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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA (EST)
  • Atmosphere: Competitive guild with adult lives that understands not everyone can be on every day
  • Casual/Hardcore?: In the middle, as in not too stringent with a specific amount of hours per week, but putting in the work
  • Size: Mid-sized or larger, need enough people with enough different crafting to assist each other
  • Play-Style: Group PvP/Resource Runs/Any Grouped Events, I will be playing Arbiter Cleric at launch
  • Commitment: I do have a family and a wedding coming up, while working 60+ hours a week. SO my time is normally during scheduled events where I can plan ahead.
  • Miscellaneous: Looking for a good group of players that support each other and have a good time. I love helping everyone, but need help at points. (Especially this game with the crafting portion)

Experience: Played MMOs since EQ including (EQ/DAOC/Warhammer Online/WoW/Rift)

Voice-Chat services:  Discord preferred


If your looking for a good player with alot of EXP in mmos that will be healing and capable of consistent target calling in smaller run groups. Let a brotha know.

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Found a Guild
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Coming back to this game after waiting for years, looking for PvP and a group who knows the mechanics of the game.  NA Eastern player.  Have Discord.  Come on July 6th!


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  • Region: NA (CDT)
  • Atmosphere: Laid back but mature
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, with potential to become hardcore. I am going from working remote to back in person soon so my time frame for playing with be a little less until I get back in a schedule
  • Size: I would like a Medium-Large guild that I can be a crafter/harvester since I know I won't be able to commit much time at once starting off
  • Play-Style: I like the idea of being a crafter/harvester. PvP wise I like tanking and love healing, although I am leveling a Minotaur myrmidon titan (love the berserk/rage for solo leveling). I'm also interested in a High-Elf Frostweaver healer or any tank spec.
  • Commitment: I am willing to commit to a guild long term, if they are fine with little contributions often and larger one when I can, most likely weekends maybe some week nights.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm really interested in this game, just bought it today (July 29th) and excited for release! I've never been much of a pvp player outside of League of Legends, but I the feeling of this game brings me ESO pvp vibes which I loved.


  • I've played all different kinds of games, mobas, fps, mmo, rpg, etc
  • WoW I was part of a raid group during BFA, but then we fell apart so I did more solo content or pugs.
  • I have played PVP in ESO and loved the siege mechanics, although dropped the game due to lack of intertest in the overall game.
  • Runescape and Old School Runescape so I don't have an issue with mind numbing grinds.

Voice-Chat services: Willing to try anything, prefer discord.

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Currently not looking



Guild criteria:

  • Region: US - East Coast 
  • Guild Name: hopefully nothing too immature
  • Atmosphere: I am looking for a guild that is going to explore all areas of Crowfall and a guild that is chill and has fun while doing it. I am a old man gamer so looking for a crowd that is not juvenile 
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Time wise I can be hardcore if the people around me have good energy and i like to compete 
  • Size: Obviously a guild that is competitive without people getting lost in the shuffle
  • Play-Style: I am fairly adaptable but tend toward good group synergy roles
  • Commitment: I work full time otherwise I am usually around 5to 6 pm ET until 11 or so and usually a good bit on Saturdays, sometimes during the day if my schedule is light at work
  • Miscellaneous: Defiantly not looking for a super strict guild or one that expects 3am timer calls, work comes before play for me, I've been trying out the warden(melee)  and barbarian for a main,  and looking for a healer alt I don't hate


  • I have played all types of games, I tend towards multiplayer stuff, If I listed them all it would be a long list, I have been playing MMOs since DAoC and Everquest, I have played FPSs since Battlefield, ARPGs since diablo, and have long stints in games like Eve online and have been playing some Albion and Crowfall recently

Voice-Chat services:

  • I am usually on a discord with my friends, have a mic and try not to annoy people with breathing, eating or other strange sounds. I have used mumble, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, in game voice chats and discord
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working with a guild right now
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Shadowbane veteran here looking for guild for self and 3 friends. Need a guild small to mid guild that supports RPK pref one that has leadership from SB or Darkfall. 

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Posted (edited)

***No longer looking, thanks for the replies***

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA (EST Canada)
  • Atmosphere:  Can we just be adults please. I don't have time for drama or jokes at other peoples expense.
  • Casual / Hardcore?: Casual. I have a job and a family. This is supposed to be fun right?
  • Size  : Small enough that everyone at least recognizes everyone's name.
  • Play-Style: I plan to focus on crafting/gathering (necromancy) but I love group events. I'll usually play whatever role is needed most, be it tank, support, heal, DD whatever.
  • Commitment:  I'm on almost every night 8-10 est. 
  • Miscellaneous:  I love creative problem solving and hope we can have the freedom to do interesting things. I really enjoyed EVE online for a while. living in a wormhole with a small group but the pay to win got to be too much for me. I hope this game can provide a similar experience in a Fantasy setting.

Experience:  I've been playing MMO's for over 20 years. lots of other games as well. I'm not usually big on PVP but I think this game will get it right. 

Voice chat services:  I'll use whatever (does anyone not use Discord?) I don't talk much but I can be on whenever its needed.

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Posted (edited)

Update : Guild found, thanks!


Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, US
  • Atmosphere: Looking for a friendly team oriented environment, preferably 24+ in age group. Prefer a guild who actively looks to play together in all aspects of the game.  Will more than likely be bringing in anywhere from 2-4 friends, just not 100% sure yet
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-Hardcore.  Looking to play to win, just not 24/7.
  • Size: Small-Medium sized.  I like to at least recognize the names of everyone I play with, hard to form any sort of cohesion when you don't play with the same person twice
  • Play-Style: Generally support oriented.  Looking to play in the healer/support roles with a side of damage.  Willing to play whatever suits the group most at the end of the day
  • Commitment: Generally available any time between 6pmcst and 12pmcst Monday - Thurs.  Available pretty much any time on Sat-Sun.  Willing to play 4-6 days a week pretty consistently.
  • Miscellaneous: I haven't played much but have followed development from the beginning.  Pretty comfortable leading/calling shots once I've acclimated to the game, equally fine with taking orders.


  • Have raided at more or less the top end of pretty much every MMO to come out since FFXI.  I'm used to going in blind and trying different strats until either my eyes bleed or we are successful.  Sometimes both
  • Generally a big fan of FPS games, especially any with objective based game modes, ala Domination, CTF, or modes like Conquest from BF

Voice-Chat services:

  • I use Discord almost exclusively though that's mostly just the way it's worked out.  Open to any form of voip.  Generally very active in voice when playing.  I 100% believe it's required to have a successful time in pvp.
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