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Why did you leave your other Game(s)?

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Or why are you bored with your current game(s)? I think this would have been valuable info for the survey.


Asheron's Call: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. I think Tuskers finally ruined me. (best way to level was killing Tuskers)

Ultima Online: Played it TO DEATH. Left a bit after Trammel. There was no reason to risk your loot when you could play non-pvp. but then that made the game boring.

GW1: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. "Crap we are teamed with the French" (lol no insults meant here but the Koreans were who you WANTED to be teamed with)

Shadowbane: Played it TO DEATH. Left well after quitting time. SB.exe didn't deter me.

GW2: Played it a lot but got bored when the match was decided in the first day. "The Titan Alliance" was a mega guild made up of some of the largest guilds ever and whatever they wanted to dominate, they did. I was on that side and it was still not fun. Culling was too much of an issue for the large scale battles. Being able to move to the winning side for WvW and structured PVP was ridiculous.

TESO: It also had GW2 syndrome. Choose the winning side. Also got bored after my 2 guildies and I all got Emperor. They also changed the mechanics so that the 3 of us could no longer take the outposts so we were basically forced to go with the zerg.

SWG: The holocron disaster. They kept changing how to become a Jedi after we had been working day and night unlocking professions. I had like 3 professions to go... and they changed it. THEN they added achievements for doing professions... but it wasn't retroactive... I am pretty sure they didn't have Jedi in game at the beginning when they claimed it was a secret to become one. I left before the NGE but had friends still playing it who left after. Creature Handlers lost their most prized creatures. SOE punished players who were protesting the NGE by teleporting them out to their death and shutting down the servers. I went back after the NGE and didn't hate it that much... but SOE left such a bad taste in my mouth I can never play another of their games again.

Everquest: I never liked it that much. Red mob meant you WOULD die. I was playing AC at the time and nothing was set in stone like that so it was hard to adapt. Also, group or die.

AOC: Had a blast when it started.. but ran out of content... The game wasn't finished so we were forced to grind mobs for 1XP at a time. Also, they changed the classes from beta to live. So we all rolled what was the 'best class' to have it nerfed to the ground on release. In pvp people would say, "We lose because we have 3 mages" (or w/e we were). Also, having someone 30 levels below you 1 shot all 3 people in the cone shaped AOE was not fun. Literal 1 shot from stealth. Being able to run to another instance to escape someone chasing you was also bad. The animation lock to mounting and dismounting was bad.


That's all i have time for now. :P

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Archeage: It was something fresh at launch, but it became stale the longer I played. The more I played, the less fun I had as it started to feel like a job almost. The company; Trion are pretty bad; they could have removed some of the features in the Korean version of the game, but instead kept them in for easy $$$. The RNG of item crafting, upgrading, and loot was ridiculous. It was easier to buy things with real cash than spend countless hours and resources for the *chance* of getting the item. So, not enough risk-reward factor. One of the last nails in the coffin for me was when they started listening to carebears and gave them more protection against ganking and griefing. I could no longer attack people who were farming and it was harder to steal packs from people. Not the mention the zergs; you attempt to fight 1-2 people; than out of the woodwork; 20+ would come and kill you and then smack-talk. In the end I lost hope in the game as it slowly became more casual and pay-2-win. 


Eve Online: Played it for six years; experienced most of what the game could offer. Currently 'retired'; I might come back to it in a year or two, if it's still active. 


Guild Wars 2: Fell for the hype; played for a week but then lost interest because I hate grinding and the quests weren't that interesting. 


Age of Conan: Bought the collector's edition with some friends. I got one free month of game time and after it expired I didn't feel like the game deserved my money; there wasn't anything special about the game that could keep my interest. The combat was the only good thing I liked, but the grind was horrible. 


Guild Wars 1: Played it solo mostly and after completing the storyline; I just stopped playing because I had no one to play with. 


RuneScape: Started playing it when I was ten years old with some friends. It was my first MMO and I enjoyed it for a while. I was able to get membership (VIP) for a year for my eleventh birthday, but half way through the year, I lost interest, the pvp was great, and some of the quests were funny and interesting, but the grind was horribly boring. In the end; I felt the game wasn't worth my time any more. 

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Ultima Online: Played beta and for a few months after launch. I had a lot of fun with Ultima Online, but I think I was too busy with RL to get properly addicted to this one.


Asheron's Call: Played 3 years or so. I left because the introduction of housing ruined the "no safezones" feel of Darktide.  Begging people to come out of their safezone to fight was not fun.


Shadowbane: Played on and off for over 10 years (including emulators). I left (several times) because the longstanding bugs were not getting solved, so large-scale fights were lagfests.  Also, population dropping off over time made running around looking for PvP at odd hours too boring.  I tended to return to SB a few months after quitting each time, because I was addicted.  But each time I came back it lasted less time, and I spent less hours playing.


World of Warcraft: Played for a month or two.  Loved the polish, utterly disappointed in the lack of Sandbox-style PvP.  Specifically, I hated that there was no FFA style server option.  Why, Blizzard, why?  So many servers, so much money, and you can't try even one FFA server?


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I don't know where to start and what to include, and i don't remember many...


Diablo 2, was good, got old, PvP wasn't intelligent.


Final Fantasy XI, poor gameplay, poor balance, foriegn developers who were oblivious to western feedback.


Guild Wars original, developers abandon the product and watered down the gameplay to make it easier to focus on something else. Was fun though.


Atlantica, overly simplistic with an obvious emphasis on whale hunting, the grind, and disrespectful random loot chest sales made me sick.


Cabal, too simple, lack of content, inflated digital goods cost.


Vindictus, too grindy, not enough content, along with Guild Wars, it's one of the few I enjoyed, but poor handling and delivery ruined it, also a hacker looted my character so I stop visiting in my downtime.


Diablo 3, good for a few play throughs, artificial grind, Real money auction house, than Blizzard banned me because gold sellers hacked and used my dormant account, can't have any competition for their own exploit of course.


Everything else, tried a bunch of stuff just to sample their systems, didn't want to get into unpromising MMOs, so I didn't even buy them, just used friends accounts.


I feel like I forgot some, obviously not significant...

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a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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EQ1:  Lost its appeal a while after velious launched, pvp wasn't as interesting because like myself many others were just getting bored with the game.


AC:  Once you reach the top the game couldn't keep up with new things to strive for.


SB:  Even dominating in SB wasn't fun, the skill-ceiling for the game was just too low and the game itself was buggy, had stability issues, got the entire service hacked... just too many different problems preventing the game from being good...


WoW:  Like so many others, i got bored when the game got repetitive... vanilla was all about organized bgs and some ultimately boring world pvp as well as the pve progression raiding side of things... Dominated in TBC arenas, dominated in WoTLK arenas... but all things get boring after enough time if they don't evolve...

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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Runescape Classic - Played it a lot and had quite a bit of fun. Was a fantastic game considering you could play it in a web browser, on dial-up, and on an ancient computer. Ended up quitting for World of Warcraft when that came out due to all my friends getting my hyped up about it.


WoW - Played it for 6-7 years straight without a lapse in subscription. Had a great time overall but ended up quitting due to Blizzard really changing their outlook for the game and making everything too accessible. There weren't any more raid tier progressions like there were in BC. The way guilds would work their way up the raids like in Classic/BC was gone. LFR allowed everyone to kill the end bosses which made raiding feel much less epic. The difficulty modes just got to a stupid point to where there's now 4 different difficulties per raid.


The PvP community was completely neglected by Blizzard. MLG dropped the game and Blizzard really didn't police the PvP side of the game at all. Boosing, win-trading, DDOSing, GCD hacking, and people being poorly made socksheads got to an insane level. Quite literally someone committed identity theft to hack another players account and disband their arena team so their team could get rank 1. I find it really ironic that Blizzard all of a sudden cares about WoW PvP and eSports after doing everything in their power to stunt it's growth when the game was popular.


The game lost it's magic for me and the many many millions of players who stopped playing after WOTLK.


SWTOR - The leveling was fantastic and hasn't been beaten by anything to this date. Even though I'm not a Star Wars fan I did appreciate the change of pace from the typical midieval magic and swords setting.  Unfortunately the raids were a complete joke and you were fighting game breaking bugs more than bosses a lot of the time (Soa never forget.) The PvP was fun but ultimately pretty hollow since there wasn't a rated battleground or arena system. You can only do pug BG's for so long until you get bored. The developer communication was the absolute worst from Bioware. They would just say nothing at all about what they were doing or that they were aware of certain issues.


Guild Wars 2 - Not a game I was excited for really. Played it with my guild because I was bored and they convinced me to. Me and my whole guild essentially beat the game in a month. Got all the dungeon gear and everything we wanted. Most of us had the pre-requisite weapons for the legendaries but never completed them. The game was incredibly easy. Literally all you had to do was run around in circles and attack with a ranged weapon, congrats you just beat GW2.


The PvP was just unfun. The downed state was a serious contention point with me. It slowed the game down to a crawl because it made finishing downed players with a brain almost impossible(video I made at release and it still hasn't been fixed apparently). World PvP was pretty cool until everyone just quit or switched to the winning faction as soon as any real PvP started. This usually just resulted in me and my guild standing around while we controlled the whole map.


Wildstar - Hands down the most tragic MMORPG I've ever seen. Carbine Studios made the game everyone said they wanted but in the end those people lied to developers and themselves. I personally had a blast with Wildstar because I was in the small percentage of players that could do the PvE content. I joined the best guild in the world and got world first kills on pretty much every boss in the 40 man raid except for times where EU got a few easy bosses due to timezones. Unfortunately not everyone had as much fun as my guild and I did. Most people couldn't even compete the dungeons in the game because they were far more difficult than anything that was in WoW. A bunch of raiders that came over from WoW thought they were going to be hot poorly made socks at Wildstar and couldn't even get attuned to the raid. The few people that did get attuned usually got crushed by the entry bosses because they required a lot of personal responsibility. Wildstar gave individual players a lot of opportunities to completely screw the fight up for everyone else. Most people couldn't handle it.


Carbine made the hardcore MMO that EVERYONE SAID THEY WANTED from the PvE side of the game at least. 


Now the PvP side of the game was a complete disaster at end game. The 1800 PvP gear made some classes literally twice as powerful as players who didn't have it due to the insane scaling with AP and PvP stats. Players who pvp'd early got the 1800 gear very easily then intentionally tanked their ratings to crap on players who didn't have it. That lead to players at high ratings having to tank their rating to even get ques. There was no reason to stay at high rating once you got your 1800 gear since there weren't leaderboards (They released a leaderboard for a short period of time but it was a complete joke, they haven't updated it in A YEAR) The PvP ratings deflated like crazy and you ended up facing people who significantly outgeared you when you first started playing. Win-trading was a serious issue because someone at Carbine was dumb enough to let people decline ques with no rating loss. This went on for MONTHS! They finally balanced the 1800 gear and PvP was pretty fun for a while but ultimately the damage was done and the pvp was pretty dead.


Have you even seen Warplots? (inside joke) Believe it or not Warplots were actually amazing (I helped alpha test them). Unfortunately I never did one during live because getting together 80 players to do structured PvP is a lot to ask. Especially when this is rated PvP and people are going to be very particular with who they take. Pretty tragic honestly but I still feel that they could do something with Warplots in the future because they really are awesome and nobody knows about it.


Ultimately I didn't want to play Wildstar anymore because I'm primarily a PvP player at heart. It was fun raiding at the world first level but I play an MMO for more than just killing raid bosses. I really doubt Wildstar will have the hardcore mentality that I loved so much in the future. It'll probably be an eternity before the next raid tier comes out and I'm certain Enigma will blow through it in record time and be bored for another long period of time. Right now the best Wildstar 40 man raiding guild in the world only has 17 players because everyone stopped playing. Pretty tragic http://enigma-wildstar.com/holy-fart-gargler-we-need-people/

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Wildstar - Hands down the most tragic MMORPG I've ever seen. Carbine Studios made the game everyone said they wanted but in the end those people lied to developers and themselves.


This could happen with crowfall except that I think the devs are much less arrogant, much more experienced, and much more sincere with the project at ACE. 


With all of the feedback you will get tons of people who think they want one experience, or like to think they are the person that would want a certain experience (for example a lot of people like thinking they are the grizzled hardcore pvper) but when they are actually put in a challenging environment they tuck tail and run.  In Wildstars case it was more of a hardcore PvE issue... with crowfall it would have been pvp. 


If making successful MMORPGs was so easy we wouldn't have seen so many fail.  I myself believe most gamers don't actually know what makes for good game design because they aren't actually experienced enough to understand the inner workings of it and how each system might impact other systems. 

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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I myself believe most gamers don't actually know what makes for good game design because they aren't actually experienced enough to understand the inner workings of it and how each system might impact other systems. 


I would definitely agree that most gamers don't know what makes for good game design. And not just because they lack experience or understanding of inner workings. Playing games is an entirely different thing than making them. You could be the best player ever and still have terrible ideas when it comes to game design.


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With all of the feedback you will get tons of people who think they want one experience, or like to think they are the person that would want a certain experience (for example a lot of people like thinking they are the grizzled hardcore pvper) but when they are actually put in a challenging environment they tuck tail and run.  In Wildstars case it was more of a hardcore PvE issue... with crowfall it would have been pvp. 


That's why I've always been very skeptical of the "Dregs or Die" attitude that a lot of people have. Hardcore this and hardcore that...I've seen it happen not too long ago.


That's why when I hear people say they want things like friendly fire to be a standard across bands I laugh. I'm sure extreme game modes will be a thing but they will end up being a very small group of players when all is said and done. 

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That's why I've always been very skeptical of the "Dregs or Die" attitude that a lot of people have. Hardcore this and hardcore that...I've seen it happen not too long ago.


That's why when I hear people say they want things like friendly fire to be a standard across bands I laugh. I'm sure extreme game modes will be a thing but they will end up being a very small group of players when all is said and done. 

I've never been a big fan of forcing polarizing rulesets across the board... I think options are best... if a game gives me my dream ruleset, what do I care if other people play it or not... as long as it can populate 1 active server i'm happy... and if it can't, then as a rational person I must understand that my preferences weren't popular enough, and settle for the next best thing. 


I actually think Dregs will get zerged initially, then people will realize it may be a bit much for them and settle into the shadows. 

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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Oh... my type of topic  :D Who doesn't like nostalgia!?


Ultima Online

I read about this in a local Swedish newspaper back in the days. It was something about people selling in game buildings for a lot of money. I got curious and decided to try it out, however I had not tried any MMO games before and I never understood the game fully. It was a great experience though.


A friend recommended this game to me. I bought it and played it a few times.. I guess I didn't see the greatness of it and quit after just a couple of weeks.

Star Wars Galaxies
This was my first great MMO experience and I loved it! I loved it so much that I didn't even care about all the bugs, all the downtime etc. Just to be able to create My character in the Star Wars Universe and fight, skill up and more... it was awesome. I enjoyed the crafting system, I enjoyed the exploring of different planets, kill those awful Ewoks and have Rancors as pets... just amazing. I quit around the time when they added space ships, mainly because my friend who I played with was playing with his "in game girlfriend" all the time and I felt like the third wheel really. At least I didn't have to see the game being destroyed by NGE! ;)


World of Warcraft

Still playing. Why? I have no clue.. I guess of nostalgia, but mainly because all other games have been great disappointments to me. Say what you want about WoW but it is a great theme park game, or at least it used to be until Blizzard added free-epics-for-all-players, easymode-lvl-100-in-a-week and replaced the skill tree with crappy stuff. The best with this game are all the memories I have with my old guild members, some that are IRL friends today and I even have one that I managed to get hired at our company. I started to play this game in early US beta and it has been more than 10 years of playing now.

Guild Wars
I tried it for a while, it was OK I guess but I was so into WoW at that time so I went back and never tried GW again.


Lineage II & Lord of the Rings online
Tested it in beta, liked it a lot but as always WoW took so much of my time that I never even bought the game.

Age of Conan

This game felt awesome in the beta so I bought the Collector's Ed. I played for one week with a friend and just hated the instanced world so much that I decided to quit. I actually found the game when I moved from my old apartment to my new house, remembering me what a waste of money that crap was.


Darkfall Online
A friend of mine were one of the founders so I had to try it out. Man I was pumped getting a beta key, but the world seemed empty and it was horribly hard to build a boat (the main reason I was so pumped) which led to me giving up the game and after 2 months or so I was done with this game. It also sucked that players were running around nude just to not lose their gear...

Diablo 3
Bought it and hated it. All my buddies told me how great this game was but man... I just don't get these kind of games. Hack n Slash ... not for me. 

Guild Wars 2
A friend got me to try it out and I liked it but as always I was comparing it to my adventures in WoW and felt empty playing it. It just felt like it didn't have "it" so that was that... when I think about it I'm hopeless when it comes to feel love for games.

Star Wars The Old Republic
I followed this game from the day they announced it. This was going to be THE game for me! I mean I LOVE Star Wars, I love MMO games, I love communities and social things.. and it started out great. I had a friend at EA that invited me to Stockholm to try it out and I had the exact same feeling as when I beta tested WoW, this was going to be great. Sure, there was no chat bubbles but I guessed that would be added later on. Also the worlds felt very small almost like a forced path for the player and I didn't feel free at all, but I hoped that it was just the beginner zones that was built that way. I got the game and I played every night and loved the story (sure I skipped all the bla bla bla quest talk that was quite lame), when I reached the max level I hade absolutely nothing to do. The game didn't feel finished and I got more of a feeling that I was playing a single player game with other players around me. No chat bubbles made it hard for me to gain any friends and the community was just bad... I got tired and left heartbroken. This was supposed to be the love of my MMO life. :(

Elder Scrolls Online
Almost the same story as SWTOR, only difference was that I didn't stay and level my character to the max level. I understood early on that this game would not be "it" for me. Same thing there... no community, no chat bubbles, no good interaction with players... felt like a single player game.

I started to play this game without any expectations at all since I had been so disappointed on almost every game I tried for the last 10 years. Cool game, but all the housing spots where taken on my server after a couple of hours. This made me disgruntled off so I lost interest and finally quit the game. This was not only the reason but it was the main reason, the game didn't give me the "professional" feeling that WoW and the Star Wars games did.

I must sound like the most negative fool on the planet, it's just that I am sick of getting let down every single time when it comes to MMO games. Hopefully Crowfall is the game changing everything but I am mentally prepared for another letdown to be honest. So far so good, only time will tell! :)

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I play games namely for roaming guild pvp.


This is not a play style that is widely supported by a lot of developers right now, and often ends up being added on as a side feature.


for Rift and SWTOR, open world roaming was next impossible, the servers couldn't handle it, and for those who tried to organize big open world battles, we got crap from the server communities, and even dev's, who accused us of trying to crash the servers.


for Warhammer Online, the server mergers, and horrible design choices, coupled with the utterly horrid mini skaven expansion caused the population to bottom out, and it never recovered. There were no fights as a warband strength guild, so that was the end of that. I really enjoyed WAR, I enjoyed roaming as a warband in the lakes, smashing against other guilds, and the rivalries that were created. Even today some guild tags are KOS for me thanks to WAR, I am hoping to get a similar experience on some of the campaign worlds in Crowfall.


for GW2 WVW is under supported, it took a long time for it to get any attention, and it's not the area the dev's want to focus on when it comes to PvP, they are more focused on trying to make Spvp into an esport than looking at keeping the meta game fresh, before the match up changes there was a time when you could get decent fights in silver, but now you can go weeks without getting any decent fights, a lot of the campaign is more about 24 hour coverage for the top servers, and you just have zergs that sit in upgraded keeps. If your goal is roaming fights, it's no good, it has also gotten to the point where fights have become more hit and run type deals, which is just not what I am interested in.


But there comes a point where you realize that your vision, what you want from a game, and what the developers, and the majority of the players want is just too different. You can give feedback till your blue in the face, but if they want it to be a numbers game, that's what it's going to be, and if they want to focus on Spvp, that's what they are going to focus on. Nothing you can do but move on. That's what happened with most of the games so far. 

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World of Warcraft

Played for years but quit after WotLK, the game just lost it's magic for me. I keep coming back for each expansion, hoping against hope that the game has regained that magical touch, but it never does. WoW will always have a special place in my heart though, and I will always yearn for those days of yesteryear.



Too much like WoW, not enough it's own game. The raiding was decent, it filled the void temporarily after WoW's raiding went down the drain after Ulduar.



Being in the military I just didn't have the time to dedicate myself to playing this game for as long as it demanded in order to be decent. I enjoyed it, it is a fun game with an interesting class system.



Still to this day one of the best leveling experiences I've ever seen in an MMO. But the game had one of the worst endgames I've ever seen. The story literally falls off a cliff and just stops on a dime at lvl 50. And the only thing you were left with was horribly buggy dungeons and raids, one sided Battlegrounds or trading kills/objectives for the daily quests on Illum. And then when Bioware tried to "fix" Illum it resulted in the base camping fiasco. I quit shortly after this.

For those who didn't play SWTOR at release: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/02/17/star-wars-the-old-republic-the-ilum-problem



The giant "Alliances" controlling the outcome of WvW ruined the only really appealing thing about this game for me.



Loved this game, it was both challenging and rewarding on top of the game being funny and not taking itself too seriously. I wanted this to be "my game" for the foreseeable future. But, unfortunately the game required way to much coordination for your average MMO goer (80 man premade battlegrounds), so the game steadily lost subscriptions until they were down to just two half populated servers. Not to mention the raiding was way too difficult for your current generation of instant gratification "hardcore" raiders. So all but a handful of Guilds even managed to get any meaningful progression done. Everyone else was either stopped at attunement or just wiped endlessly on the first few bosses. And if you weren't a member of one of those few guilds that could progress, which I wasn't, you weren't going anywhere anytime soon.



Played it until lvl 40. I enjoyed all the FF nostalgia, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.



I absolutely loved the combat system, the PvP was also incredibly fun. The problem was in the RNG on upgrading gear. End game gear could be enchanted up to a level of +15. The two materials needed for enchantment were available naturally in-game but were incredibly expensive/hard to farm, or you could purchase them from the in-game store for real life money. Most people chose the latter. The problem arose in that enchanting had an incredibly high failure rate, and if the enchantment failed it ate all your materials (the Korean version destroyed your item as well, brutal). Due to the massive time sink it would take to naturally get all the materials to enchant all your gear +15, most players felt pigeonholed into paying for the materials. It ultimately came down to do you want to spend hundreds of hours enchanting gear and failing to get BiS or pay money and make it faster while also failing just as much. Great game, terrible end game gear system.



This game got me into MMOs. Enjoyed it as a youngster when I didn't know there were other better games out there. Moved on to WoW and never looked back.


Elder Scrolls Online

Played the Beta. Anyone else who played the Beta will understand why I never touched this game after that. I have heard it's improved a lot though, but the Beta ruined everything for me. Yes, the Beta was that bad.



Same story as TERA, but this game didn't wait until endgame. Do you want to succeed? Yes? Pay money now or prepare to grind for hours on end.



LOL. This game. Hope you like grinding, because it is all you will ever do in this game.

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I can't stress enough how much FFXI upset me, I actually dodged most MMOs purely because I have a deep hatred for tank and spank gameplay, which unfortunately WoW followed up directly and inspired the whole industry to do...


It's sad because it's not impossible to include aggression mechanisms in a fun game, but unfortunately use of tank and spank is the only strategy offered in most games that include them... these damn talentless games ????

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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Shadowbane was my 1st mmo EVER. It ruined me. After ubisoft closed the doors of SB every other game seemed like a step backwards. Sure they were much prettier than SB but character customization alone had me rejecting title after title not more than a hour in. Throw useless time eating quests into the mix and it was over before it started. Once I realized that no other mmo was going to do I dove into fps titles and had fun for a few years. Thief deadly shadows/max Paine/hit man/assassin creed/mass effect/splinter cell. And I got into moba's and that was good for about half a year. And I got into mobile's and that was good for about half a year. During this whole time I was very involved with the shadowbane emulator project as part of the original test team. It was good to be playing shadowbane again but it never was quite right. It was like trying to replace a real person with a clone. It looks right but you could tell it was empty inside. One day I heard someone mention Crowfall and how it was pulling players away from the emulator. I found the website immediately researched it and the rest is history.

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I left World of Warcraft because of it's lack of decent pvp and crummy community. I left Warhammer online because servers shut down. I left ArcheAge because it was lacking in several areas. I sort of left GW2 because of the lack of diversity in things you can do (stuff got boring quick), I do tend to go back every now and then to do WvW. I'm hoping this game will give me what was lacking!


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The reasons I left all these games.


B2P/P2P Games

WoW: Quit at lich king


F2P Games:


Gunbound:  eh reached to silver crown [quit that after heavy p2w and cheaters]


Gunz The Duel & Gunz The Duel 1.5: Reached lv. 90  from self published maiet had no cash up "yet" then when NA/Eu publisher "Ijji" wanted Gunz for themselves it turned into cash up p2w gears give you advantage but that went down so for ijji from 2004-2005 to 2010-2011 i don't even remember.


I played Gunz the duel from: july 2003, it was released at june 2003 before "WoW even was out".


yes there was cheaters in Gunz "godmode" etc all because it was client side exploit to server side. the real ruin here from ijji was over power items cost 20$ each! or RNG to win them good luck some people i know spend 1,000$ just to get one gear (:


(better weapon + gear + rings = better damage, tank and survival)


Gunz The Second Duel: Pay 2 win, RNG, MAIET screwed up the game and cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


S4 League: Pay 2 win & Cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


Wolfteam: Pay 2 win & cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


Combat Arms Eu: Pay 2 win & cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


A.V.A: RNG, Pay 2 win and cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


Scarletblade: RNG, Pay 2 win, cheaters and no nudes ;( lol! (Played the game with a friend, she did get me to play it xD)


Solider front: RNG,Pay 2 win and cheaters( better weapon = better damage)


Solider front 2: RNG,Pay 2 win and cheaters (better weapon = better damage)


Rakion: Pay 2 win & Cheaters.


Digimon masters: RNG, pay 2 win, exploits that wasn't patched and cheaters.


RIFT: Pay 2 win when they did included PvP Gears in cash shop like woot! [i did quit it for pay 2 win]


RaiderZ: eh it was hell of P2W


Aura Kingdom: RNG, Pay 2 win and cheaters/bots


ArcheAge: Pay 2 win [Quit  since alpha and refund my money from trionworld] group of people did data mining which it was confirmed that they was tricking big streamers to get that bucks $$


Defiances: [quit after it turned f2p]


Elsword EU: Pay 2 win, RNG, bots, limited time and few cheaters (By gameforge)


Grandchase online: Pay 2 win, RNG and cheaters


Vindictus EU: I had max lv. 70 with scythe +15 then quit the game it' was way to p2w later on.


Tera EU: i can't be for real or what's so ever, but it's pay 2 win (Gameforge u suck)


Aion Online EU:  eh publisher is gameforge so u do expect (pay 2 win) yes! 100%


<Anything free to play goes here> - Expect guild wars 2 where it's technically still buy 2 play for heart of thrones and f2p base game if gw2 went p2w i will surely edit this post.


Any game or publisher be like "hey it's our game free 2 play "pay 2 confess and to progress faster" that's just a cheesy line to get more players and milk the money out of them.


Stay out from these games in list but it's really up to you, if you would stay in one of these games, but for me what I've list i am not going go back to.

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SkDJEH9.png Discord: message me if you want to stay in touch. Retired CrowFall member.


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Warhammer Online: Couldnt pay the subscription and when I could, the servers got Rekterinod, so so sad :(


Rift: Great game, couldnt pay sub as a student so I had to quit after 6 months, moved on after that


Guild Wars 1: Played it to bits for 7 years untill GW2 came along


Guild Wars 2: I have played that game for over 4k hours in the 3 years that it exists but I get increasingly salty of how the game is run with the gemstore and the                              developer decisions. It could have been so much more, especially with the Esports hyping


Knight Online: My first ever MMO, stopped playing when I got hacked by some Turkish custarder. So grindy haha.


Tera EU: I really dislike the publisher of the EU side, also after I hit max level I got bored with the dungeons, felt like there were too little stupid shenanigans to do,                I like crafting and stuff like fishing and player housing.


World of Warcraft: I really loved my Tauren Druid but didn't like the game enough to play after the 30 days when you buy the game.


Elder Scrolls Online: I just couldn't get into the game. I never played the beta so I didn't have that dreaded experience. The game is quite fun, to be honest, but                                      somehow it doesn't grab me like the single player games do. I still play Oblivion from time to time.



I think I would move back to Guild Wars 2 if they added player housing like Rift did. I like the combat but not the grind for little rewards that the game has. Sure you can play your way....and stay poor as custard xD

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UO- All of my friends quit

EQ - All of my friends quit

SB - SB.exe and unplayable lag at launch. Real life interfered and took up all of my time in 2007.

WoW - All of my friends quit

WAR - All of my friends quit

FFXIV - Reached a dead end and didn't have any content to do after the first 2 months. I tried to get back into it when they added more content but the interest had faded.

ES0 - Weak combat system, badly designed RvR PvP, and stupid balance problems (vampires tanking 20 people).

GW2 - Incompetent balance decisions that made the game less skillful and more spam oriented. The nail in the coffin was the P2W expansion that doubled down on both of those issues. PvP completely devolved into zero skill spam builds that could dominate any vanilla build by face rolling the keyboard. It's rare that I blacklist developers, but anything Arenanet, Jon Sharpe, Jon Peters or Karl McClain are involved in will never see a penny from me.

TERA - despite being very fun, I wasn't interested in grinding gear every mini-expansion to stay competitive.

Archeage - I had a crazy amount of fun for the first 2-3 months and then no lifers, hackers and credit card commandos got gear that you couldn't beat. My Arena K:D ratio dropped from 15:1 to 3:1 in the span of a few weeks as my quest gear and Hasla weapon couldn't do anything against Epic Delphinad geared wonderful people. By wonderful people I mean the mentally handicapped.


I'll be playing Crowfall, Blade & Soul and Black Desert this year. I don't know why I'm going to quit those yet.

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