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To : Crowfall Devs

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*Clap* *Clap* This thread has made my night Skarthy well done love the whole ride. 


P.S. I need a gps to tell me where the box and key are at all times some bandits between me an it plus something big and nasty on the box that has previously gone unmentioned.


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Yea 100% agree with that outcome with that poor cue card presentation for Todd. 


You could turn those frowns upside down if you improved your question presentation and hired Natalie to hold them for Todd to answer. Then even questions on the specifics of the centaur bowl movements and urinary infections would not hold back those likes!

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Going to be honest. first time i've seen someones chest.


Then other people arguing with chests...


I don't know how to handle these budding feelings.




Foreveralone? Also this thread is way better then a crap thread...its got pictures and we're dealing with production value in the cents range for ink and paper used, and electricity for lighting...this is a really expensive form of self expression so say I its not uninteresting.


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