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About the Testing - News and Announcements forum

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The News and Announcements forum will be used by members of the Crowfall team to share playtest-related news. Participants who are active in the current round of testing may respond; the forum is read-only for everyone else (including non-backers).

This is a friendly reminder that the Rules of Conduct are in effect even during the earliest phases of playtesting. Please familiarize yourself with them, particularly the sections pertaining to the forum rules and in-game rules. 

Please use the designated forum area most suited to your post, particularly if you are reporting a bug or technical issue, so that the appropriate Crowfall team member will see it. 

And remember that support@artcraftent.com is your best fallback resource for account-related issues where privacy may be a concern. 

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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