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Hello, hello!

Just found out about the game from my significant other, so far I'm quite interested to see how this unfolds.

I've perused the forums, wiki and website overall and I really enjoy the unique take and the archetype system.

While traditionally I'm not a heavy PVPer, I'd still like to give it a go. (I used to main on a PVP Shard on Rift and TOR, also played a bit of DCOU on the PVP server, and most of my experience of PVP is through queued-battle fronts which I did play often enough in TOR and XIV). 


Most of my experience from MMOs dates back to EQ and Wyvern. From there I've played many MMOs including Ragnarok Online, Aion, Cabal, WoW, SWTOR, XIV, WildStar, and the all too many Eastern/Asian influenced games that I have forgotten most of the names of. 


This being said I am a heavy RPer, have been since mid-to-late 90's and I am interested in the RP possibilities here as well, I'll be looking further into the RP subheading soon. I started out text based and in Yahoo's chat- Ayenee and Eden realms. Now I mostly just rp with close friends. 


Games aside, a little about me- I am a commercial photographer/retoucher. I'm finishing up my senior year through my local college, likely to be headed into Marketing Art or Digital Tech realm of things. For hobby I am an illustrator most of my art can be found at my deviantart: http://foxberrystudios.deviantart.com and my photography (which really needs to be updated) can be found on my behance: https://www.behance.net/weisephotography


Look forward to talking with you all!


Edit: 10.23.15- At this time I am not looking for a guild. Thank you, for the consideration but again I am not searching for a guild at this point.

Edited by Foxberry
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Welcome to the forums, Foxberry! If you're looking to join a guild, I'd suggest posting in the Looking for a Guild thread over in Guild Recruiting. You'll probably also want to check out The Dregs at http://thedregs.net. I can tell you've already made the most important step, which of course is posting in topics that take your interest!


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Hello Hello ! ^_^

Well as you will hear it a lot , but still will say it ...

Welcome to Crowfall [need to find a good picture going with it , you know crows eating death body and people fighting , and you see it from the side as someone near you tells you .. "Welcome to Crowfall..." , use your imagination to see it , i bet you have a good one :D ]


So to the point xD

Really hope you enjoy your staying here and the friends you will care and the enemies you will hate , as Corvus Silver said , don't be afraid to jump on the forum for looking for guilds , there are really great guilds all over there , just pick the one who fit you most and you are set :D


Maybe see you at november in the battlefield if you get in Alpha ^^


Oh almost forgot ! , awesome drawing you did there , really liked the arcane of XIV :D , maybe one day you will do the druid of crowfall :)

Edited by nicodo
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Hihi! Thank you very much. 


Yeah right now, I'm not so much looking for a guild at this point, perhaps in the near future.
I've honestly been burned pretty badly with former guilds in previous games.

...And it's not something I'm really looking to repeat any time soon.

If I do end up going with a guild it'll be likely something I create or if a friend I know makes one.

I really do appreciate the advice though. 


I'm not sure if I'll end up in Alpha or not but I know my S.O. will be so I'm pretty excited in seeing that. :) 

Also, lastly thank you very much! It's an older piece so I'm not so happy with it anymore haha, but hey artists grow and change. 
Admittedly Druids have caught my eyes! ;) But so has the Frostweaver and Stalker.

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