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Almanac Of Solaros


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Hello my friends!


I am a new guy here, so i thought that if we know almost nothing about the world of Crowfall so far, then i have a choice to share some of my ideas for addon or maybe for a whole new content. Everything below this text is my own fiction, that i want to present to you. Hope you'll enjoy it.



Basically a 5 new continents is in field of our vision.


From largest to smallest:


1) Chedai

2) Mur'gal

3) Ior

4) K'fgesm

5) Eyar


Now let's take a closer look at the races of each continent.





Chedai - is populated by:  Cheens - ancient people, the descendants of the Forefathers and Hillars. Divided on the Tuuls, Komens and Zamores.


Nationalities of the continent of Chedai:


№ 1 Tuuls


Reign from Eternal Ices to the Grey Lake


Capital city - The Eye


Ruler - Kier Toole en Chinn (when a man becomes a ruler, he takes the name of his people)


Kier Toole en Chinn - name before throne - Kier Luorn en Chinn 


Age - 56 years old. Height 220 cm. Weight 180 kg. Short hair, dark. Eye color - blue. Special features - Runes of Protohillars on his face. Skin color - white. Reign - 20 years


№ 2 Komens


Reign from The Grey Lake to The Crooked Mountain.


Capital City - Kusoy


Ruler - Domeen Gurot Ulloa Ben Com


Domeen Gurot Ulloa Ben Com -  name before throne - Domeen Groote


Age - 40 years old. Height 190 cm. Weight 70 kg. Long Hair, bright. Eye color - purple. Special features - Metal jaw. Skin color - gray


Reign - 10 years


№ 3 Zamores


Reign - Wild Edge of Chedai from the Crooked Mountain to the Sea of Steel


Capital (and the only city) - The Living City Monnorog (city located on the body of a giant immortal rhino, which continuously moves along the edge of the wild)


Ruler - Mad "O" - "The Great Wheelman" - name before throne - unknown


Age - unknown. Height - 120 cm (without costume), 315 cm (in a costume). Weight - unknown. No hair. Eye color - unknown (steering googles melted in his skull). Special features - no legs. Skin color - red


Reign - 700 years




Mur'gal is the second big continent because of it's structure. It consists of Top World(surface) and Bottom World(underwater part of the continent).


Mur'gal is populated by: Mirts - the self-proclaimed rulers of water. Only people living on both sides of their continent.


Nationalities of the continent of Mur'gal


Top World - Glum Bhal occupied by Amphoroses


№1 Amphoroses


Reign - Surface of Mur'gal


Caputal city - Aut


Ruler - Hyo Noh Oom - The lord of the top and bottom, The Champion of the land and the sea, One and indivisible, The Light of all depths.


Hyo Noh Oom - name before throne is hidden


Age - 14 years. Height - 145 cm. Weight - 30 kg. Short hair, green. Eye color - cerulean. Special features - Eye Al Kas inside palm (sacred eye of Mirts able to identify any lie, allows the owner to control the mind of sea creatures). Skin color - black.


Reign - 10 years


№2 Ihiatres


Bottom world - Leek Bhal occupied by Ihiatres



Reign - Underwater Mur'gal


Capital city - Bhos


Ruler - Regent Shadow (actual power given to Hyo Noh Oom, the regent is only the voice of the ruler and is not entitled to his own name).

Age - 14 years. Height - 145 cm. Weight - 30 kg. Short hair, blue. Eye color - black. Special features - essentially a phantom necessary for the control of the lower world. Skin color - black


Reign - 10 years




Leikari - sadistic warriors inhabit the third and most severe continent Ior. Not engaged in anything other than war. No matter with whom, when and why (even if the enemy own countrymen). Are a race of humanoid bears sharks. According to legend, the first Leikari in his mad quest for power, created a ritual of mixing the blood to become part of the continent's strongest predators. Sharks of Iron lakes & Bears of Rattle Hills were their choice. From marine predators, they took blood lust and insatiable appetite, and by the mighty bears dimensions (male bears of Rattle Hills reach 3-4 meters in height and 400 kg of live muscles). Over time, they completely got rid of human traits. Cities do not exist. Leader determined fight and for each pack. Reproduce by killing old individuals and growing new offspring of a corpse. At the moment, very little is known about Leikari.




G'hru'kga - terrifying creatures of darkness and madness. This nation is ranked first in the list of evil of Solaros. Secretive and sinister, representatives of this race were once plants. By the grace of a Great Earthquake, they were changed to become like men. However, even after the plants have acquired intelligence, they have not lost their vision of the world. The goal of any plant is survival at any cost. Day after day evil grew and became strong, absorbing the energy of the dark K'fgesm - a huge rift in the center of the continent. G'hruk'ga want to capture the whole world and get rid of other people of Solaros.




The continent of Eyar is populated by Ashi - a new civilization, which arose simultaneously with G'hru'kga, after the Great Earthquake. Light and bright, Ashi embody all the most beautiful and wonderful


Nationalities of the contonent of Eyar

№1 Eens

Reign - From the Crystal Forest to the Gates of Purgatory


Capital - Ephines


Ruler - Eala the Light

Age - 100. Height 186 cm. Weight 78 kg. Long hair, black. Eye color - green. Special features - The Hand of Good -  The ability to change the world around by the power of mind. Skin color - white


№2 Leets

Reign - From the Gates of Purgatory to the Ends of the Earth


Capital - Ian


Ruler - Airo The Pure. Age - 100. Height 194 cm. Weight 86 kg. Long hair, white. Eye color - Ember. Special features - translucent skin






That's all for now i guess... Hope you like it. It may be not the part of the vision os this game but who knows....




Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language. Cheers!














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Mad "O" sounds like my favorite character :-)


What are the relationships between these nationalities?  Are there large struggles for land or are the territories pretty well established at this point?  



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For now it's all quiet. Pehaps TOO QUIET. Soon there will be blood. Otherwise why do we need race of beasts and carnovorous plants)))




I've just start to develope this "mini world" so i need any suggestions that people can make. But i have an idea for the special place on the map that no one has senn before, but everyone want to get there because of reasons. Also the Ior is not just the usual pice of land. It floats across the world and on the brief moment of time (3 days) the lands are colliding and the Leikari go for the bloody rampage.

Edited by fraglim
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