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01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes


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The makers of SBEmu changed alot of the game mechanics from what the game used to be.


Im on SBEMU right now and honestly.. the game is still fun. I would love updated systems, graphix and controls however. If this game were nothing but SbEMU 2.0 it would still be worth my money



I wish the character creation choices you make weren't permanent. Starting off as a new player, choosing things by yourself, and then a month later regretting on your 'max'd out character' because you chose to reduce your dexterity to give more strength when you should have taken movement speed instead kind of sucks. Assuming that it actually matters what you choose in the beginning that is. Having to reroll a character because of something like this is dumb imo.


This is something that is GREAT/WAI and has been lacking for a long time in modern MMO's . The hand holding respeccing crap has completely destroyed ingenuity and thoughtfulness behind building a character. Todd has come out a few times and openly stated that creating a crap end game character is a risk that NEEDS to exist for the process of character creation to have any meaning. 



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