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FINAL Pre-Alpha 1.0 Combat Test - TODAY - Streaming and holding FIVE giveaways!

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Hey guys, I'm gonna be streaming today's final test of Pre-Alpha 1.0. hope you all have a chance to hop in and check it out!


I'll be doing FIVE giveaways periodically during the stream so be sure to stay tuned! :D

Prizes: (2) months of Crowfall VIP, (2) 2015 Supporter Pledges, (1) 2015 Contributor Pledge Bundle (copy of the game).


Drawings will be held to determine the winners, to enter the drawings viewers must use tokens. You earn tokens by watching and participating in the stream. Usually the token timer is set to grant ONE token for every 10 minutes you watch (aka idle/tab-out :P) the stream, however, during the first 30 minutes of the stream today viewers will earn twice as many tokens! In THREE of the FIVE drawings viewers will be allowed to enter multiple tokens to up their chances of winning! Make sure to follow the stream and keep an eye on twitter to be sure you're notified before and when the stream will start!


Follow the stream at http://www.Twitch.tv/GamingExports

Rules: You can only win once a week unless specified on stream (your remaining and earned tokens carry over to the following week). You must leave a comment on my Crowfall feed via the account you wish to receive your prize on. You must be a follower of the stream (of course you can always unfollow immediately after :P).

Notice: Today you can win twice! Details during stream.



I'll be streaming Crowfall almost exclusively, but I also play H1Z1, CS:GO and other games in the down time! Viewers can always earn tokens when I'm live and I've held a giveaway after each Crowfall Alpha stream! Check out http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/user/17977-thenebrosity/?tab=status to see who has already won a drawing! :D


Test Info: "Crowfall Combat Pre-Alpha playtests on the EU Server, Sunday, Oct 4th - at 6pm - 8pm London Time" - ACE



10:00 AM Sunday, Pacific Time (PT)

12:00 PM Sunday, Central Time (CT)

1:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time (ET)


Hope to see you guys on the field or on the stream! :D


Edited by thenebrosity


lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

;)Twitch - Twitter


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