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Crowfall Cosplay "Cawstume" Contest - Official discussion thread

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Will you have a way to detect bot votes?  A friend of mine's parents were in a "Like" contest for a vacation and the winner used bots for votes.  Others were having friends create fake accounts to vote for them.  Wouldn't it be better to have the voting done here by known and real forum members that can be tracked?  Showing the results on Facebook is fine, it will generate publicity and that is always good.  I would just hate to see that kind of cheating going on.  When the prizes are this jucy,  the crow tends to come out of folks in the wrong universe.   Just hoping there will be some protection for awesome costume makers that aren't cheaters if paired against one.  


*Note, I am NOT assuming that the winner will be automatically cheating..........I am only concerned because of what I have seen recently on Facebook. 


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We're pleased to announce our first-ever official contest: the Crowfall Cosplay “Cawstume” Contest! Here’s your chance to win a Ruby, Sapphire or Amber pledge package!   FULL STORY

First off...I'm glad to see that there is actually some sort of direct community involvement with something like this. It's something that's been needed and better late than never...I suppose. So I'll commend you...ACE...for that.


However this is probably the worst community involvement you could have initiated. Facebook bot and like farming aside...which is obviously the product of people out of touch with the internet and the amazing web wizards...even a Crowaoke contest couldn't be worse than this sadness poorly made socksstorm. Cosplay panders to the most carebearest element in the entire "community"...and is yet more proof that ACE has not one clue who this game was originally marketed to or why so many have backed it. I came a little late to the party...but it is now no surprised to see this place barren of the community that brought me here...and makes me almost want to start giving credence to all the conspiracy theories that Crowfall just lured the PVP crowd in for their money.

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There's nothing wrong with a cosplay contest or any other type of contest that ACE wants to support. This is a game that's barely in pre-alpha and the developers have been amazing, not only with community involvement but, also with consistently generated content. Can we all just agree to stop being crackpot "Aliens" guy for a second and support ACE? You're here because you're excited for what this game has the potential to be. No information has been released yet that goes against the original kickstarter vision of the game.


Maybe the next contest can be ACE putting all the Debbie Downers in a cage match, in a fight to the death. That wouldn't be carebear at all, right?

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Is it allowable to cosplay the opposite gender of a gender-locked character?


This is gonna be a stretch; I'm in the midst of making three Steampunk costumes. Must sew faster!



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Click your profile name>Click Manage Ignore Prefs>Find "Add a new user to my list" at the bottom of the page>Type in a username>Check options>Save Changes>Silence is bliss.

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This is a telltale. A harbinger of ill tidings. A bad whiff of something putrid.


That Gordon and Todd would allow what was billed as a hardcore PvP-and-politics game to be utterly emasculated by this farcical foppery indicates that one or both of two things is true:

  • they have not merely delegated but abdicated their responsibilities to their community to people who have absolutely zero understanding of the players who flocked to #Play2Crush; or
  • Crowfall is not what was billed.


God damn.


I paid $1000 for a Ruby package for a game that's supposed to be about crushing my enemies into submission, and some whimsical breast in a $5 costume gets to jump line?


I'm disgusted. What the hell happened to rewarding the people who believed in you first and most, Gordon? What happened to making a different kind of game, Todd?


Exactly whom do you want playing this game?

I mean, I'm assuming "fluffer" is just another pjorative term for carebears, whales, etc. Of course, I could be incorrect, but I doubt it.

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