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Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST

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Bloodbath map was very fun this weekend. A lot of pvp, from duels to multiple guilds duking it out. The largest of these engagements was 30+ players on screen at the same time. Balance was represented by Sugoi + solos and Order was represented by Winterblades + Alandal + solos. Order outnumbered us by at least a full team but we managed to hold our ground and push them back several times without many losses, here's a couple of POVs:


1) Legio POV: 


2) Fessor POV: 


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1 hour ago, Rikutatis said:


For ease of navigating this video in it's 42 minutes of glory...

0:00 - Prelude
1:42 - Pushing Order to their temple
4:40 - Fall back to Balance Temple
6:10 - Holding Order back at Balance Temple
10:10 - Balance push and wipe Order
11:40 - Fall back to Balance Temple and hold ground
13:25 - Ineffective push by Order
15:10 - Balance push to mid map
18:15 - Balance forms back to a defensive posture
18:55 - Poke from Order on the right side, but get pushed back
20:25 - A whole lot of nothing
21:50 - Ineffective push from Order
23:35 - Ineffective push from Order, and get pushed back to their spawn
24:50 - Balance falls back
25:35 - A whole lot of nothing
28:10 - Ineffective push from Order while Chaos makes a move too
32:15 - Balance goes back to defensive posture
33:10 - Balance move the line forward
34:40 - Balance Fall back and hold
37:10 - The stare down
38:10 - The final push from Order does not go well for them
40:35 - Balance falls back and logs off for Mothers Day activities

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Cheesefall is here boys, enjoy all the broken stuff before daddy Blair brings the Nerfhammer back with a vengeance :P

1) Troub and firewalker cheese on a Scimitar Druid's POV, both solo as well as GvG:

2) The notorious mana shield spam from a solo fessor POV. Destrin is bad, so he needs it :D

3) Zybak's bard build. A fessor that doesn't use absolution or AoE knockdown. Erm... WTF?!?! :huh:


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Disciplines are still broken and unbalanced (which was expected), but the tests continue. While the devs work hard to fix everything patch after patch, we find our fun where we can:

1) Moneda Templar POV: A test of endurance. How long can one templar stay alive?

2) Destrin 1vX Fessorfall edition (every night I pray to the AllFather and thank him for having Destrin as a guildie and not an enemy)

3) Broken CD Stravaganza, horselord POV. Just a clustercustard of 3 different groups. Much lag and not a lot of cooldowns. 

4) Sober Soul got tired of being kited around and decided to join in on the ranged dps fun. ....... as a ranger?! :huh: (guy obviously didnt get the fessor memo)


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It has come to our attention that there are people impersonating Sugoi members. If you notice a user with a Sugoi members name saying something rude, suspicious, or unbecoming of a Sugoi member, please let me know, and I will resolve the issue myself :). To make absolutely sure whether or not a statement was made by a member of Sugoi, you may ask me directly and I will verify the user or statement for you. The same goes for any rumors that may be floating around these forums or in other areas, If there are any concerns about the guild, feel free to reach out to me and I will explain what our guild is about properly. 


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