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I've never played a hardcore PvP game but if I played an mmorpg, I always played PvP. I was like riding around in the world looking for something red and kill it.


Assuming this is going to be a hardcore pvp sandbox virtual mmorpg (They actually said it's going to be more than that), would you like to have permadeath?


I hope, this is going to have a nice balanced combat system, great crafting, great housing, great city building etc. Like, really great, like you can't imagen that great.


So, if you can build your house, someone should be able to burn it. This forces you to think what you do. Assuming this actually is part of the game, then you also need to have permadeath.


Permadeath solves 2 problems: ganking: once dead, always dead. Just create a new char. It also makes sure the people don't get too crazy and just burn houses like idiots. Maybe you can buy a few dogs that protect your house, etc. and if you hurt, the nyou won't heal just by standing around but rather have to go to a doctor.


Would you like that sort of thing? Permadeath?

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No.  Permadeath makes you avoid fighting, and makes you want to quit when you die after investing time into a character.  Permadeath only works if you get to keep something that applies to your new character, like extra stat points that makes you significantly stronger, that stack every time you have to remake.

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