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A contemplation for all SB veterans

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Well when Pann comes to kill this thread, he can read this post, since I'm unable to PM him. In case anyone is wondering, this was intended to be a response to the Warning I received from some post that VIKINGNAIL reported a good while back (I was on another long hiatus). Amusingly enough, the fact that he's reporting posts like this is just further evidence that he's not a real SB player. I've engaged in extensive, sometimes heated arguments on here with numerous SB players--some of whom, btw, definitely don't like me, and perhaps a few of whom even hate me--and despite the occasional exchange of light insults here and there, not one of us reported one of the other's posts. There's not even necessarily an implicit SB bro code on this issue, it's just that not even the most petty or annoying SB players reach the incredible level of lameness exhibited by VIKINGNAIL, who is incidentally only a make-believe SB player. Anyway, here's The Message I Couldn't Send about He Who We Shall Not Mention:



Hey Pann,

I recognize that I deserved the warning for the I.Q. comment alone and accordingly am not disputing it. However, if I referred to VIKINGNAIL as a "troll" it was not a false accusation of trolling. This character "trolls" the Shadowbane sub-forum constantly and does nothing but insult other (or every/all) Shadowbane players and deprecate the Shadowbane game overall. While his barrage of claims regarding his elite and highly competitive player status in the game (despite his admission to only playing it for a few weeks after the game was initially released) may have served as a slightly comical form of "trolling" when it first appeared, it's far too overwhelmingly persistent to originate from benign intent, and he uses his LARPing-as-a-pretend-heel-pro-wrestler skills to derail thread after thread. Almost no thread has been immune to his toxic presence. Then he engages in never-ending reply battles with each individual poster to make genuine conversation about Shadowbane, its players, politics, and its relationship to or influence on Crowfall impossible. Why is this permitted on this subforum? The latitude permitted him in his running wild on the SB sub-forum has completely defeated the intent and purpose of the sub-forum. I have a hard time believing that everyone would be permitted to engage in such disruption in all of the other more active sub-forums without penalty, warning, or even loss of posting privileges in the effected sub-forums. I can assure you that if all of the Shadowbane players who read and post in the Shadowbane sub-forum were polled on whether they would like to see VIKINGNAIL cease in trolling the sub-forum, there would be overwhelming support. Just take a few minutes to read what he does in this sub-forum and you should see exactly what I mean. If that's not intentionally disruptive trolling, I don't know what is. The crazy thing is that I've taken extended breaks from reading this forum, sometimes lasting 6 months or more, and when I return he's still all over the sub-forum engaged in the same, usual behavior. He must have been doing this for at least a year now and probably even longer. Is it possible that you can do anything?

Thank you,



I'm too lazy to draw up a petition but someone should probably do that. 

Edited by managainsttime


Scourge of the Shadowbane community, Public Enemy No. 1 to the SBEMU Forum Moderators, and member of the "Suppressed Person" faction on the Ubiforums. The man responsible for hooking up Ceska and CheckYoTrack. Also a 21-time World Heavyweight Champion of Shadowbane.

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The Shadowbane community is one comprised of a playerbase with an average age approaching thirty to forty, whose careers and real-life obligations often end up taking precedence over competitive gamin

Honestly if your guild is still around but not recruiting new members or playing new games, CF is going to be harsh to do without allies.  I'm 36, married, work 60 hour weeks, have 74 employees, a 2 y

It always catches me off guard when Chet falls out of character. That reasonable tone from his forum persona is a bit like dipping a pickle in peanut butter. No phallic metaphor intended, as far as yo

I agree with you, and again, very well done. However, I would remove the "quote" as it several times references a fictional monster from "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

That being said, no one really takes "He Who We Shall Not Mention" at face value. So far in testing, "Low Skill Ceiling SB Players" have largely done well at least and dominated at best. If one could wave a magic wand, and the game went live today, think of this scenario. Take the active "SB Community Guilds" (Winterblades, Lords of Death, House Avari, Undead Lords and Undead Army and throw in Facerip) all on one side. I dare say that would create a damned uneven battlefield. 

The number of individuals that believe that Heritage SB Guilds will not do well, or excel in this game are severely limited. As a matter of fact, I can only come up with one off the top of my head!



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On 8/20/2017 at 8:00 AM, managainsttime said:

I've engaged in extensive, sometimes heated arguments on here with numerous SB players--some of whom, btw, definitely don't like me, and perhaps a few of whom even hate me--and despite the occasional exchange of light insults here and there, not one of us reported one of the other's posts. There's not even necessarily an implicit SB bro code on this issue

It's just basic logic. It's no fun to argue with someone when they are unable to respond due to moderation. It's much more fun to know they went away because they realized you were right and were unable to craft a cogent response. :)

As an aside, I would have sent nearly the exact same PM had it been allowed.


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On 11/6/2015 at 0:09 PM, dreaden said:

Yea, the 20-40 player SB guilds are most likely not going to cut it. The probelm is after more than a decade of poorly made socks talking and backstabbing we all pretty much hate each other. It would take some serious setting aside of egos and a charismatic leader to bring us all together.

Where is Shadivak when we need him...

Edit: lol I just realized I already commented on this thread. 

Edited by xaero
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Yes, @managainsttime I had a break again from this forum - so hard to keep up sometimes. I wish that this game was developed differently. Yeah for sure and some old SB pvp templates was a long kept secret for a long while on the original SB servers! `grin`

And some SB vets created the meta indeed who figure out the strength and weaknesses in the game with various character templates much like pubg with weapons, and mouse sensitivity related to aiming FPS details to compete in that game since so many e-sport teams are interested in that particular game.


(On topic) - There are some SB guilds who are creating alliances while I write this, but with my current CF guild will wait with guild politics. And just a note, I`m not involved in that process at all, but just sad I can`t support the guild at this stage of development and get involved in the game. 


- (It`s off topic) But what @VIKINGNAIL don`t understand since he often post off topic comments. I`m a fps player too and if a game have a strong connection with e-sport teams it`s usually a logic reason behind it and the game itself have a lot of depth to increase your overall skill and understanding in a game like pubg.

I just refuse to believe that the old SB game did not benefit from a certain skill differences among players and it was usually based on time investment and their overall in-game knowledge related to pvp in that game. My point is that an mmo have so much level and item differences alone so it can be difficult to notice skill differences between two players compare to moba or a fps type of game. And I know I`ve mention this @VIKINGNAIL, but true skill differences among players in NHL is much easier to spot and notice in that sport compare to a pc game with a keyboard & mouse. And so few people get drafted into NHL, so those who are active are really gifted which is why I love and enjoy follow hockey as well when it`s on TV. :) 

Destiny 2 for instant will probably not be an e-sport game, but the pvp arena modes are quick pace and fun if u enjoy fps and sci-fi.    


Edited by mythx


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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There is some serious forumbane domination happening in here. And only a TRUE veteran of Shadowbane has that level of forumbane skills... Well done managainsttime. I don't know who the custard you are since that was like...15 years ago, but I'm sure we crossed one another at some point.

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2 hours ago, Handies said:

I feel sorry for whoever houses VN. That house is going to get rocked...

For the sake of context can you clarify when was the last time you won a bane war?

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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