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Honestly, I think ACE should go after the crowd they originally said they were going after in the pre-CF Beta registration Play 2 Crush page.

And in your opinion which crowd is that?  And in your opinion are you part of that crowd?  And what makes you part of that crowd? 


I personally think ACE has done a great job funding their game and staying true to their vision... it's unfortunate that people along the way misinterpreted that vision and then got mad that things didn't line up the way they imagined things would... but that's not really because ACE was misleading or anything like that. 

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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Honestly, I think ACE should go after the crowd they originally said they were going after in the pre-CF Beta registration Play 2 Crush page.

I absolutely concur with your statement, checky. I miss some of my old friends.


What ever happened to the duck?



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You cant make a game for a crowd or specific group of people or something, that just doesnt work.

Because neither do people know what they want themselves, like the apple guy and many before him already said, which is also the reason why democracy is a joke and doesnt work, nor is it the right approach to try and make a game where you can get as much people as possible in, many international companys had to learn that lesson as well in trying to make products which are fitting for the whole world, "Think global, act local".


Its more kinda like a constant approach of trial and error. The people making this game already did many MMOs. They always have something in mind when they make them and tried out stuff, and of course it not always worked as intended.

Learning from these experiences they are able to get hopefully closer step by step to what they have in mind, their vision of their personal dream MMO, which is also constantly changing by experience (and technological) progression.

They are learning where they made practical/mechanical mistakes, by implementing stuff the wrong way or why something doesnt work as intended; as well as where their vision/imagination of their goal of an MMO isnt quite correct/working out, or needs improvement and more thought.


Its a constant learning progress/process, like life just is.

Like after you tried over a hundreds of ways to invent the incandescent lamp, and it finally works. Then you just havent only learnt one way to construct a working incandescent lamp, but a hundreds of ways of how (and why) it doesnt work as well, which is a enrichment on its own.

Thats because you cant just take any kind of developer and tell him to go ask persons which kind of MMO they want, because not only do you have to know better yourself what the people want, because you have to know what works and what not, and why not, but also you must have an own personal interest in making this MMO, because that is your motivation and goal to reach. the common thread you need to have in such a complex project, to not get lost on the way.

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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