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The Black Watch (From Dread, Sbemu)

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Hey guys,


We'll be apart of this game in some form!


Looking forward to creating new allies and starting new wars.







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I've got screens upon screens of the dead or dying...whether it was your clan or another with your name Idk, but it was fun

Not sure, it was quite awhile ago.


Any PVP is fun so if it was me dieing then I'm all for it !

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Hello all.

I used to play on the dread server and was a huge Shadowbane player.  I loved that game and have sought to find a game to replace it.  I hope Crowfall will.  I would love to play with so old familiar names.  I went by this name and have used it on all accounts since.  Im not a real awhole just find the name funny.  If your willing to accept me as a guldie it would greatly be appreciated.

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