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Sept 27th (Sunday) Test Announcement USA servers 8-10pm CDT

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Think we can close one US server down and just have 1 US and 1 EU server? :)

Most everyone switches to the East sever in the end anyway. :P


I only have 6 matches left so I'll probably skip tomorrow and save em for another day


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well considering we all rolled on the west coast server last test lets all just go East coast this time.. Where are the east and west coast servers located? anyone know?

- Guess my profile picture was too much for the forum Mod... I best leave it blank I already picked the least offensive one I had!

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Telling me that it unable to determine current version :( any suggestions


-NVM deleted everything and started from scratch and it seems to be working now

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KoS Webpage / We are Hardcore Gamers but welcome Casuals / TeamSpeak 3, Server address: kosteamspeak.com

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I also was getting the unable to determine current version. I deleted the CFtest folder and am repatching now. (I was running the new patcher)


edit: and it worked.

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