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Alpha 2 Invites for tonight


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All invites depends on your backer number # during kickstarter.

If you have backed the game through https://backers.crowfall.com/#pledge you will be mixed with kickstarter backers on specific x date of backing.


So if you haven't got your invite yet, be patient and white-list mails coming from @crowfall.com ,  @artcraftent.com as safe senders also if your backer number is #9000 contact support@artcraftent.com or @support@crowfall.com if you have got no invite as an "Alpha 2 backer".


All alpha 2 backers will have their opportunity to get in pre-alpha combat test 1.1, so please don't be frustrated or upset about it folks.


Be patient and cheers :D

SkDJEH9.png Discord: message me if you want to stay in touch. Retired CrowFall member.


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