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Winners on the last campaign! 6.5 IS HERE!!! SOULS FOR MYRKUL!!!!! Come to our discord here https://discord.gg/udl The hangman asked of the carrion crow, but the raven made re

Good fights! You're honourable and challenging opponents, and you seem like cool guys... You have my respect for that! I look forward to seeing more of you on the field; it's much more fun for everyon

Happy I waited another 6 months before getting started, it looks great and runs super smooth for me, haven't encountered any issues so far. Really enjoying confessor so far. Can't wait to play a

I believe he was the GL during their invasion of Mourning in the summer of '03. I know he owned their town on UDI. Zophar should remember him. He was the throwing dagger irekei scout (and scout advocate at the time) who always ran with their group of centaurs.


That was Zeb right? Or was Zeb a Bard? Anyway, I remember Zeb and Casi (spelling?) terrorizing the pl groups when I was in GoA


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Written by one of our knights.


A lone Tauren hunter sits on a ridge overlooking a large abyss of snow littered with roaming frostwolves.


The sound of crunching snow echos in the distance and with every step draws closer to him.


Three Trees smells the wind and releases a sigh.


"Greetings old friend"


"Its been a long time" answered the looming darkness growing behind him.


"How many realms has it been?"


"Too many"


"You feel it too" Three Trees asked




Hillstalker rest the head of his greataxe in the snow next to the hunter.


"Our enemies are gathering"


Three Trees turns to the warrior "can they be conquered there? For here they cannot. The magic of this realm forbids it"


"I believe so" Hillstalker groans "And there I will cut down every elf I see, burn their homes, their children, all they hold dear and the Lord of Bones will drink from the crimson river of crying souls that I leave in the wake of my vengeance"


The Old Grey hunter gets up and pats the warrior on the shoulder "Not yet old friend...not yet...but soon we will leave this realm"


Hillstalker picks up his greataxe and turns to head back down the ridge muttering between his clenched teeth.


" not soon enough"


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That was Zeb right? Or was Zeb a Bard? Anyway, I remember Zeb and Casi (spelling?) terrorizing the pl groups when I was in GoA

I think you're referring to Zeb Insidious, who was a throwing dagger bard.


Skunk was who I thought it was, but it's been a dozen years and several kids later, so my memory isn't as perfect as it used to be.


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all in good time.

til then...keep that soul nice n warm

we'll be comin for it.

Know me and fear me. My embrace is for all and is patient but sure. The dead can always find you. My hand is everywhere - there is no door I cannot pass, nor guardian who can withstand me.


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Warrax Iceblood was my Centaur Crusader.  Skunk's Corpse was my Ireki (sp?) Ranger.  Rotting Corpse was my Dwarf Warrior.  Both the Ranger and the Warrior shared my custom FC Daggers. 


The Scout who ran with us was Stoker and the Bard was Zeb. 

Lord Skunk

Ancient Lich

Undead Lords | [uDL] | www.undeadlords.net

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I would like to see a GVG between 


The Undead Lords




The Lords of the Dead


Who's dead enough to win?!  :blink:



lords of the dead are still living...

We are Undead...and Lords!!


we win


We are "Lords" of the "Dead"

They are "Undead" and "Lords"


So... to surmise this important discussion: "Who is the most Lordly?" would be the better question.


Look guys, this is serious business.

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