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Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

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James Goblin is proof that there is a higher power than ourselves.      I wrote a haiku in my head this morning about JG as I was driving to work --    Man of mystery Always lurking, never posts

Little is known of the immortal the bards call JamesGoblin.   By most accounts, he was a mortal soldier. It is said that he fought with distinction in the speculation wars of 2015, that he carried t

I vote for a new stretch goal.   The James Goblin:   This unique NPC can't be killed. Upon meeting you, James will follow you around until he finds someone more interesting. Unfortunately, the loc

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I remember my first time.... It was so exciting, it felt like he really cared about me... but then I learned.... He likes every post ?


I have no clue who he is, but he's magnificent he hasn't missed a post yet!

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At first, I thought he was a member of the Italian community, since only the Italians put like in the posts written in Italian, only after I discovered what was hiding behind that name ....

The thing that worries me most is that I dreamed him last week, maybe you will not believe me, but I was dream him hidden in the darkness of my room with a knife between his teeth, motionless ....I fired a scream...I'm ashamed to tell it.....

He's really disturbing me ... every site I go, every forum I open, even on youtube...i also found it on a Czechoslovak cuisine site

how does? how is it possible? It is impossible for a man to live hundreds of lives to do what he does

No, the question should not be: who is James Goblin, but what is?

Soon to be in your dreams too...

we must do something!! Warn the world leaders, monitor the dark web, close the borders, make some petition .... I do not know ...

but.....I'm afraid.....


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Our James Goblin who art in CF, hallowed be thy likes. 
Your likes shall come, your first post shall be forever liked, on thy internets as it is in thy forums.
Give us this day our posts like, and forgive our unliked posts, as we also have forgiven ourselves.
And lead us not unto unlikeable posts, but deliver us from unliked.

Church of the holy Gobs.

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