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Malekai, Lord of Shadows


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This should be the patron deity of obsidian and all assassins

The merchant families of Guinecea were the first to establish trade between Worlds. Our artist, the inventors of sculpture and stagecraft. Our duelist, the finest masters to wield a blade. Our engineers, the only to unlock the secret of munitions.

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If you get bored, you should consider trying to dig up the Shadowbane lore.  It was also really great.  


Sure. But since I have 'World of Darkness' books I NEVER get bored.



Agreed. EVE lore is massively deep and changes from in game roleplayers actions. 


The lore I didn't read. But that art I'm really digging. 


Amen to that. While it's too late to join EVE when Star Citizen looming on the horizon it's still good idea to read good Sci-Fi.


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