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And the 2015 Cawstume Contest winners are... - Official discussion thread


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I am shocked I got anything. Thanks ACE.


I'm glad it it reached a good conclusion.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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This is as good a solution as could have been hoped for after what has happened.


Canceling the contest to punish an unknown cheater would have ruined it for the legitimate entrants. There was a lot of hours and money involved in each cawstume, I had over $90+ and 8+ hours in mine.


However, giving rewards to all involved may reward an unknown cheater.


ACE has manned up and decided that rewarding those who put in work was more important than trying to punish a possible cheater, which is good.


I suspect the person who did the vote spamming wasn't in the contest and was going for "MAXIMUM TROLOLOLOL". As this kind of game is known to attract types of people who do this.

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I certainly can't complain about receiving a bronze package for participating. I had entered under the expectation I wouldn't be receiving anything.

Since I already have a pledge package, will I be able to transfer the copy of the game to my friend while keeping some of the items? 


Good work everyone and congrats to the winners!

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With trash game companies like EA trying to make a buck and charge people for stuff that is already free Ace shows why I'm confidently backing them. Turning a crap situation (this was supposed to be help spread the positive word about CF) into something awesome. Handing out a thank you to all of the hard work the fans put in. 


To the contestants...that was some really cool stuff. I'm glad some of you put your cosplay pic as your avatar. You need to show that stuff off! 

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Well then, things turned out a lot better than the flowing river of tears i expected. Props to ACE.


On the side note though... 


I knew i should have just posted a stupid photoshop to enter, i had a slight feeling it would come in handy. Oh well, no time to be jelly, congrats lads and lasses.

Welcome the hunger

Todd is Love, Todd is Life.

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Oh woah,"ACE favorite" and a Gold Package. So cool! I really wasn't expecting that, thanks guys! Time for more stream giveaways! :)


The whole way the ACE team handled the situation is great and only serves to increase my confidence in the team and their experience with actually working to staying connected with their* community.


Looking forward to the next contest.. hopefully we get a vote bot proof platform next time around.. there are only so many blank John Smith profiles we can tolerate.

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lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

;)Twitch - Twitter


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