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The Nuances And Specifics Of Real Life Applied To An Mmorpg


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I've always been intrigued at the similarities of real life contrasted with what MMORPGs can be but I've never properly written down my thoughts... figured now was as good a time as any. Lets get started.


Imagine if the mechanics of real life were carried over to an mmorpg.


First off you have death mechanics. The most hardcore game imaginable. It's not even just permadeath. It's permadeath + the deletion of your sys32 folder. A complete crash and destruction of your very consciousness. That is the penalty for death. Not only this, but death is (at least for now) a guarantee. You can make all the right choices, take care of yourself, but your body will still decay and fail you after an astonishingly short period of time relative to the content in the mmo. And even if people manage to overcome this natural decay, the random error mutations from your cell's DNA instruction set cause cancer to sprout up increase in odds the longer you live. You're in a locked tank with water slowly filling up, with no way out. Sure you're given a rubber duck to play with and examine until the tank is full, but really, would you play this? 


I'd be surprised if you would.


Now lets look at character creation. 


It's done, there you go.


You're confused? Oh, right sorry. There's no character creation, you're assigned a character completely randomly in every sense. You have no direction or control if you even play the game or not and if you're forced into it, you get a stat sheet and character traits on the roll of a genetic dice throw. Your lineage factors in here too, who you're born to will affect your position in the world. 


The RNG persists. Life is so hardcore, so random, you can never know sufficient quantities of information to make perfect decisions. Any action or input into the world has a chance to severely backfire on you. The RNG is so heavy in life, it's defeating and uninspired. Every aspect of crafting is mysterious but, unlike a proper game, is not designed (if there's a designer) to be solved. You could devote your entire life to understanding something and it's quite possible that human beings are simply not smart enough to understand it. Whoops, I guess you just wasted your entire conscious existence on an impossible task. Try again... oh wait, sorry. See ya later in Oblivion sucker. Imagine an achievement in an mmo that took 80 years to complete, only to gain the final point of experience to it and find out it was a practical joke. And then your character is deleted. Fun times. 


The final proverbial nail in the coffin for me is pain. You have such a hardcore game you're tossed into, but it's not just a game is it? It's an experience. Everything that happens to you, you feel it. Yes, there are many good experiences, but many bad ones too. Often regardless of your action, you will be in pain. Unable to understand why and/or unable to do anything to stop it. Imagine feeling hunger in an MMORPG you're playing, or the torment of a broken bone, or the agony of a random virus destroying you from the inside. 


Sounds a bit nihilistic right? Don't fret. I am not depressed which frankly is in itself ridiculous. I view life as a mountain piled ontop of me, but I've found a safe cavern underneath it with lots of toys, the weight isn't on me. My life choices have allowed me to stabilize and I focus purely on remaining healthy, low stress work that allows me to function and not be a drain on other sentient beings. Beyond this, I focus on fun, no more and no less. Surprisingly enough, a simple life does wonders for your body.


What is the reason I made this thread? Well, I'm really curious if anyone feels similar to me, but also I wanted to push through the primary reason I seek an alternative MMORPG to real life. I'm not invested in it much at all. I just don't like the game. I want something else. 

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.

- Nietzsche

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