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01/21/15 - Team Update!

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Not only do I believe firmly that we are on the right track, I also know that, moving forward, you guys will let us know if we make any wrong turns.

Stick to your own and original vision, even if people dislike. After all, this game won't be for everyone, right? I'm sure you'll reach your audience.

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If you guys manage to create a fraction of what early SWG was all about, im yours forever...


While Stridsberg sounds too... romantic? heh... for my taste generally it's right statement. Recreate just a fraction of what SWG was back in the day and you are golden. Beat it in any of aspects it represented and you gone platinum. I'm not much into loud prognosis about feature, but your project is interesting and a lot of people will rally under Crowfall banner so to speak. Honesty alone about game not being for everyone is message in itself.


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