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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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Found a guild! Thank you


Guild Criteria:

  • Region: NA (MST)
  • Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature, committed community willing to progress throughout the game and driven to achieve success.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Middle of the road
  • Size:  close-knit small to midsized 
  • Play-Style:  Prefer light skirmish or healer types.
  • Commitment:  Wanting to main this game and be on daily 
  • Miscellaneous:  I do have a wife and kids so prefer the climate to lean towards family friendly as you just do not know what your kids are going to hear and pick up.


  • EQ: I played this extensively as a preteen. This was my first mmo until daoc released. Was a cleric the entire time 
  • World of Warcraft:  played on and off. Only competitively during mists as a monk healer.
  • SWtOR:  played this a bit. Mostly as a marauder.
  • Dark Age of Camelot:  I was hardcore into this game for most of my young adult life. Still play it every now and then. Mained a banshee and ranger.
  • Warhammer: played till it shut down. Main was a warrior priest healer.


Voice-Chat Services:  I've used TeamSpeak and Ventrillo

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Please Read Before Posting   If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in anticipation of Crowfall, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so int

I am looking for a guild. I took part in this past weekends test and even though I was bouncing around from 32-1500ms ping, after 3 consecutive wins with the same dudes, I can tell I am going to be a

Howdy. I've been delaying posting, hoping to get a better feel for what I'm looking for as more of the game is revealed / announced.   Guild criteria: Region: US East (though I ha

Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US EST
  • Atmosphere: I am in search of a like minded, 30s+ guild that understand life comes first, but still wants to be a bit competitive.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Not so hardcore, but not quite casual.
  • Size:  I am a crafter first, second, and third.  I want to be able to supply people, but I want a need to supply people.  Medium sized at least is what I'd like. 
  • Play-Style:  Crafter and Harvester.  Sometimes I like some action as a healer.
  • Commitment:  I am very excited to play this game.  It's the first MMO since SWG that I've been blown away by the crafting.  I expect to spend most of my gaming time on this game.


  • SWGThis was my first MMO that I dove head first into.  I was in high school when it released and started to understand MMOs a bit more.  I fell in love with the crafting and it the logistics behind it.  It actually spurred me into my career choice.
  • World of Warcraft I unfortunately have played every expansion.  Stuck on the treadmill.  It's an MMO that is polished and I'll always at least level a character to the next max level and do a tiny bit of raiding.
  • EVE: I don't wanna talk about it.
  • If it's an MMO I've played it.  

Voice-Chat Services: Yes.'

Discord: ken#7701

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Found a guild - thanks.

Hail, potential future guildmates! Drakhar here, I purchased the beta pack about a week ago, trying to get my head around a lot of the mechanics. I've leveled 4 vessels to 30 so far (Ranger/Druid/Templar/Duelist) in God's Reach to try to get a feel for the game, but wanted to make sure I guild up before venturing into PvP based on what I've seen/read. 

Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US East
  • Atmosphere: Looking for relatively mature group that has a competitive mindset (it is a PvP game, after all) and is looking to make their mark
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Hardcore/Semi-hardcore.
  • Size:  mid to large
  • Play-Style:  yet to be seen, and depends on the needs of the guild. I'm an altoholic and the "vessel" design seems to support the idea of not maining a particular class. Focused on DPS/control in my first playthroughs, but I'm intrigued by the crafting system as well and having crafting-focused characters.
  • Commitment:  Playing daily, primarily (and consistently) in the afternoon-evening prime time, but occasionally able to put some hours in during the day.
  • Miscellaneous:  Interested in learning as much as I can about the game and PvP meta. I'm a min/maxer (definitely planning to re-roll) and am happy to get into/participate in theorycrafting.

Experience: Dabbled in various MMOs over the years starting with UO around 1998, but here are the big ones:

  • EQ: vanilla - LDoN, Paladin and Necromancer mains, raided seriously until Velious.
  • WoW:  BC - MoP, came back for part of Legion. Raided seriously late BC - Cata. Mostly world/BG PvP but some arena in Legion. Played classic and raided before BWL dropped. Warlock and Druid mains.
  • GW1: played every game mode (PvE and PvP) through all xpacs. Played every class. 
  • GW2: vanilla mostly but came back briefly for HoT and PoF. Spent a lot of time PvPing in WvW (JQ), less in structured. Necromancer main but played every class.
  • PS2: I know -- one is not like the others, but getting at least some of my MMO fix currently. Played on my guild's competitive team in the new tournament system (gold match).
  • New World: reached level 60 in the preview event without using the patrol exploit. Safe to say I tried out all aspects of the game, but PvP scene left something to be desired, both world and territory battles. 

Voice-Chat Services:  Whatever you need.

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Found a guild thank you


Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US CST
  • Atmosphere: As long as the guild isn't a bunch of children i'm good
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Want to win fights but not take over the world
  • Size:  mid to large
  • Play-Style:  I enjoy playing any role
  • Commitment:  I would play daily, cant promise timeframes will always be met, sun-thurs i end it at 9pm, wake up pretty early for work
  • Miscellaneous: Don't really have a main yet, open to suggestion, have a conqueror leveled to 30 so far, wouldn't mind rolling characters for spec groups


  • WoW:  Been playing on and off since release
  • GW2: Little WvW, good amount of the mists
  • Shadowbane: Played it from release until it was taken down with a few breaks in between, Messed around on shadowbane emulator but never got too involved

Voice-Chat Services:  Whatever is used, currently don't have a mic

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My 2 friends and I are looking for an active and multi purpose guild. If you are a that guild focuses on pvp, don’t worry about it, and send us a message! 

The three of us have a significant amount of experience in MMOs (10+ years?) and gaming in general. We are all active gamers who are pretty laid back and easy to get along with. Our class focus is everywhere. I think our preferences are about winning, not classes. If a choice was presented then 1 healer and 2 dps. 

If you’ve made it this far into the post then I’d like to say that we will seriously consider and reply to any any guild that reaches out to us for membership, we look forward to speaking with you!  

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Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US MST
  • Atmosphere: Prefer relaxed- somewhat family friendly as alot of times I have my kids around
  • Casual/Hardcore: Middle of the road here love to game but work/family come first
  • Size:  mid to large
  • Play-Style: I enjoy all kinds of things and this seems to be similar to the way things were in shadowbane can make lots of alts and try everything- can help with whats needed
  • Commitment: I work nights so my playtimes can be off from the norm for NA except on my days off Fridays and Saturdays
  • Miscellaneous: so far I just got my druid to 30 really just getting into the game and trying things out.


  • Shadowbane- was my first MMO cant remember exactly when I started but the game had been going for a while when I started played till it ended though later I also played around in some emulators
  • Darkfall- Joined up in Darkfall after shadowbane had ended played on and off till it closed.
  • Lord of the rings online- Played this on and off inbetween shadowbane and Darkfall

Voice-Chat Services-  Willing to use whatever the guild is using though I do like Discord.

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Found guild -- thanks for the response

Guild Criteria

  • Region: NA - US - Pacific Time
  • Atmosphere: I am in search of a like-minded, 30s+ guild that understand life comes first and kicking ass is a close second!
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Former hardcore PvPer, but more casual now
  • Size:  mid to large
  • Play-Style:  Melee support is my preference -- being in the thick of it and getting the team to a win
  • Commitment:  I'm financially committed to this game (kickstarter & investor) and been watching it closely over the years, playing test and live off and on while it develops, but just waiting for a real launch (or whatever that is these days)

Many over the years, from Asheron's Call through current AAA releases, but usually with a focus on PvP.  Some of note:

  • SWG: Loved this one for the community and the economy
  • WoWI played this for a few years -- vanilla through a couple expansions, but got burnt out on the old PvP ranking system (made it to rank 11 or top 1.4% of players)
  • Warhammer Age of Reckoning: This was a blast for PvP and interesting mix of classes
  • Guild Wars 2: Still having a decent time in this, with my non-meta build can still consistently hit platinum league

Voice-Chat Services: Discord, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.

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Guild Found, thank you


Guild Criteria:

  • Region: NA (Eastern)
  • Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature, knowledgeable guild, none of the silly real world political rants please.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Hardcore is my standard but I could chill a bit.
  • Size:  Mid to Large
  • Play-Style:  Normally ranged damage, 
  • Commitment:  I am really hoping this works out so I can play every day. 
  • Miscellaneous:  I would really like a guild that can practice microphone discipline during battles, they are a lot less chaotic without everyone yelling all the time.  I know its a game, but sometimes, folks gotta know when to shut up (during battles of course. the rest of the time, talk as you like)



Wow:  Hardcore raider for 3 years

GW2:  Minimal PVP on this one

SWTOR: Great story line, no interest in PVP on this one.

BDO:  Top Siege guild, constantly fighting for regions and zones 3+ times a week for over a year.


Voice-Chat Services:  I've used TeamSpeak and Ventrillo and Discord

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Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US East
  • Atmosphere: I'd like a guild with mature players (no edgelord bs) and a laid-back, friendly vibe
  • Casual/Hardcore:  I wish I had the time to be truly hardcore, but I'm playing casually
  • Size:  Any size, but active.
  • Play-Style:  I love PvP, and typically I play as a DPS or CC class.  Currently have a Druid and Duelist at 30, but I'm sure I'll reroll a few times as I figure out what works.
  • Commitment:  I'll be able to play 4-5 days a week on average. Not afraid to play all day on the weekends.
  • Miscellaneous:  My wife and I play together most nights, so we're a package deal. She loves crafting and PvP, and usually plays healer classes.

Experience: I've tried a ton of games.  Here are the highlights:

  • GW1: My first "MMO." Played a Warrior, and really had no idea what I was doing but it was fun!
  • Vanguard: My favorite MMO of all time. My main was a Psionicist, and I won the BotB Tournament.
  • Age of Conan: Played hardcore from launch through T2 raids on a HoX.
  • WoW:  Lock, Mage, Druid. WotLK was my favorite expansion. Also played Classic and some private servers.
  • Rift: Inquisitor main, during Storm Legion. One of the best all-around MMORPGs I've played.
  • ESO: Mained a Sorc on Xbox, but leveled every class to the cap. Over 3,000 hours played across all characters, mostly in PvP.

Voice-Chat Services:  I have Discord installed, can download TS or Vent or whatever I need.

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Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US East
  • Atmosphere: I'd like a guild with mature players ,friendly vibe
  • Casual/Hardcore:  I was a hardcore player until i got my baby and need to earn money. so im casual
  • Size:  Any size, but active.
  • Play-Style:  I love PvP, and typically I play as a DPS or tank class.  Currently have a secutor at 30, 
  • Commitment:  I'll be able to play 4-6 days a week on average. i always play 3-5hrs depends on my work schedule
  • Miscellaneous:  i just started playing again, coz of covid and i have free time.


  • Ragnarok Online: My first "MMO." Played and i played it for like 10years, support and tank.
  • Ran online: i played as a support.
  • RF online: Played tank
  • Eternal Magic: i played for a bit as a mage.

Voice-Chat Services:  I have Discord installed, and i can download anything aslong as its free.

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Current: Templar Fury lvl 30 preferred main still looking for guild!

Alot of what I have specified is "ideal" but I'll just be happy with a few things met.

---I'm looking for a guild that has some people who used to play.. or maybe still do, Atlantica Online. I haven't played in a long time, but it would be fun to run into others who played it or maybe we played together. I was on Delphi Server. Other than that though.....

So, I'm as far as I can get being a solo player right now so I am looking for a good guild.

I would prefer a guild that is Moon. Preferably worshipers of Illara. Also I would consider Sun worshipers.

Just looking for something pretty active with a good EK with shops and a slot for me to set up shop in there as well.

-Not totally helpless (not gunna lie though, I don't know what all the gear slots are for yet)

-I'm Pacific Standard Time (except I rarely am alive during daytime)

- I love Pvp, but I haven't done in CF yet.

- Yes I do have some years of experience playing MORPG.

Playing style : Not really hardcore or anything. Right now I am completely addicted to CF and probably will be for the next couple of years.  I usually play a few hours daily. 2-10 😮 I like raids and stuff that involves cooperating with other players. I have never liked crafting, but this game has me excited about it. I would love to learn more about it from someone advanced.

Games I have played alot: Atlantica Online, Blade and Soul in Korean and then in English and I've also played alot of Hearthstone. Lots of Indie games as well. Final Fantasy VII, VIII. I didn't grow up as much of a gamer... country folk and stuff. (My parents at our family home JUST got real flippin internet 2 months ago. Prior to that only dial up was available.... Sad childhood man... 😝)


Still I haven't played my other classes yet. Just maxing out my Templar. Just now starting some monster slaying in The infected. I will be a permanent player very soon.  I'd really love some help getting up to speed on more of the game features and also the stuff I either haven't been able to figure out or haven't bothered trying to figure out yet. d

- I use Discord


Cant wait to hear from you!

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Guild Criteria:

  • Region: US East hopefully, but Europeans sound funny, so I could do that. Australians can go burn.
  • Atmosphere: Must have a sense of humor. Not looking for something super serious.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Probably leaning towards something more casual. FWB preferable. But if the right one comes along I'm willing to go long term
  • Size:  No fatties. Unless you got the assets to match.
  • Play-Style: Usually I'm into the PvP, but may want to try some crafting. I like defensive builds, but I really enjoy being in a team atmosphere, you know tactics and direction and all that.
  • Commitment:  I really don't know. I guess it comes down to how interested I am. I just started the beta, and it seems fun so far. I have a few hours each night, and I usually have a decent amount of free time on the weekends, so could realistically play 20 hours a week.
  • Miscellaneous: Like I said I just started, and I'm lonely, so lonely.


  • Shadowbane: My first "MMO." I mean this seems like the Empire Strikes Back of Shadowbane
  • Darkfall: Was in leadership in a sub-guild of Society of the Anvil that was part of Hyperion in the beginning. Was fun, until you realized the cities couldn't be built. The Greeks really lost their way after Rome conquered them.
  • WoW: Played during release, game smells, the people were cool.
  • Star Wars Galaxies: Played in a small rebel guild that just ran around killing imps and pissing people off in Theed. Jedi ruined the game like they ruined the old republic. Bunch of nerds.

Voice-Chat Services:  I have Discord installed, and my vocal chords work.

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