regole specifiche, ma migliore sarà il vostro post più alta sarà la possibilità che una gilda con simili interessi ai vostri possa essere interessata.

--> Giocatori: Se trovate una gilda in seguito alla scrittura del post, siete pregati di editare il vostro post iniziale. Altrimenti continuerete a ricevere PM, probabilmente.

--> Guild Leaders: Non fate pubblicità alla vostra gilda in questo thread. Se siete interessati a qualche giocatore, mandagli un messaggio privato, non scrivete qui.

--> Esempi di cose che potreste includere: classe, interessi, time zone, tipo di gioco, esperienze passate, accesso ad alpha/beta, ed ovviamente cosa cercate in una gilda e perché dovrebbe arruolarvi.



Veuillez lire avant de poster. Si vous êtes un joueur n’appartenant à aucune guilde et que vous en cherchez une à rejoindre dans l’attente de Crowfall, veuillez utiliser cette section afin de parler un peu de vous. Ceci a pour but que des guildes intéressées vous contactent. Il n’y a pas de règles spécifiques sur ce que vous devez dire, cependant, plus votre post sera détaillé sur qui vous êtes (en tant que joueur) et ce que vous recherchez, meilleures seront vos chances qu’une guilde vous correspondant s’intéresse à vous.

—> Joueurs: si vous trouvez une guilde, je vous prie de bien vouloir éditer votre poste’indiquer que vous n’êtes plus à la recherche d’une guilde. Sinon, vous courrez le risque de recevoir des offres après votre enrôlement.

—> Chefs de guildes: cette section n’est pas destinée à la pub des guildes! Si vous voyez des individus que vous souhaitez recruter, contacté les via message privé. Cette section est pour ceux à la recherche d’une guilde.

—> Exemples de choses que vous pourriez inclure : Classe, préférences (pvp/pve), zone horaire, style de jeu, expérience précédente, à quelle earlye access avez-vous accès. Et bien sure, ce que vous cherchez chez une guilde et ce que vous pouvez y apporter.



Bitte lesen bevor ihr etwas postet:

Wenn ihr als gildenlose Spieler eine aktive Crowfall Gilde sucht, nutzt bitte diesen Thread und schreibt etwas über euch, sodass interessierte Gilden euch kontaktieren können. Es gibt keine festen Regeln was ihr über euch sagen solltet, doch je genauer ihr euch als Spieler beschreibt, um so besser stehen die Chancen, dass eine Gilde euch findet die auch wirklich zu euch passt.

-> Spieler: Wenn ihr erfolgreich eine Gilde gefunden habt, so editiert bitte euren Post um zu zeigen, dass ihr nicht länger auf der Suche nach einer Gilde seid. Ansonsten kann es passieren dass ihr weiter PMs bekommt.

-> Gildenführer: Bitte werbt nicht für eure Gilde in diesem Thread. Wenn ihr hier Spieler seht, die ihr zu rekrutieren wünscht, so kontaktiert sie per PM. Dieser Thread ist nur für gildenlose Spieler.

-> Angaben, die ihr in eurer Beschreibung eventuell einfügen wollt: Klasse, Fokus, Zeitzone, Spielstil, vorhergehende Erfahrungen, Early-Access-Möglichkeit (Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT) und natürlich was ihr von einer Gilde erwartet und was ihr zu bieten habt.

Hey I’m looking for a guild I’m a person with lots of time on my hand big gamer and been following the game for quiet a few years now but still fresh but learning quickly

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Looking for a guild as campaign is very team-dependent.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Central Time
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, 18+, and active player base preferred. 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual.
  • Size: Prefer mid to large size to aid in ease of group building.
  • Play-Style: Generally DPS but have experience playing others.
  • Commitment: Just looking to put a few hours in after work and more time on the weekends.


  • I have been playing various MMO's since UO.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: US East Coast
  • Atmosphere:  Active, Competitive, Mature
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Idk how to play mmo's casually unfortunately
  • Play-Style: Diverse. Dual accounts for combat/crafting
  • Commitment: Whatever the guild puts in you will get 200% back from me.


Testing CF since early 2018


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CF seems interesting, the group of people that I currently game with doesn't have enough interest in testing at this stage.

I've made a couple toons and lvled to 30, figured out the basics of harvesting/crafting, but obviously most of the real gameplay is locked behind grp content.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Pacific Time, but game at odd and inconsistent hours
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and active player base. Mature and non-toxic.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Is there such a  thing as a min-maxing casual? Hard-core implies too much of a time commitment fora  game this early.
  • Size: Mid to large, non-zerg (not sure if zerg guilds are a thing in CF)
  • Play-Style: Healing/crafting
  • Commitment: As much as is fun? 


  • Lots of MMOs, 10+ years on and off.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord.
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LFG - Player Information

  • Region: Currently located in Vienna, Austria, but I'm from California and have no real preference on guild time zone.
  • Playstyle / Role: I've been playing ranged (Ranger & Duelist). but I'm a healer by nature. Just no one to heal currently.
  • Casual or Hardcore?: Difficult to tell at the moment; I'm very new to the game.
  • Availability: Playing most evenings and weekends currently.
  • Experience: A myriad of MMO's and frequently involved in the competitive scene.
  • Guild Preferences: Looking for a group to join up with (large or small) and run coop content frequently. Large scale pvp looks entertaining. Albeit, riddled with technical issues.

Personal Note: I'm an older professional in the tech industry. Chill guy and not a sperg.

EDIT - I'm currently on the Moon Faction in Enuelyn. That would be ideal unless there's a way to swap.

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  • Region North America (Central)
  • Atmosphere: laid back 
  • Casual/Hardcore:  casual or hardcore are both good
  • Play Style:  melee or ranged
  • Commitment:   few days a week 2-3
  • Miscellaneous:  im old as dirt over 50.lol

Experience: played wow for 12 years, played starwars galaxies from inception until shutdown.  Have played multiple other games

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Looking for a guild to enjoy what my Beta invitation has to offer. 


Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Eastern Time, Game consistently in the evenings
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and active player base. Mature. Anything Really. 
  • Size: No preference 
  • Play-Style: Damage/healing
  • Commitment: Just the current Beta 


  • Lots of MMOs, 10+ years on and off.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord.
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Region: US West
Atmosphere: Organized
Casual/Hardcore: I'm competitive whenever I play whatever I play. 
Size: I'm open to whatever size, I just want some consistency in the players involved.
Play-Style: All I know for now is that I have a large preference towards casters, and in particular I saw that the necromancy tree is up in the crafting section so that's where I'll be. 
Commitment: I control my own schedule, so it really depends on how interesting the game is for how much time I'll be willing to invest.
Experience: I've played and beta-tested WoW, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, and Star Wars The Old Republic. Additionally I've dabbled around in a variety of others like Eve online and the like. Currently I'm burning some time away in Classic WoW but I don't see myself continuing to play after the end of Naxx. 

I'm totally new to this, and haven't looked deeply into the systems but based on everything I've read so far guild interaction is incredibly important. Having some help getting started and being able to find a niche I can fit into would be appreciated.

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No longer looking.

  • Region: Eastern NA
  • Atmosphere: Mature / chill
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Super casual
  • Size: No pref.
  • Play-Style: I'm flexible.
  • Commitment: Probably not great.  Weekender. 

I know, what a pitch, right?  Just looking to have some fun and see where this goes. 

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I think I found a home. Maybe
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*no longer looking*

My friend and i are looking for a guild.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: US Pacific time zone
  • Atmosphere:   friendly, mature
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual for now, we're exploring the game.
  • Size: Any for now, we're not sure what we want.
  • Play-Style: I enjoy all the different roles and my friend mostly likes crafting.
  • Commitment: 2 hours/ day
  • Miscellaneous:   we're both 35 and have been friends since high school, however... learning everyday about Crowfall.


I've played shadowbane (kikochu - SDGoonz) i believe "deception" server? I forget it's been so long however that's why i'm back which is SB... is still the best MMO i have ever played. So i've been keeping an eye on CF and now hoping to get back into it.


I did lead SDGoonz back in the day and understand communication, teamwork and positive mindset.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord
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Name: MeinKampfyCouch

Class: Doesn't matter since you can level an alt in 4 hours

Playstyle: I'm interested in crafting, I haven't chosen my main professions yet so I can be flexible to what the guild needs. Honestly I just want to understand the crafting of this game better and interact with like minded individuals

Timezone: MST 

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