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Founders' Update: We're listening! - Official discussion thread


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If you are an existing backer you likely received a very long and detailed email about your gaming personality/habits. For those of you who haven't done the survey yet, please take the time to do so (the link was in an email titled "Want to help make Crowfall better?".


Needless to say, I found the survey slightly disturbing for more then a few reasons.


It is clear the objective of the survey is to better understand the demographics of Crowfall backers. Why though? In several instances in the survey we are asked about where we learned of this game and what other gaming communities we've previously been a part of. The "where we came from" questions seem pretty straight forward. They want to know who they've reached already and where their efforts could be better spent recruiting from. Pretty straight forward right?


The next sections detailed specific game systems within Crowfall. This is where my growing concern began. Surely most players already know about specific components of what makes up the game? So this is merely a listing of which ones are most important to you. Why might this be important? For one it would illuminate areas of the game that are largely irrelevant to their player base. For example; complex crafting systems or EKs.


Not only do players have to select a system, they then need to rank it. This is another yellow flag. If these are systems that we have been led to believe are core elements of Crowfall, what does it matter what they are ranked? Understanding how many people like complex crafting systems (or any of the systems listed) can only mean they may be looking at potentially cutting some of them.


Some of you may write off the concerns i'm sharing, but I should point out that statistics or demographic surveys rarely include so many "text-field entry" fields. They are impossible to condense due to the variety of answers. So clearly something is going on here.


I think the last thing I would comment on is the lack of actual developer chatter about the game. The softball questions they get on the monthly Q&A with no followup redirects is not a great example of developer transparency. Nor is being able to play the game. Combat is absolutely a crucial system, but so to are the other components of the game. Where is the developer commentary on character development (we only know 6 of the promotion classes out of a possible 39?), updates on the Guild Name/Character Reservation system or any numerous other game systems that should be simultaneously being developed? 


Its great that players can be sidetracked by a shiny tech demo, and its surely an important step in the development of the game. I just feel the bigger picture is mostly highlighted and not filled in. Where are the proposed details of all of the various game systems? Can't we have a discussion around those? The lack of topics to discuss is whats caused this forum to mostly evaporate into a handful of regular posters. Engage us as your community, in a discussion; even if what we have to say goes ignored. An engaged community is one that feels they at least understand the developers and their thought processes.


Right now all we have is regular lore drops and no substance. Its an unhealthy diet of carbs.


tldr; Survey indicates they are debating the merits of various game systems (potentially to cut) and also their desire to reach out to a larger community. Potentially to cover investor concerns?




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I had some similar concerns (about potential cutting of features) as well, but I trust the developers enough that I'm not worried about it at the moment.   Even the feature ranking could be used for marketing reasons and what kind of updates players are interested in.  I know the part I had the most trouble with was favorite features, because only picking 7 was tough.  I felt like I needed *at least* 8 to be comfortable.

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And if we didn't get that email even though we are a Kuckstarter backer...what does that indicate?


I just got the email about an hour ago myself, so I think that the email wasn't sent to everyone at once. They might be sending out waves, either randomly or perhaps based on your pledge/access level.


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I would take a wait and see approach on this transparency. Right now there is no NDA which you do not see many companies do and this gives me confidence that the development team is aiming to not pull one over on the fans. 


I am a Shadowbane Vet here and that gives the development team imho some measure of trust that they will do what they say they are aiming to accomplish. 

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