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Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

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JamesGoblin was officially sighted at citystategames on twitchTV on 3.11.16 at approximately 9:20pm EST extolling the virtues of Crowfall





James Goblin.  Wherever I go on these wretched forums, I hear his name. Always half whispered, as if he were... a God. 

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After a recent thread that was....less than kind to JamesGoblin and his pet rock lookalike


I'd like people to actually be aware the JamesGoblin is probably the LOUDEST community member we have, discussing and promoting Crowfall outside of the forums, and you shouldn't take him for granted!

See the following reddit post from the other week from Francis Courant highlighting what it is he actually does.


JamesGoblin has been doing an incredible job to promote Crowfall to the PvP and RvR fans for almost 2 years now, posting messages, wiki entries, images, etc. on different websites (Google returns 44,000 results for "JamesGoblin" + "Crowfall" even when excluding the official forums Likes).


Most of us are aware of his contributions on reddit and the official forums, but the work he has done on other platforms to share the word about the game seems unnoticed.
Since he spent thousands of hours (thousands!) to help building the CF community and to make sure that as many PvP/RVR MMO fans as possible learn about the project, I thought it'd be great to take a few minutes to let people know how colossal and impactful his support has been to ArtCraft Entertainment and Crowfall as a whole. 



Those who are silent often have the most to say


He has been infinitely more productive outside than a good chunk of the forum population, including myself in that too.


You should all ask yourselves the following:


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I've been all around this damn park.  Thought I'd seen everything.  But here you are - hiding in plain sight.  James Goblin.  I always wondered why they gave you such a ridiculous name.  At first I thought it was some market-test.  Or a play off one of those hokey native religions.  Now I realize it's camouflage.  Who suspects the ridiculous?  I'm betting you're the missing piece.  The final key.  I'm close...and you're going to take me that last bit of the way. 



Edited by cemya

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