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Crowfall Inspired Art for Computer Case


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Story behind the image -


I hosted a competition with a picture I designed to make one similar with high definition. A artist drew this and has all the layers. I paid for the picture... I was going to put it on my PC but am not sure because the computer company quoted me a huge amount for this... :( I still hope to make it just need to negotiate the price a little with them... Hope you all enjoy this picture!

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That seems to be a better idea then paying that crazy amount... I do admit there's a whole lot of crazy good detail in this picture though.

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Cant you just laminate the picture?

That should cost under 5 USD.





You really got too much money my friend.  :)





This way you can also change the picture if you want to.

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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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