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Crowfall On Queue Times


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My name is Dahk and I help write articles for a new fan's eye view gaming site called Queue Times! I wanted to share our links with you all since were all in the same boat in the moment information wise. 


I found out about the game through another writer on our site and most of us are enamored the with revealed information and eagerly await more. Currently we are tracking more recent releases and up and coming games like Wildstar, Hearthstone, and Gigantic but plan to expand to more titles, including Crowfall.


We have a couple of articles on our site already, an introductory article from Indigo Jones, and a more recent speculation breakdown written by yours truly. As time goes on and more information is released we plan on expanding our coverage of the game. That would include possibly anything and everything you can think of in the written word, video capture, or podcast recording.

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I love how you and Indigo Jones expand on many subjects, especially the worlds and archetypes. 


" In other fantasy worlds, there are lore-based explanation as to why you don’t see a particular gender for a particular race. You don’t see Tolkien’s female dwarves gallivanting around because they are nearly indistinguishable from the males and almost never venture out of their mountain homes. "


" Gaius also mentions his disdain for the Stonemen. It seems that even if we can go wherever we want faction wise, there is some bad blood between some of the races in this world. "


" The Stoneborn forever toil in their Great Work. So consumed are they by it that they worry not about what the “lesser races” might deem important: individuality, finding a mate, etc. They seem to be preparing for some sort of Doomsday Scenario, but are unsure if they are able to prevent it. War seems to be a constant event in Crowfall. Its own universe seems to be tailor made for it. "


Massively's shut down disappointed me a lot ; I hope I will find what I am looking for in future Queue Times articles! Nice name by the way.

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