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Graphic Picture (My Style)

cameron redgem

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Well since I gotten time on my hands, I have made one (so far) thanks to some picture that did there work on cutting out the avatar (Topic Link is here)




Another post I'll have the mock picture of the female player.





Okay, here is the female





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Looking good! A small critique is making sure that you're positioning the models to ensure a clearly identifiable contrast with the background.  Set you darks, mids and lights to ensure that it doesn't appear muddy/blurred. Try playing the levels of the background and don't be afraid to do the same with the models/ adding a glow/shadow effect.    


Good job using the rule of thirds.  :). Keep it up!

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I down glowing effect before. So many colors on what to choose from :P


Try something complementary and sets a good tone :)  Play with colors!  There is no 'right' color, but you don't want to use a color that will wash away with the backgrond or foreground.

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Added another art. I might have to make a new one :P that light blue on her hair for a shine on the background may not look good enough with the glow. :P




A step in the right direction.  That is looking good!   Perhaps try adding a nice subtle rich purple glow around her instead of the light blue and don't extend it so far.  And lower the opacity.  Just something very subtle.


Also add a nice drop shadow  some distance behind her to add some depth :) 


A few ideas to roll around in your noggin.     


Keep it up :) 

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