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The hangman asked of the carrion crow, but the raven made reply: Black ride the men who ride with Death, beneath the midnight sky.
And black each steed and grey each skull, and strange each deathly eye. They have given their breath to grey old Death, and yet they cannot die…

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With the new campaign approaching, UDL will open it's doors to selected individuals who want to join us in crushing our enemies





Since 1994, the Undead Lords (UDL) have made it their mission to grow a mature community of competitive PvP gamers dedicated to establishing a dominant and respected name in online gaming. Quality over quantity has lead to our success over the last twenty years. To ensure continued success, we seek like-minded and ambitious members who embrace our vision.

Our guild name and lore is based on Myrkul: the Lord of the Dead, also known as the Lord of Bones, one of the Dead Three from Forgotten Realms literature. We are his faithful adherents and are eternally undead. Our fully accepted members are given the title of Knight, and our leaders are deemed as Liches of the Undead Lords.

Bottom line, UDL gets excited for games with good PvP potential. Crowfall looks promising in this respect, and we are eager to track its development.

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Games By Year

  • 1994: Neverwinter Nights
  • 1997: Ultima Online Atlantic
  • 1997: Ultima Online Catskills
  • 1999: Everquest
  • 1999: Ultima Online Siege Perilous
  • 2001: Dark Age of Camelot
  • 2003: Shadowbane
  • 2004: World of Warcraft
  • 2008: Age of Conan
  • 2008: Warhammer
  • 2009: Darkfall
  • 2011: Starwars The Old Republic
  • 2012: Guild Wars 2
  • 2013: Darkfall Unholy Wars
  • 2014: Elder Scrolls Online
  • 2015: Archeage Online
  • 2015: Albion Online
  • 2016: Black Desert Online
  • 2017: Archeage Online
  • 2017 Darkfall
  • 2017 Crowfall

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Undead Lords in Crowfall

Undoubtedly this list will be modified as game mechanics come online and are solidified. UDL is looking for individuals willing to act on or support these current objectives.

  • Work as a cohesive unit to test Crowfall PvP
  • Theory craft builds
  • Test eternal kingdom mechanics

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Are you looking to join a prestigious guild for your time in Crowfall and beyond? Do you enjoy gaming at the top level in all aspects in a mature environment? Are you looking for a clan with true staying power, and a list of accomplishments dating back longer than most MMO's? If any of these are true for you, you owe it to yourself to contact the Undead Lords.

Read The Charter
Apply to the Undead Lords

Until more playable game mechanics come online people officially applying to UDL will be considered minions of UDL, capable of living among and communicating with the dead. Your chance to prove yourself as a full member will come closer to launch.

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Contacting UDL

You may visit us on Discord with any additional questions.

Some videos of UDL in CROWFALL!!!!


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I believe he was the GL during their invasion of Mourning in the summer of '03. I know he owned their town on UDI. Zophar should remember him. He was the throwing dagger irekei scout (and scout advocate at the time) who always ran with their group of centaurs.

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If I am not mistaken you are referring to Lord Skunk who is still around,

Right you are Hillbilly! Skunk is chilling over on Eredar with me, Hillbilly, Rayven, Casi, Forsythe, Karma, Sachant and a few others. Some big things coming down the pipes concerning possibly one last hurrah. UDL - Eredar will enjoy a much higher body count once we're moving ahead with the plan.

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I was usually on the other end fighting UDL back in the day. They sure did dominate Mourning server. Heard they did well on test also.

They did!... for awhile ;)

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All I remember is some zerging dropped a bane on UDL cap and someone accidentally deleted a wall.

Zerg... not so much. They did delete their own wall and rightfully so when we were up on it. It was actually the right call at the time. 

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Hail Players!!


you know, yer olde Doc always sez that children shouldn't play with dead things...


that being said, i know the necrophilia is a compulsion with you guys...


"we wish to establish trade" - Kanien ( did i spell that right, it's been so long)

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