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Are we Shadowbane players going to


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  1. 1. Will you put your differences aside?

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Points can be removed at a moderator's discretion. The more positive you are on the forums, the better the chances. The more negative you are, the more likelihood of being permanently banned due to reports.


Heh, I get it.  Like i said, 30000 posts.


I also get, that over zealous moderation is every bit as damaging as the occasional swear word.


RIP Hili

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Nope. Burn.

I can't take you seriously. Can't wait to kill you for no reason in game. It will make me very happy.

lOl   Some of these rivalries will never end, some will subside temporarily. We (SB) players are basically internet sociopaths.

set aside all of differences and start over with a new slate in this game?


Lets be honest here for a minutes. We as Shadowbane players are unpleasant people.

Are you guys willing to put aside your difference with people or guilds you dislike to make the game enjoyable?

Are you willing to put them aside and enter the game on a clean slate?

Agree 100%!

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