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The Exiles


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Many are the immortal champions of the Gods but, what of those champions that have turned their backs on the Gods? What of the champions whose God or Goddess has turned their back on them? Should those champions just whither and die in the face of The Hunger?


I am Queen Unterok, and I say "NO!" I will gather the broken and the damned, the weary and the desperate, The Exiles, and we shall seize an Eternal Kingdom of our own! Though we have no choice but to side with one of the many deities of this universe, do not think us devout! We are mercenaries and raiders, selling our services for the chance to seize the resources we will need to build our power! And when we have assembled our might the Gods themselves shall tremble before our wrath!





Ok! Now that the roleplaying is over, WELCOME! I am Kenuda, YouTuber, Gamer, Actor, and Storyteller! I am setting up this guild to explore the story of those champions that have either abandoned, or been abandoned by, the gods of the Crowfall universe. Though they retain their immortality, these champions need a place to call home. The guild is not necessarily evil, though it is certainly ruthless, and the queen herself does actually care about the champions she takes under her wing, even as their plight fills her with anger at the gods. I plan to start a YouTube series once Crowfall nears completion and I would love for fellow actors and actresses to join me!


To answer a few questions and give a few rules:


1: Will only role-players be accepted? Of course not! We will definitely be joining the field of battle and we'll need lots of people to fight alongside!

2: We individual characters be able to make their own stories within the story of The Exiles? Absolutely! I encourage my fellow storytellers to follow whatever story they wish with two exceptions: If you control an area of The Exile's Eternal Kingdom and your story has you go to war with a fellow Exile and take their land, or your story has you kill a player's character permanently, please run that by me first! The videos will have to have cohesion to them and I can't have lands changing sides from video to video without planning out how it will affect the story.

3: Are The Exile's evil? As explained above, The Exiles as a whole are not evil. Individuals may be evil but, as a whole The Exiles are neutral. Any type of personality may work, whether it be a saint or a sinner.

4: The Exiles are obviously not friends with the gods of Crowfall. Will that affect what worlds we go to? No, the main leaders of The Exiles will make a decision on where they wish to go and who to support but, the story reason that is given for why we will even think of serving in a deity's forces is: The Exiles need resources. In order to gain these they will sometimes have to do mercenary work for one of the gods. While our characters may not like it, it may be necessary for their survival.


I look forward to working with both the future members of The Exiles and with other guilds to make all our stories even better!

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Been a while since I've been back on the forum. Glad to see the responses from other guilds. :) Now I just need to set up a website for possible recruits. XD

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