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Guild "ChubbChubbs" RUSSIA recruiting

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                                                           Guild "ChubbChubbs" looking for members  http://chubbchubbs.ru  
Tetris taught us that mistakes accumulate but success disappears and having a long stick helps pretty much.
Who are we?
We are Russian/English speaking guild of adult players. We have started our guild in 2006 when we were young and beautiful. As all network freaks we were addicted to CS/D2/Q2/Q3/WOW/L2 and etc.  Our overall MMORPG experience is more than 15 years. Some of our players participated in most challenging events in different online games but only in WOW we have stated ourselves as a solid, proactive hardcore team leading to success. We have raised our guild from ashes to the top server guild and… we’ve got tired of it
Now we state our guild as semi hardcore guild of old friends playing to get some fun and as everything we do we do it on professional level.
We’ve just started our recruiting process but it’s a good time for us to learn about each other. As soon as game development process will come closer to release we gonna be more picky.
Who are we looking for?
First of all you should be a good person … and some more requirements you can find bellow:

  • You must play your class as a god and… a little bit better
  • Guild’s progress is the first
  • Can’t handle stress or sarcasm? Don’t join
  • You should be active with minimum 90% attendance of all guild events
  • You should have alts/professions if necessary according to GM request
  • Subordination is a must

What can we offer?
Got scared? Well you’ll be all right… may be… So what is the downside of the coin? We offer you:

  • Cookies
  • Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll
  • Power levelling and max progress
  • Highest possible ranks and top gear
  • No drama, no dog ‘n pony show in our guild events
  • Participation in all game events with professionals who have over 10 years experience in running guilds/raids and etc.

Contacts :

Name:  Alexander
ICQ   :  158023509
e-mail:  crowfall@chubbchubbs.ru




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