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Crowfall Cosplay "Cawstume" Contest - Official discussion thread

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Was that so hard?


Done with this conversation, there's a forums in my sig if anyone wants to participate in the conversation without this thread getting locked and disappearing. You can say whatever you want to me there. There's no mods there who feel like the new sheriff in town coming to save the forums from tyranny.


I like how you're wrong and shamelessly plugging at the same time. Flawless.

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And no, Egypt, Pakistan, and India (where the votes were coming from) combined have 1.5 billion people vs. Europe+North America having 1.27 billion people.


Even if they did have 6x more people, how is that relevant? Why would there be a significant source of votes from somewhere no one else had? Why does the source of those votes sync up with the votes that are very obviously botted?

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I have 4k posts and it sits in my sig 24/7 on multiple gaming sites. Shameless.


Very proud of the 4k posts are we?


Also, you're supposed to be done with this conversation, remember?

Edited by veyloris

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