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Video: We Created a Monster - Official discussion thread

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So that's where all the money went from the ks... 15000 shirts.... I see....


But seriously just incredible.. 





Can we get the animation team to green screen JTodd wearing that costume and work in a Hypogriff like he's riding it?


Put it in the opening credits of the game so we see it every time we login to play. 



don't give him anymore ideas ^^

Edited by Thyr

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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The plan backfired. You won't believe what happens next!    FULL STORY

Jesus Christ...reserving this for later LMAO      

Oh, I'm sure you will.  It will take until... January?  (maybe?) to grow back.   Todd

Thanks for this most excellent laugh :P I'm still giggling. Damn, Todd, I had no idea you're a mood actor!



Click your profile name>Click Manage Ignore Prefs>Find "Add a new user to my list" at the bottom of the page>Type in a username>Check options>Save Changes>Silence is bliss.

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