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A Call for more ranged in test

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The Confessor is the only ranged character at this point, which makes it much more useful for run and gun, which is all the Hungerdome is at this point, a fantasy version of COD. The confessor is much more mobile as well and does not have to stand and fight in one place, all the video I have seen points toward having two confessors to AOE and nickle and dime enemies as they close, the AOE spam and mobility of the confessor makes it too valuable, and thus too desirable.  This could change with the introduction of other ranged classes, or support classes, however given the melee-centric starting classes the choices to engage such a mobile class as the confessor seems problematic at best, impossible at worst.  I believe AC should have introduced a support or ranged class instead of another melee class in the form of the champion.


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Yep, as announced in September, the next phase will include the Ranger.






We are mostly keeping a lid on the details on Milestone 2.0 at this point, but here are a few teasers:

Target date will be announced later (sometime after Milestone 1.1 has started)

It will NOT use the Hunger Dome ruleset

Yes, it will STILL be Pre-Alpha. Invites will start with Pre-Alpha Testers and then dip into the next group (or groups) as needed to achieve population targets (see the pattern here?)

Focus will be on larger teams

Add another combatant: Ranger


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