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01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes

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Hmmm, what to say.

Runes sound like the most interesting thing here.  I like the idea of having a feat like system with drawbacks as well as perks, as it inherently has more RP potential and draws you into the world more then there other wise 'perfect humans' you play as in other MMO's/games.

My big question is whether or not they have gameplay altering functionality or are merely stat modifications.


Like if "Poor Eye Sight" reduced your maximum range, but "Eagle Eye" increased accuracy.

It would certainly give the game a much more weighty feel.



Fealty System sounds interesting, and land ownership is confirmed now,  which is cool and all, but it leaves me with more questions then answers.

Like how you go about obtaining these positions, since in medieval times you either took them by force, marriage, or were born into them.  All of which require a great deal of time.

You didn't exactly get voted into a position of King or Queen.  So how do you get there?



Well if this game is hardcore, then the runes will at the least have an impact on you ability to survive and how gimp you are.  Someone with a better built character from start to finish will have the upper hand against someone who screwed up at some point, but what we don't know is how combat is going to work so who knows how it will affect combat, just in the past that was the general rule of thumb.


As for land, might be too early to make assumptions, but I am under the impression that maybe we either have to conquer areas to claim land and build an empire or you simply just find a place on the map and begin building your empire that way, who knows at this point.  I don't think it will involve anything other than players either taking the land or building on it themselves which claims it as theirs.  Who knows though.  All I know is I want to play, this character looks better than the first.  Maybe the graphics are finally growing on me, who knows, I just can't wait to see the in game world though.


Formerly known as - AmazingTacoBurito

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01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   Hey folks,   It's that time again!   On the menu today we are serving:   - The fourth installment in the "Banner Concepts" series.

OK, it isn't clear from the screenshot, so let me jump in and clarify a bit.   - Most of the archetypes are not gender locked.  As a general rule humanoid archetypes allow for both genders, non-huma

Very excited to see a modern mmo pulling from Shadowbane's customization. Soooooo very excited.  Cringing really that I didn't see the play2crush email and signup into the earlier beta group.

Wait, the Elk can only be male? But I would love to play as a female Deer. But, I'm fine with it being gender locked... I guess...

If it's anything like Shadowbane, which it really looks like its going to be. Females will have some really good classes/races Males can't be. Huntress are bad ass in SB, along with Furys. Both are female only. 



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Edit Reason: I'm dumb.  Moving on....


I hope the rune catalog is bigger than that, looks like the bar barely scrolls down..

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Formerly known as - AmazingTacoBurito

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Just found out about Crowfall today on Twitter (thanks @TheBillMurphy).  The art direction looks great so far and you're building a great foundation.  Looking forward to following your journey to launch!

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No need, I played GURPS long before Shadowbane existed.

What I'm getting at is that of the creation runes shown, a few of them look to be copies of SB creation runes, in name and creation cost (maybe not in function). Since this is shaping up to be a spiritual successor to SB in a way.  Looking at the SB mechanics of char creation could prove very beneficial. To each their own.

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I hope they don't make it where the vast majority of builds are utterly useless similar to Shadowbane. Might as well not have builds at all at that point.

I think it has a lot to do with who does the balancing and rebalancing.


They screwed up a lot in Shadowbane as it rolled along.  Shadowbane became more unbalanced with every attempt to rebalance


Stylecasting nerf crippled hybrid classes and gave no quarter to casters vs. anyone with high defense and an ATR cut.. 

Shieldblock nerf screwed passive defense, eliminating a critical defense in PVP. 


Both of these moves made stealth/rogue classes unbalanced; thieves and scouts became far too versatile and overpowered beyond their original class design.  My belief is this move was predicated on steering more solo viability into a dying game.


My guess is that these guys are smarter than that.

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(which SB players will recognize as a direct descendent of the talents and traits system, only with more customization.


Spit it out already.  If this is going to be SB2, just be honest and upfront about it and spare both sides.  It's OK really.  I'm halfway to thinking this isn't worth wasting me time on any further anyway.

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meh, grumpy old lady...

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Spit it out already.  If this is going to be SB2, just be honest and upfront about it and spare both sides.  It's OK really.  I'm halfway to thinking this isn't worth wasting me time on any further anyway.

Give them a chance before you jump to conclusions, all we know is that it's a PVP centric MMO with a mysterious fuedal system similar to SB, a char creation system similar to SB and made by the guys who made SB/Wiz 101/all of the SW mmo's and Ultima.  They have stated it's not SB2, please give them the courtsey of showing you why it isn't before anybody stomps their feet like a petulant child over all the reasons it's similar. 

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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