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Founders' Update: Pre-alpha 1.1 - in living color! - Official discussion thread


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Good choice with no more stretch goals. Make the project and make it well!!!

Quite excited to be able to custom group with people you want to play with as opposed to Tyrant.

I remember playing with him... Didn't go well...

Might I interest you in a low-interest mortgage?

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Stretch Goal 65k - add 32.5k each to Gordon and Todd's wallets!


Just kidding, of course.  It makes sense, I kind of saw this coming.   


Can't wait 'til Alpha 1.

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Rather than promising a new feature, adding more content or recruiting a new person to our team, we’re going to focus on building the game that we’ve already promised.

Does this mean we won’t do any more stretch goals going forward?  We’re not sure.  Stretch goals are fun! But they’re also more work (and cost).  Our priority has to be delivering what we’ve already promised – andit’s hard to hit a target that won’t stop moving.

Would you consider specifying stretch goals as post-release items?

Hardcore gamer & tabletop enthusiast. Enjoys roleplaying, pretending to be stupid, and one-sided fun.

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Champion looks pretty awesome. However I am concerned with the speed of the game's animations still (I know the Champion is supposed to be slow but GEEEEEEZ!)


Hopefully you guys have one of those "knobs" where you can experiment with different animation speeds. I know a lot of us would like to see things be considerably faster across the board.

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Finally I can like, team up with my totally super awesome dude bros and lay some like, seriously heinous waste on the bad dudes. Then we can like, trash zombie bros and like, totally take their turf and stuff. Most excellent.


(But seriously though custom teams and zombies are the breasts)

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