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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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I have a small group in town that will be looking for the right guild to join.   We have all played since the age of MUDs.  


Our best experiences in games have been highly social groups that have great leaders and are organized well.  We have all traveled across the country to meet guild members and have all found life long friends. (We will bring them too!)


Our core group is a trio of players - a killer, a master crafter, and a healer.  We're all kinda old.  We have jobs that get in the way of playing the 18 hours a day that we'd like to play - but we are great team players and very solid.


I'll use the template I found here for our group


Guild criteria:
Region: East coast NA
Atmosphere: mature and inclusive - building up the guild power and team
Casual/Hardcore?: We used to be hardcore, but these old bones have made us step back a few steps.  We like to get it done tho!
Size: Large 
Play-Style: described above - usually see a ranged fighter, a warrior/crafter, a healer
Commitment: We want to be able to play every day, but life could get in the way sometimes.  I expect we will all spend more than 30 hours a week playing.
Experience: We are mostly easy to get along with and provide some backup leadership in games we play.  We know what it takes to run a successful guild, and we know that we dont have the time commitment to do it ourselves.   We want to support the guild and help to make us as powerful and successful and famous as possible.
We have played a LOT of MMOs - favorites:  Dark Age of Camelot (made the most friends here!), EQ2, Warcraft, Asheron's Call
Voice-Chat services: Anything you have, we can get it.  No broken mics here.
We'll see you guys on the 27th as well - looking forward to meeting lots of people!
jeff.foster at gmail / com
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I thought it's about time I found myself a guild, as to get the most out of these test sessions and to give constructive feedback to the developers you need to play as a team (after all CF is a team game).


I'm not looking for a top elite guild that has 500+ members supporting a number of different MMO games but rather a CF specific guild that is just starting out, preferable in an EU time zone.



Region:  Preferable in an EU time zone.

Atmosphere:  Chilled – no drama's..

Casual/Hardcore?: Serious casual; its got to be fun rather than a grind.

Size: Not Large and not multi game.

Play-Style: Bit of everything, crafting, PvP, building etc.

Commitment: RL comes first but if committing to an activity I'll be there. 



My game playing background is in MMOs from the start of GW, WoW and EVE. Other more recent MMO's played  include TERA, RIFT, ESO and GW2.


I've also played many Travian servers, having held a number of guild leader roles including recruitment, diplomacy and attack coord.


Voice-Chat services:

Discord, Team speak, Skype etc. whatever is being used.


PM me if you think I would fit your guild. :)


Edit - Guild Joined  :)

Edited by Count_Dirkoff

Looking for a casual guild ...

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere:Interested in something that is fun, strategic and also looking towards end game / hard core. **!! No drama !!**
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore
  • Size: max 50-60player(prefer small 20 30 ppl guilds )
  • Play-Style: Typically I play DPS or thief/ranger.  
  • Commitment: I have committed to this game.  Donating and looking for the next game to play, this is it.  
  • Miscellaneous: I want to have fun and not have a total dictatorship guild.  Its a game.  I'm here to have fun, play hard and learn.  I have the experience and time to make a difference.


  • Knight Online (3 years )
  • DOTA1
  • DOTA2
  • LOL
  • EQ2 (1 year)
  • GW2 (1 year )
  • Lineage 2 (3 years)
  • Tera (2 years )
  • Archeage (4 years )
  • Aion (1 year )
  • Stronghold kingdoms (7 years Strategy Castle Game)


Edit - Guild Joined   :)

Edited by Chaqaron
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Myself and several friends are looking for a community that will have a strong presence in both CF and Star citizen.  These are the two games we are looking to spend all of our free time in and we would love to be able to do that in one community.  If anyone know or any guilds/communities like this could you plz point me in their direction, thanx for your time.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: Europe
  • Atmosphere: Mature, fun and some times serious when its called for
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Same as far it goes in line with my real life
  • Size:Medium or small
  • Play-Style: More off a dps, sneaky or support guy
  • Commitment: This game has my full attention atthe moment.
  • Miscellaneous: Love to join a guild that wants to go 110% for fun and wins :P. Although you won't if u don't have me in it.


+10 years at least for mmo's


Voice-Chat services:


Dont got any atm, but always ready to download, although im more a listener the talker


If there's anything else you'd like to ask me before recruiting, just send me a PM and I'll answer.


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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA (EST time zone)
  • Atmosphere: Focused on guild goals but having fun too
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Either (I will probably be playing 3 or 4 hours a day on weekdays and much more than I would care to admit on weekends.)
  • Size: Preferably less than 100 people
  • Commitment: I plan to play only Crowfall when it releases though I'm playing Overwatch until then. I am a Sapphire backer so I have alpha access. So far, the classes that are the most appealing to me are frostweaver and assassin though I have to see what they will be like of course. I would prefer a guild that is being made solely for Crowfall.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm 26. I work as an NMR chemist. I really love my job (and chemistry/spectroscopy in general). I also love video games and reading. 


  • Wildstar - I played Wildstar from headstart until about 6 months in. It's definitely my all time favorite game. I eventually pretty much just got fed up with Wildstar dying and decided to quit. I completed all of the Genetic Archives raid which I probably consider to be my most impressive gaming accomplishment.
  • Everquest 2 - I played a mystic and templar on Everquest 2 for about two years and then made a wizard on the PvP server when it released and focused on that for about a year. 
  • Conquer Online - I played this mostly in middle school and high school for about three years. I was a water taoist.
  • Runescape - I played Runescape Classic for about two years (I started the game so early that I played when you picked a class at character creation) and then quit about two years into Runescape 2 (what they call old school Runescape now I believe). My most impressive accomplishment was getting 99 smithing on Runescape Classic (when it was still super hard).


Voice-Chat services:

  • Discord (I only want to be in a guild that uses Discord.)

I am very eager to find a guild that I can stick with. I would be happy to discuss my guild criteria further if you contact me by message on the forums here or on Discord (Svalaef#0810).

Edited by svalaef
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU
  • Atmosphere: Crying of laughter while still owning the best, without putting ourselves out there =o
  • Casual/Hardcore?: A thin line between that
  • Size: Small enough to make a big impact on the bigger guys
  • Play-Style: DPS mostly, i always have a backup tank ready. Crafting will be something i have to get used to =D, bring on da PVP
  • Commitment: Loyal to default. If the guild is good, and there is structure im happy.
  • Miscellaneous: Married, and about to have a kid. So time for hardcore gaming is off the table. I used to be a hardcore gamer and its time to let the hardcore players do their thing, while we old schoolers teach them how to do it right! =D. Im looking for a small solid guild, mixed with elitists that dont care about what the bigger guilds do, not to do what the bigger guilds do because the path we walk is better. A guild that gets serious when it needs to and pisses their pants of laughter otherwise. This is what i created out of my guilds in games and is what i am looking for again however this time, i will not lead but i will follow =D


  • A big list of MMO's, quite a few years ago with MMO's caus i was tired of the standard things. Got a kickstarter for Crowfall, and that will be when i start with MMO's again =D
  • Guildleading, raidleading a successfull guild. Led raids in WoW for 3/4 years. SW:TOR raids for a year, Ragnarok Online castle raids for 3 years, etc. etc.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Which ever is needed
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU only (dutch guilds would be great, but english is also welcome)
  • Atmosphere: friendly but in for the win
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Looking for serious guild but not super hardcore, RL will always come first.
  • Size: not sure / don't realy care as long as it is not too small.
  • Play-Style: Still figuring this game out, atm interested in archer, but depending on how the geme develops I might try a healer role (was a lot of fun in ESO) or perhaps even crafter.
  • Commitment: Pretty high, already spent a good amount of money on the game and it has my full attention.
  • Miscellaneous:  I'm not super experienced with guilds, but I did enjoy being in a pretty decent PVP guild on ESO


  • Mostly ESO
  • Flyff
  • Runescape (✝2007ish R.I.P.)
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  • 2 weeks later...

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Atmosphere: Competitive but please no power tripping GMs who use the guild as a place to dump stress on low ranking members. 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore, Im fine with a guild that does both. But if you sign up for something competitive be respectful and dont waste everyone elses time.
  • Size: Medium, but no strong preference on size.
  • Play-Style: I've always been attracted to underplayed classes/roles in games. I like a well balanced team comp so I'll play support/tank roles if no one else is playing them.
  • Commitment: Medium to High. I spend much of my time playing video games outside of work.
  • Miscellaneous: Im a pretty goofy person most of the time, if you want to play with me before you recruit me im down for that.


  • WoW since vanilla, raided with the DKP system and was highly rated in many seasons of arena.
  • Played CS competitively back in the day.
  • Generally a gamer  :D


Voice-Chat services:

  • All the services! I'll be down to use whatever you prefer.
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*Waves happily*


 EDIT: Fiesta and parades, I've been guilded and am really, really optimistic about them. Good luck finding your home all of you un-guilded folks :D



Guild criteria:

  • Region: No preference. I am only free to game between certain hours, whilst I can be available at other times, I have to schedule them.
  • Regular play times: UTC: 9am - 4pm.  EDT: 4am - 11am.  AEST: 7pm - 2am.
  • I'm just looking for active during my play times, and preferably full of folks, I've spent far too long in other games hunting for a guild with folks around to play whilst I'm on. So whilst I'm from the UK, a large American or Aussie guild might be preferable.
  • Atmosphere:
  • Friendly and mature.
  • Casual/Hardcore:
  • Yes. Either.
  • Size:
  • Any, as long as there are always active friendly players about.
  • Play-Style:
  • I'm up for anything, though am preferably looking for an RP guild.
  • I'm rubbish at pvp, however am highly enthusiastic and always willing to act as bait if needed to help the heroes gank the opposition.
  • I'd choose to roll healer if that was an option, so really support.
  • Commitment:
  • Plenty. I'd be playing most days, for hours at a time.
  • I'd be happy to get involved in helping the guild develop or helping out other guild members. I normally end up donating most of my stuff to the guilds I join.
  • Big believer that you get out of a game, what you're willing to put in. Time, resources etc etc.
  • Miscellaneous: 
  • I am a 37 year old disabled woman from the UK, whilst I have multiple-sclerosis, most of my symptoms are brain related.
  • Experience: 
  • A lot of games played on and off. None right now.
  • LOTRO, SWTOR, GW2 (Guilds broke up, friends left, life moves on)
  • WOW, ESO (Never found a place in them / liked them enough to keep me hooked)
  • BDO (Didn't release the class I wanted to play at launch, so after a while gave up and never went back.... maybe I should...)


  • Voice-Chat services:
  • Active voice chat is must for me! It doesn't matter what, I can learn if I have no experience of it.



Happy, enthusiastic, mature woman seeking a large guild role-play friendly guild. 

Edited by Mother_Fable

Ex-Member of :   Lf6MJUL.png  Re-applying soon!


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I've been delaying posting, hoping to get a better feel for what I'm looking for as more of the game is revealed / announced.


Guild criteria:

  • Region: US East (though I have acceptable ping on US West)
  • Atmosphere: Mature / Good sportsmanship / Drama Free. Preferrably the majority of the guild would understand the burden of "adulting". IE - full time job and family. My ideal atmosphere would be a group of people who I would enjoy playing with even after being brutally crushed by them. The type who are more likely to offer sincere advice / friendship rather than gloat after winning. Role playing would be an added bonus though it feels like that will take a back seat in Crowfall (sadly). 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: "Dedicated Casual".
  • Size: Unsure. This would depend on how it was organized. Having a core group of players who I regularly interact with is important. If this is the entire guild, or simply a sub group within the guild is fine by me. I also hope to bring a few real world friends with me.
  • Play-Style: Support role. I plan to be a crafter / harvester. Left to my own devices, I'd play on team balance and simply offer my services out to whoever needed them. That isn't the spirit of crowfall though, crowfall is a game where teamwork matters, so I'll work whatever band my guild requires and specialize on whatever type of goods are most needed.
  • Commitment: Obviously this will vary depending on work, family, and life in general. Currently I expect to log in more or less daily to ensure my skills are properly training. I expect to actively play for around 10 hours a week, split over 2 or 3 nights. In general I am available nightly after 10 PM Eastern. 
  • Miscellaneous: I have a rotating on call schedule at work. Married. Only available at night EST (though I might be able to swing a weekend here and there). I also have a small fort and a large keep to place in an EK somewhere. I'd love to be part of a trading hub. As of Live 5.5 my computer is having trouble handling Crowfall. I will likely need a computer upgrade before I can contribute meaningfully in a fight. 


This is where I get a big red X. 

The bulk of my MMO-like game experience was when MUDs were the new big thing.  Since then I've played mostly single player games or been a solo PVE player.

I do regularly play Secret World Legends but the combat system (and hardware specs) are nothing compared to Crowfall. Really SWL is just a single player game with occasional dungeons that consist of button mashing.  

I would like to find a satisfying social experience.

Voice-Chat services:

I don't have any currently, aside from Skype, but have no issues plugging in a headset. (I'd prefer something that's free, but can shell out a bit of cash if needed.)


I know that's not the most useful post, but its the best I can do at the moment!


Update 10/8/16 1AM

Something urgent (good) came up literally hours after posting.

Unfortunately I have very limited Internet access because of it.

I'll explain in private later to those of you who messaged me.

I apologize for the delay!

Update 4/9/18

Took a rather long Crowfall hiatus and just returned recently. I'm mostly just studying crafting in my EK with occasional jaunts into the campaign worlds to get better resources. 

I figured I should update this post slightly though as I am getting a better idea what I want in a guild and from the game itself.

Edited by ledeir
Updated to better reflect my current situation.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA East Coast
  • Atmosphere: Looking to be a casual "skilled" player in guild and make good friends, prefer minimal or not at all on swearing/dirty jokes.  
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual
  • Size: Medium
  • Play-Style: Semi-hardcore with limited gametime.  I enjoy all aspects of MMORPGS and rarely complain about anything in them
  • Commitment: I don't want to be forced to do minimal posting on a forum or anything but I am online at work and home so I can be available.

I mostly play 6pm to 10pm eastern weekdays, and can be on all day sat/sun if I am not busy. 



  • UO collectors - day 1, for 6 years,EQ, EQ2, SWTOR, Shadowbane, DAoC, WOW, Black Desert Online, any like 30 others since 1997.  

Voice-Chat services: I am familiar with all the major ones and have a good headset


Most recently I was in Afterlifeguild.org playing BDO.  I ended up quiting BDO like most have due to the RNG and recent pay to win stuff.   I am looking to find a guild that fits my play schedule and will chat with me.  I tend to take a while to warm up and so I need a guild that will start up conversations in the beginning... just being honest :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

NA West coast player looking for a guild. I enjoy crafting and support roles in pvp. I also have a lot I can offer a guild's eternal kingdom.

Looking for a pvp guild that knows it needs crafters and support classes. A friendly environment that helps each other out to succeed in campaigns.


I can commit to week nights and week ends. I have a headset and mic. I have a lot of experience playing MMOs and pvp.

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Looking for active heavy PVP guild


Just got in game so i'm brand new buit im a mature 36 year old and been around all the full loot type games


Very loyal just need a home. I am in Perth, Australia so my timezone is +8


Leader of  Harlequin in Darkfall and Mortal Online divisions but we have since died as a guild

Edited by destroyer
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Guild criteria:

  • Region: North America Eastern time zone
  • Atmosphere: Close-knit, laid back, yet mature 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual-ish
  • Size: Prefer smaller but Medium is fine
  • Play-Style: Prefer Melee DPS but found my niche in healer rolls in several MMO's
  • Commitment: 2-3 hours most nights throughout the week

I like to take on responsibility and perform rolls that allow my team/guild to be successfull. Really looking to build the community aspect of the game.



  • Star Wars Galaxies way back when
  • WoW - back to Vanilla days
  • Guild Wars
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic most recently 

Voice-Chat services: Teamspeak or Vent

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Found a Guild quickly! Thank you gizmaul!


There seem to be quite a good choice of good guilds :rolleyes: 


Many thanks to all Guild leaders for your time and interest.



Guild criteria:

  • RegionNorth America (PST preferred)
  • Atmosphere:  Respectful, where people look to help each other, are goal/achievement oriented and like to have fun.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Hardcore
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • Play Style:  Played tanks, healers, DPS, Stealths and ready to play anything the guild needs.
  • Commitment:  Reliable and fully committed to help the guild in its activities.
  • Related Experience:  Since Everquest I have been playing many MMORPG games…

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Edited by Baston


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Looking for a crafting guild. I want to play this game as a crafter, not a PvP'er, so I'm looking fir a guild that is strong enough that we can harvest and craft without being killed every 5 minutes. I don't know very much about the game, only played 4 -5 hours in total, but if I find the right guild I'll probably be online a lot. I'm from Europe and would prefere a guild based there, but it's not a must, the right guild takes presedence.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA (PST preferred)
  • Atmosphere: Competitive but light-hearted
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Lean towards Hardcore
  • Size: Medium to large, preferably. Hard to ask for that when this game is in development still.
  • Play-Style: I've played pretty much every role at various times in my MMO career. I don't have a preference apart from how fluid the class feels. Will want to craft some, but am okay with guilds have dedicated crafters.
  • Commitment: Medium. I have occasional business trips or events that might get in the way.


  • Played MMOs since the EQ/UO days. Games I significantly PVP'd in: GW/GW2, DAoC (lesser amounts), Wildstar
  • Also played a lot of Tribes 1/2, UT through 2K4, some TF2 and currently enjoying Overwatch
  • MOBAs... really only enjoyed HotS and the occasional Dota 2 game.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Prefer Discord, but can use anything.
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